Hi, This is Bob & its my turn to write up about our last adventure, we overheard Mick and Yvonne talking when they where taking us for our normal pre bed time walk along the beach, Mick was explaining to Yvonne where he was planning to take us in the morning and why, Yvonne who is by nature a bit of a hack warned mick not to take us too far as we where still young puppy’s , he told her not to worry as there wasn’t going to be any great distance walked simply because his arty leg was still buggered so even if he wanted to he couldn’t , no he went on to say it was going to be another chill out day with the pups out in the hills someplace near a stream or someplace where we could paddle if it got to hot.

Great we love our days out in the hills, the only problem was Munchy was so excited he couldn’t sleep so that meant the whole household was kept awake with his barking, eventually Yvonne came downstairs to speak to him, Now Yvonne is lovley under normal conditions but she can be very mean if she has to get out of bed, the first time she settled munchy down ok, however after Munchy got her up the second time ………………..all I can say is she had a face like a smacked arse and even Munchy knew he had better get some sleep or he would be in big trouble.

Eventually morning arrived and after we scoffed down our breakfast we chased mick around until he got all the gear and threw us all into the car. Great we where off.

Munchy and I settled down into our normal route which is having a quick look out the windows then snuggling down for a sleep.  

Eventually we stopped and mick let us out, wow this place looks like fun, a small stream to paddle and cool off in, lots of grass and fern to run-around and explore lots of trees to sniff and play chase

Looks good.

What’s that smell, both me and Munchy just have to go into the fern to see if we can find what that smell is, we look at mick but he’s busy making coffee, great let’s go.

Me putting my nose to the ground and sniffing the scent.

Using our super noses we soon find out what the smell is a dead rabbit, can we eat it? I’m not sure lets take it to Mick and see what he has to say about it.

We found the rabbit in here.

One look at Micks face tells us straight away that we are in trouble, I know lets not let mick take it off us that will be good fun so we both run away from mick.

Mick by this time is busy swearing at us calling us all sorts of dirty names, we think that this is great fun and try to hide in the fern, the rabbit by this stage has started to fall into little bits , eventually mick catches us and is busy telling us what dirty stinking little dogs we are , we both think we smell nice , mick put the dead rabbit where we cant get it , hum end of that little game but we can still smell bits of rabbit laying on the ground , I know lets roll in it so we smell, mick once again starts to swear at us and very quickly picks us up and before we know it he has put us in the stream and is busy splashing us with a funny expression on his face with his nose all screwed up. This is fun after he washes me I run up the bank shake and decide to dry off in the sun on the blanket whilst he washes Munchy.

Mick"s coffee mug clearly left unguarded.

Look mick"s coffee mug hummmm smells nice I think I shall try some, very tasty coffee “hey Munchy you want to try some of micks coffee” yes please and a wet munchy comes bounding out of the river and promptly sticks his nose into the mug, eventually mick climbs out of the river and see us, for some reason he swears at us again when he see his coffee has all gone and his mug laying empty on its side.

We both try to look innocent and blame the sheep after all they are stupid animals, but much to our surprise he just laughs and informs us any more trouble and we will be on our leads. Ok we will be good.

O no not the leads, we will be good honest.

We play whilst mick make another coffee, he is keeping a very close watch on us ………..I suppose we had better start to behave, after coffee and dinner all is forgotten about and mick takes us for a walk, we meet up with some stupid sheep but remember not to bark at them, these sheep are different for the other ones they have got huge horns and stamp there feet at us , mick keeps on telling us its ok and not to bark at them and eventually they go on there way and we continue on ours , but if mick wasn’t here we would have barked at them , fancy stamping there hoofs at us grrrrrrrrr.

Stupid sheep.

Mick takes us to another small stream and lets us play for a while this is fun then lets us chase some rabbits for a while , these rabbits are fast , I bet even Flynn couldn’t catch one of these. And after a while there are no more rabbits to chase, we want to go into the ground down there holes after them but mick says we cant, it doesn’t really matter as we are both pretty knackered now so we have a slow walk back to the car, mick as always puts the cold air on so its nice and cool and we both drop off to sleep as soon as the car starts. It’s been a great day out and even though we had been a bit naughty mick didn’t seem to mind.

On arrival back home we both pop into the house to see Yvonne and let her know that its nearly tea time and we are very hungry pups, see smiles and starts getting our tea ready, and we pop upstairs to see Kerri just to let her know we are back, she is in her room, we like her room because its like a tip and its great fun to mooch around in but Kerri isn’t that impress with us and thinks that we smell! We do but don’t you think that it’s a great smell ………….a sort of dead smelly rabbit smell? And who is she to say we smell she always stinks of smoke so we roll on her bed ……..there that will teach you. Ha ha

Then a high speed run down to the kitchen for our tasty tea.

Sometimes we aren’t as good as we should be but it keeps everyone on there toes so it’s good for them any way a few photos from today’s trip.

Me and Munchy having a mooch along the river.


Let’s look under this rock.


Me (Bob) looking up the valley.


Sneaking up the river bank.


Munchy with a stick, we played fetch with this for ages.


Now walking up along the valley, the big hill is Hedgehope mick said that he will take us up there when we are bigger.


A bit further along, we chased rabbits here.


A couple of photos of the valley.


Time for a drink and a paddle this looks a good spot.


That looks good when we are bigger we will have to go and have a sniff around there.


Looking down the river towards the farm at Langlee.


Yep this is a good spot to stop and play for a bit.




Me (Bob)


Me checking Micks leg whilst we have some tasty treats.


Some of these hills look really big; we both can’t wait till we are big and strong enough to run up them.


Last look back before we get into the car for the drive home.


Yet another really good day , pity that we couldn’t bring the dead rabbit home.