First weekend away with the boys

First weekend away with the boys

Date 07 June and itís the boys first ever weekend away.

The boys had had both there injections and had been chipped an experience that they didnít like , we waited one week after  on the vets advice before we decided to take them out into the big wild world .

Both pups have got a bit of terrier in them and the last thing we wanted was them to grow up with ďsmall dog syndrome ď, you know the type the yappy snappy little dogs, we had already begun the process of letting our friends handle them and make a fuss of them as we all want them to grow up very people and animal friendly, this trip was just taking the socialising up to the next level.

We had booked up into a small but friendly camp site down the dales, and it was our plan to take the boys along with Flynn and see how they got on staying with us in the caravan, whilst we were down at the site, (which is on a working farm) we will introduce the boys to various farm animals, and take them out to various locations to start the process of them getting to know and hopefully enjoy meeting people and other animals.

I was still suffering with a knackered stump and Arty leg really needs some serious fixing, but I had to wait for the NHS to get round to seeing me, (the waiting time seems to get longer and longer) isnít it supposed to get sorter?

So the plane was a really relaxing long weekend with the pups. I wouldnít be doing any hiking this weekend, but that didnít mean we wouldnít be getting out. but it would all revolve around the pups, we planned to take them around the farm, and just let them get used to seeing the sheep, cows etc. and see how they reacted, with gentle words of encouragement and stern words when required, we also took them for paddles along a small but beautiful stream, something that they wasnít that keen on, they donít seem to like getting their paws wet, we also took them into the hay meadows at Murker, Gunnerside and to the waterfalls at Keld. They seemed to have a great time , with people they were great and greeted every one with wagging tails and big licks & kisses when handled or fussed over , likewise they were really good with other dogs , tails where wagging and when allowed playfully jumped over the bigger  dogs .

Walking through the hay meadows, we had mixed results when met by sheep, a bit of half-hearted barking (very wimpy) and not really sure what they should be doing, we decided to simply sit down in the grass with the pups on a short lead and slowly let the pups know that things are fine, trying to reassure them and let them see that the sheep are nothing to get excited about.

The sheep in the meadows are used to walkers and there dogs and wasnít bothered in the slightest, in fact one group and there young lambs approached us to within a couple of feet, the pups where a bit on the defensive side and had a few small barks at them, but me and Yvonne just sat with them reassuring them everything is fine and they settled down. So all in all a good start I think.

I donít know if this is even the correct way to get small dogs used to the wild life but it seemed to work and the boys had a great time running around in the meadows , getting tangled up in there leads , meeting other people and their dogs and we found ourselves with three very tired pups on our hands , but the weather was good , we had packed a picnic mat , water bowls and food for the pups so we let them settle down for a well-deserved Doggy nap whilst me and Yvonne just enjoyed the sun and the brilliant scenery.

The only down side we found was the pups, would try to pick up and eat sheep pooh , rabbit droppings and old sheep wool , it took us a while to cotton to what they were up to , by then the damage was done and we had two pups that where sick , but other than that they seemed fine . But lesson where learnt and we would keep our eyes on the ground a bit more closely from now on.

We decided not to take them into a field of cattle, but let them look from the other side of the fence, the boys wasnít that bothered and only had a half-hearted bark which quickly stopped when we said no. so all in all a really good weekend, we had a restful weekend, the pups had a whale of a time with everyone at the campsite making a fuss over them and lots of new exciting sounds and smells for them to investigate.

As for their training? Well letís just say we have started even if the pups donít know it yet.

A few photos:-

The boys having a sniff around the campsite.


Our view from the van.

Not really keen on getting their paws wet.

Lets play .

Lets nap.

Getting braver , but still no wet paws.

Nap time .

Did you say tasty treat time?

The hay medows.

Entering a field of sheep for the first time.


Time for a rest.

The waterfalls and river at Keld.


A really good start to the pups getting out and about.