DATE                                 27.02.13

DISTANCE                        7.24 MILES

WEATHER                        BRIGHT AND SUNNY BUT COOL


Grassholme Reservoir

Well today didn’t go the way that I had planned it, it started off with a loud nose as Arty leg burst out of the wardrobe and started bouncing around the bed room shouting at me to get up “you’ve slept in you fat lazy git”   a quick look at the clock confirmed it and yes I had slept in, and what s more I still felt knackered, I don’t know what’s wrong with me but recently I have been waking up totally knackered……………….. But that’s no excuse as far as Arty is concerned, so much for my early start.

That meant the big walk I had planned would have to be put off till another day when I could get an early start, never mind  I still had a couple of walks that I wanted to do , but hadn’t found or made the time to actually doing them so today I could do one of them .

I had wanted to have a wander around Grassholme Reservoir for a while now so why not. breakfast was  rushed down s , gear thrown into the car and off I went , the first thing I noticed was the amount of cars on the road , normally I am long gone before the traffic starts to build up …more time wasted , at this rate half the day will be gone before I even start. Still stay calm there is nothing I can do about.

Eventually I pulled up in the free car park (I just love free car parks) by the bridge at Grassholme, just as the sun finally burnt through the cloud and was greeted by this view.


Once again I was impressed with the water boards efforts with the car park , picnic  tables &  notice boards and even a couple of well placed bench seats , yep a nice place to start and finish a walk .

Coffee was made and even Arty leg seem to be pleased  with how things are turning out  I suppose  the blue sky , bright sun , cold frozen ground all added to the experience ,The first time in ages I had managed to get  one of those almost perfect walking  days on my days off, bright ,clear and cold ……….great.

Gear was sorted ,coffee drunk , and after a quick look at the notice board off I went , there was no need for a map as no one can get lost walking around the reservoir …………not even me. on  arriving at the dam end (if that’s the right term) I was again impressed with the visitors centre and the facilities  it would seem that the water board have spent some time and money on this place and I am pleased to say they got it right. Once again I noticed the seats that where scattered around and took the opportunity to have lunch in style rather than sitting on any bit of dry rock, lunch finished and it was time to start across the dam and head back down the other bank.

Due to the good state of the footpaths I arrived back at the car way too early and the day was far to nice to jump in the car and head home, no I decided to make coffee and see if its possible to walk up to Selset reservoir for a mooch around a quick look at there notice board and it seemed that it was possible, so that was it and off I went (see map for details) again I was impressed with the building work , as one of the locals said to me “ they don’t build them like this anymore” I hope that he was talking about the dam but I am never really sure with some of these locals .

The only down side was I had to alter my route slightly as one of the fields had a herd of mad cows in it that took far to much notice of me when I entered and proceeded to charge me, now I know what you are supposed to do when confronting a herd of charging mad cows but I decided to duck back under the fence and make rude noises at them just to see how they liked it.

I did about 7.24 miles today all was very easy walking (apart from a mad dash to get out of the cows field) with very little ups and downs.

But I have to say the weather made this walk from a good day out to a great day out. And even arty leg seemed to have a good day.

As normal a few photos from todays little wander.

This was the sight that greeted me and Arty leg when we finally arrived.


Heading over the bridge looking up the valley towards the dam at Selset reservoir.


My path takes me down Grassholme reservoir first.


A few photos as I make my way along.

Looking back


A few more as I make my way towards the dam.


Part of the dam wall (taken at max zoom)


Looking down towards the fishing facility’s set aside for the old and disabled.


Looking at part of the dam and what I call the spillway system.


The visitors centre, even though it was shut the toilets where still open and spotlessly clean.


Looking down at one of the spillways as I make my way onto the dam itself.


A few photos as I make my way over across the dam to the far bank.


Looking up the reservoir towards where I parked the car by the bridge.


A few more photos as I make my way across.


Looking back .


A few photos as I walk back along the bank towards the car.


Showing signs of flood damage.


Where the sun hasn’t reached there is still a coating of ice on the water.


Looking back across to the other bank.


One of the locals.


More or less back at the car park , looking down the reservoir towards the dam.


What the hell one more.


Looking at the car park and the bridge.


One last look before I head off again.


Heading up hill a bit ………the views .


A smallholding with Selset dam in the background.


Cutting down now just past the nature reserve.


Looking down the reservoir.


The overflow hole thingy (very impressive)


Looking at something that looks good I think that I will have a wander over there.


Pump house ? (taken at max zoom)


Pity there is no water flowing down it .


Looking along the dam at Selset.


On top of the dam looking down .


A few more as I walk along the top.


Starting to head back down now on the other side.


Looking towards the bridge and where the car is parked.


Looking back .


Just about to leave the footpath and join the bridge .


A few more photos because its such a nice evening.

Looking back at the bridge , there is still some frozen ice on the water.

 Day after thoughts

Nothing really ,I think that I  hit on a really good day weather wise , and because the route was so flat and easy I didnt get any aches or pains first thing in the morning .