DATE                                                  06.05.12

WEATHER                                        A BIT OF ALLSORTS

DISTANCE                                        ABOUT 4 .3 MILES




After spending all day Saturday and a bit of Sunday morning messing around putting up a new fence in the back Garden I was feeling pretty sick, I was covered in wood stain along with most of the plants in my garden and next doors black cat even had a reddish brown tinge to his fur so it was time to call it a day and do something fun for a change.

I had already been in contact with a certain mike Knipe from northern pies and as normal he had given me a lot of useful info about this area so after a quick chat with my better half we decided to throw our kit into the boot of the car and have a drive across to Garrigill. I won’t go on to say that over half the day was already gone, but it had so this was going to be a nice pleasant Sunday afternoon stroll along the South Tyne River a quick visit to the waterfall Ashgill Force.

Now I had visited this fall before but on the way I had broken my arty leg so I was unable to go behind the fall, so this time it was a sort of putting that particular ghost to bed. (if that makes sense) we hit on lucky when we got there with the last visitors leaving so we had the whole area to ourselves, after the normal photos, in front and behind the falls we had a well deserved sit down and coffee break (I do like my coffee) when there must have been a zillion kids turn up with the local outdoors pursuit people in charge all dressed in wet suits , flotation devices and hard hats , and proceeded to climb down and follow the stream bed downstream someplace ,with  lots of squealing and laughing (to be young again eh?).

I did offer to let my better half have a go and even offered to sign her up for a play but she declined (rather rudely I thought).

Coffee finished time to crack on (sounds good eh ) I had another reason for coming here today and that involved a bit of scouting around this area so………………..I did a bit of scouting and found what I was after . (But I’m not telling) so then it was time to start heading to my next destination , this was looking for another set of waterfalls on the Garrigill Burn , its on private land and entrance could only be obtained (for a small fee) at the “old forge tea room” now this is the problem .

As far as I can tell there is no old forge tea room anymore and believe me I can sniff out a tea room from miles away , an internet search brought up the web site but its as dead as a dodo .

But before I got to the general area, my better half and me had to climb up and over dozens and dozens of stone walls, the first few proved to be no problem but after we had done our first dozen we where getting a bit on the sick side . However we finally got from Ashgill to Garrigill burn (a distance of only a mile or so but nearly killed me ) and I proceeded to hunt for the waterfalls, now it was my plan to accidently leave the footpath and stray into this private land have a look-see and stray outgain without being seen. And if we where spotted I was simply going to explain that my arty leg had a life of its own and forced me to against my better judgment. BUT it wasn’t to be, surrounding this strip of private land was the biggest strongest fence known to man, in fact it was the GREAT WALL OF CHINA WIRE FENCE, with all the signs “keep out private danger “ect ect (I have seen smaller fences around max security prisons)

 we followed it round hoping for a bit they had missed or a way in but if there is one we couldn’t find it, a look on the map confirmed that there was no other public footpaths we could try either. So that was that , after a bit of moaning about the miserable so and so we headed down back to Garrigill , further down the burn we did come across a waterfall but I haven’t got a clue if it was the one we where looking for .

On the good side once we entered Garrigill we found that the pub had reopened since the last time we where down here and paid it a visit.

There were a few walkers in making the most of it, mostly pennine wayers and a few south Tyne trailers.

All in all a good afternoons walk , we got snowed upon for a short period of time , nothing to get excited about but mostly the bad weather stayed on the hills all around us .

As normal a few photos enjoy:-

Taken as we cross over the South tyne.

Mum and her little ones .

Looking down at the river , its very low.

A few of the many small waterfalls along this section of the river .

First sight of Ashgill Force .

Some old mine workings . (Lead?)

Trying to do a "smoky water shot".

Now heading round the back .

Me .

Looking threw the fall.

Same again.

Looking up.

From the side and tyring a "smoky effect".

Me .

Me again with the water behind .

My better half Yvonne (note the hood up so hair did"nt get wet.............wuss).

Now on our way out last look down.

You cant really tell but the weather is closing in all around us.

Now on the footpath at Garrigill Burn looking for that other waterfall.

We came across this but i am not sure if it is the one that we went looking for.

A nice little walk for a sunday afternoon.