DATE                        26.04.2010

DISTANCE                3.5 MILES



Great Hetha

For some strange reason when I woke up this morning  I felt that I had to go to the summit of Great Hetha , why I haven’t got a clue , but long ago I discovered that if something is bugging me the only way to get rid of the feeling is to do something about it.

So that was the walk for today.

Being an extremely wise person I informed my better half over a cup of coffee, and drew a nice little map of where I was planning to go. Not that she needed the map as we have been up that way so many times I am on almost on first name terms with most of the sheep.

The route that I was going to do was park up at the car park at Hethpool,

Walk along the road along the Collage Valley till I came to the Trowupburn, I had been informed that the path along the burn had been “opened “up by all the sheep wandering along there. (Soon find out if that’s true)

From there follow the burn to the farmstead of Trowupburn, then head straight up onto Great Hetha, from there head down to “little Hetha” then drop down to the car.

I deliberately kept this walk small as I wanted to go walking the next day.

And as I have found out if I do too much one day, my leg is a bit on the sore and achey side to do anything on the next day.


As per normal first photo taken from the car looking towards Great Hetha


The locals

Looking up the Collage Valley, still a few spots of snow laying


Starting to follow the burn up round the back of Great Hetha (in the summer this is normally overgrow with ferns making it difficult to walk in)


Small unnamed waterfall


Still heading up the burn


Looking back Just starting to gain a bit of height


The way forward


Looking back down towards a distant Easter Tor (I was up there a couple of weeks ago)

First sight of the farm at Trowupburn


Now starting to climb Great Hetha

Still heading up (I think I was laying down when I took this photo suffering from lack of oxygen)


Looking ahead, most of the climbing is over now it just a nice stroll along the ridge to the summit


Reaching the “outer” stone walls (this is an old hill fort)


A few shots from the top

Small stone Cairn


Yours truly


Looking across towards the Bizzle (on max zoom)

More of the outer stone wall

The way down


Still heading down (you can just about see the cars from here.)


Now on “little Hetha “looking back up


Looking down the valley towards a distant Yeavering Bell

Still heading down now looking across towards Easter Tor


There isn’t much to say about this walk, the weather was brilliant ,a bit blowy on the summit ,but all in all a very small, easy, rewarding and it didn’t tire me out so I was able to get out walking the next day .


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