DATE                         04.12.16

DISTANCE                 6.4 MILES

WEATHER                COOL BUT DRY


Today’s wander took a fair amount of “thinking about”, normally I leave all the thinking to horses because they have much bigger heads and so have much more room for these thoughts where as I tend to have no room left for any thoughts to go spinning around my head and the end result is smoke coming from my ears, However for today’s wander I would be joined by the lovely Edwina and her pooch “Rosie dog”, I did try to slope “where shall we go today” onto her  but Edwina was having none of it and put the choice straight back at me , knowing that I was going to lose this round I gave in and gave her the “poor me pity eye’s “…...please chose where we go today!!! But alas she didn’t budge in inch ……. (I must be losing my touch or something) so after taking into account, the weather and the fact that I’m still not up to anything to strenuous, daylight hours etc. etc. and we had Edwina’s small pooch Rosie along I came up with a mooch around the old hill fort trail along Ingram, Edwina of course was ok with this and so the biggest decision of the day was made.

Bob of course was delighted that little Rosie Dog would be joining him for the day and so with a small detour (bloody sat nav) we found ourselves in the wrong street looking for Edwina, one rather hurried phone call later saw us pull up in the correct place, gear was thrown in and off we went heading off towards Ingram.

On the drive up I did try to put all the responsibility of being “walk leader” on to Edwina, buts she was having none of it then I tried to put the navigation on her and once again it was thrown back at me and so finally it was decided that we would just wing it sort of make the walk up as we went along ……………….just like I normally do. As it is we both know this area and it’s all easy walking with no sudden drops or no scary bits that we need to avoid , so much to my delight we would simply have a nice wander chilling out making the most of the weather , and the lovely ( if a bit bleak) scenery today just what walks should be.

We parked up near the visitors centre, gear was sorted and off we went, I for one was pleased that the choice of who was “the leader” and all that other nonsense had been forgotten about, Bob dog was a bit miffed when I put his coat on him, but once we were clear of the road and I let him off his lead it was all forgotten about and he was back to his normal cheerful self.

Our path took us straight past the visitors centre and the small café (as we were starting I didn’t even check if it was open) and straight onto a well-used farm track that took us ever so gently up the side of Wether Hill , the track was a bit  muddy in places but nothing to get concerned about  and made for easy walking day , Bob was in his element and was charging about all over the place and I have to say it’s a pure joy to watch him running about trying to be in two places at once, when we got  close to some  sheep  he would come running back when called only to go racing off along the path when he got the ok as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Of course he had Rosie dog to impress and take care off so he was on his best behaviour

At Some point we left the track and headed up what I think was a sheep trail onto of Wether hill to look at the hill settlement, I have to be honest and say that I could make out a few raised ridges it really didn’t do anything for me, but I really wouldn’t know what to look for anyway.

Anyway from there we headed down to another settlement then up to the summit of Cochrane pike. Our route took us (see map above) following the hillside alongside the Chester’s Burn then onto Ewe Hill, At this point I knew that we would “miss out a few more settlements “or forts but that didn’t matter what it did give us was some excellent views of the burns and rivers that run in the valley floors

Lunch was had overlooking one such place, Bob of course was getting ready to woof his roast beef down when he remembered his manners and offered Rosie Dog some and was overjoyed when due to her dietary needs she refused.

I got the jet boil out to make some coffee then whilst trying to impress Edwina with my spork  I somehow managed to kick the jet boil over and all I can say is if it wasn’t for the fact the grass was damp we could have started a major grass fire ( make note to myself do not try to impress anyone when jet boil is in use) after lunch it was time to give some serious thought about heading back , as it was we were already well on our way back and it was a simple case of staying on our current footpath cutting to the top of Brough Law (300 meters) and the huge settlement and its stone walls then cutting down into Ingram valley itself , the path down is a lovely short grass path that slowly makes it way down to the car park at Bulby’s Woods then it was a short walk back along the road to where we parked up at Ingram itself we walked about 6.4 miles   with about 1151ft of the ups and downs.

A few photos from today’s wander:

Info board


Starting on the path up into the fells


Bob dog scouting ahead


Looking up the valley


Looking across towards both East & West hill


A bit further along looking back (I’m really getting my breath back)


Looking back along the track, it’s at this point we leave it and get onto the hill fort trail at Wether Hill


Standing on some old hill fort ruins looking across to a snow topped Cheviot


A bit further along …same view


And the same again


The path heading down from Cochrane pike


Looking towards the farm at Hartside


Looking towards Cunyan Crags & Dunmore hill


Edwina having a pose with the Rowhope burn in the background


Looking down towards the Breamish


Same again


Bob & Rosie Dog posing with a distant Dunmore hill in the background


Bob dog informing me that it’s lunch time.


Rosie Dog getting a lift


Looking down at where the Chester burn runs into the river Breamish

Looking down at the Breamish River


Looking up the valley towards Hartside


Now at the outer stone wall of the hill fort on Brough Law


Our way out


Looking towards Ingram (and hopefully the car is)


Trying to get an “arty photo”


No idea why I took this but I like it so it stays in


Looking back up the path (easy walking)


Now back at the car looking towards Brough Law and the path we just came down

Day after thoughts

Home (remembering to drop Edwina and Rosie dog off first), then the first this that sprung to mind was there was no agonising first step when I got out of the car , so coffee and sort gear out then into a nice hot bath , on inspecting my stump …………no soreness or red spots what’s so ever….. great news! ( mick does Happy boy dance) however the fluid build-up on the side of my stump ( bursa?) is slightly larger but as far as I can tell it’s not a problem but something to keep an eye on.

I really think the slightly slower pace really suits me and of course having Edwina chatting away made the day just fly over , so once again I find myself putting this down as a really good day , thank you