DATE                                  03.03.13

DISTANCE                         ABOUT 3 MILES

WEATHER                         GREY BUT DRY



Hareshaw Linn

It’s been a funny sort of weekend for me , it started off rather badly when I allowed my new seal in liner to chew the inside of my stump up whilst at work on Friday , that mean that the planned walk for Saturday had to be kicked into touch as I was rather sore , so Saturday was spent growing and scowling at anyone who happened to be in the vicinity but I did manage to get a few jobs done so it wasn’t a total waist , However come Sunday the skin seem to have healed enough for me to walk around admittedly  slowly but at least I was mobile and pain free again , so I could get out ,nothing big or even hard but just to get out someplace for a few hours and get some fresh air into my lungs.

I looked to my better half to see if she would be interested in joining me, and after the normal ………………….yes dear no big hills or no dear we won’t go far she said that provided I kept it low and slow that she would join me, After ten minutes of serious thinking I came up with the brilliant walk why not go visit Hareshaw Linn, we haven’t been to see this waterfall for a couple of years now and if I remember correctly the last time we went it was with my mum and dad  so it shouldn’t be difficult , and only about 3 miles there and back again . And the best part was if I timed things right we could stop off on our way home and call in our favourite tea room for a cream tea .brilliant!

So that was it gear was put in the car, not that we needed much gear but old habits die hard and off we went, as normal we had the normal fight with the sat nav (I must remember to read the book) but my better half knew the general area so I just switched it off and I am pleased to say that we arrived in the free car park with any problems.

The Area around here is steeped with history which I won’t go into but if you want to know try GOOGLE there is a boatload of stuff about it.

But basically at the start of the walk (according to the info boards) there used to be a huge iron works, foundry ECT ect dotted around here, the dam or the ruin of the dam is still visible likewise all the old spoil tips can still be seen I expect if you are into this sort of thing and knew what you are looking at it would all be there still.

But we were out for a nice easy walk and even though we looked for this stuff we aren’t really bothered by it, we were just having a slow walk along the Hareshaw burn, passing over the burn many times as the path crosses the burn a few times. the path along the burn has been partly laid with stone over the years making it almost weather proof , but unfortunately for me the uneven paten makes it very hard to walk over with arty foot as it throws it out at unexpected angles right at the last minute , but as long as I took my time it didn’t prove to be too much of a problem , along the route there are several smaller waterfalls to see , and a few bench type seats scattered around for you to sit down and take in the views , I have to say even though there was signs of recent flood damage it has a very peaceful atmosphere . we eventually arrived at the waterfall and managed to get a few photos just before the biggest walking group turned up and swamped the place then after a well-deserved sit down we retraced our steps back to the car park, only 3 miles or so but it got me out and I didn’t cause any more harm to my stump so I will mark this up as a good afternoons stroll. And the other good news is we made it back for the cream tea (just).

As normal a few photos.

A couple of notice boards.


Looking down at the old Dam.


One of the many small waterfalls along this burn.


Same place just me playing with the camera settings.


A bit further along looking at some of the flood damage.


Strange bent tree going over the path.


One of the many seats that are scattered along the path.


Looking from the seat.


Crossing over the burn.


A few more of the small waterfall along the burn.


Wild garlic, it’s too early for it to be out.


A few more photos as we make our way along.


Now getting close to the waterfall and the gorge starts to close in.


Looking straight up.


Hareshaw Linn it’s supposed to be about 30 feet or so.


Looking back at my better half.(trust her to find a seat)


A few more.


Now heading back, looking down the burn.


One of the foot bridges up for repair.


Another photo of the burn.


A deer! How lucky are we to see one of these today?