DATE                                                22.01.06

DISTANCE                                       3.1 MILES

WEATHER                                      GREY BUT DRY

START / FINISH                              FREE CAR PARK AT HARBOTTLE


To say I was a bit concerned was an understatement; I had been out walking the day before see:

 For info

And I had woken up feeling    fine, no soreness, no red patches no aches or pains but this would be the first time that I had been out walking two days straight, admittedly we took it easy the day before but the last thing I wanted was to get out miles away from the car and start having problems ….or was I just being a bit wimpy? In the end I simply thought “bollocks to it” lets see what happens.

We had already got our walk planned for the day , starting at the same place we where yesterday : Harbottle , so it was a case of breakfast thrown down our necks , gear thrown into the car and off we went . Our route for today was curtisity of a local dog walker we met the day before, and I was looking forward to mooching around an area that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. It’s surprising what you can learn simply by having a chat with a local, not only suitable possible walks but they tend to be a fountain of local knowledge which can and has proved very useful in the past.

Our route for today was again an easy one , I didn’t want to risk buggering  up my stump and to be honest I really didn’t know how much more stress and strain it could take before it started to play up , yes it was fine at the moment but………………!I know I’m a wimp at times .

Once again we parked up in the small but free car park at the base of the old ruined castle and headed along the road (see map) till we cut into ramshaugh plantation, even though there is next to no traffic along here we both prefer to walk on grass or mud for that matter rather than tarmac the path took us to the river Coquet, once again we joined the road to cross over, then it was a roadside walk to Low Alwinton, from there it was past the line kilns to park house down into Ferny wood where the path took us to the footbridge where we once again crossed over the Coquet then it was into the small village of Harbottle and back to our car , We where both hoping that the pub (the star inn) would be open as we passed by it , but sadly it was shut so we had a slow walk back along the front street (only street) and headed back to the car . A very short walk of about 3.1 miles but it was good to get out into the fresh air again.

A few photos:

Taken from the road bridge looking downstream at the river Coquet


Part of the “old bridge”


Looking upstream

Looking towards Alwinton and the Cheviot hills


My better half


Yvonne on her way to low Alwinton


Me looking like someone who’s been let out for the day


Lime kilns


Yvonne having a pose


Looking across towards the drake stone (we where there yesterday)


Some of the locals


Not sure what I am look at here


On footbridge crossing back over the Coquet


Looking downstream


Me having a look


Heading back into Harbottle


A slippery muddy path


Heading into Harbottle


Looking up towards some of the ruin castle (we where there the day before)


Day after thoughts, home, gear sorted and shower, no damage done to my stump and much to my surprise I didn’t ache or struggle at any time today in fact I felt very good but it was a very short easy walk, there is no reason why both the walks couldn’t be joined together to make a bigger one sometime in the future, and I resisted playing with the settings on my arty knee other than switching to “hiking mode” at the start of the walk as I really think that I should master the knee as it is before I start mucking around with it , so all in all a very good couple of days .