DISTANCE                        ABOUT 7.7 MILES

WEATHER                        COLD WET AND WINDY


First walk 2015

Well I had been told to get off my fat arse and get some exercising done by exercising “ they”  both my Doc and Physio meant a bit of walking  so who was I to disagree; the only problem was where and with who? I knew that I certainly wasn’t up to doing anything with lots of ups and downs in it likewise I’m not ready for any rough terrain yet after all I really don’t want to bugger my newly fixed knee up not that it felt fixed up it still had a really dull ache that got worse as the day went on and if I did a lot of going upstairs or getting up from a sitting position it really let me know that it wasn’t fully healed yet no I needed something easy, flat and at a slow pace that way it should help stretch my leg muscles out a bit without hurting my knee. Neither the Doc or Physio stated how far I should go but “just to take it easy and not overdo it” so that was my plan an easy walk with lots of wimp out places where I could make a phone call and get my better half to come and pick me in the car …………….of course if that happened I would be treated to some serious ear ache from her about overdoing it but hey I was willing to take the chance and like I said to her before I set off …………………..I’m doing this on medical advice .

Now the where and with who, I am a bit of a sad person and have spent a lot of time on my own walking but I really could do with of socialising when I’m out walking otherwise I will soon be a full time billy no mates . A quick look at the Facebook group ODRUS and it seemed that all my fears where solved a lovely young lady know as Sue had posted up a small , slow walk along the coastline then back along the Waggon way , this seemed almost too good to be true especially as it was right on my doorstep. So after a few p.m.’s (private messages?) times and dates where sorted and that was it.

The meeting place was the slip way at St Mary’s lighthouse. Not a problem as there is ample parking there but it is pay and display but if you are a cripple like me and hold a blue badge it’s free …………you see there are some advantages of being a cripple, from this vantage point I was busy scanning any single women wearing a lilac walking jacket who with any luck would be my walking companion for the day. Despite my outwardly easy going personality (what! I have a personality) I was a bit nervous meeting sue for the first time, I hadn’t mentioned that I was a bit different and was really hoping that it wouldn’t be a problem for her, I know it’s only a leg that I’m missing (some people think that my brain is missing as well) but it can and does put some people off, however Sue proved to be a lovely lady and didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. Introductions where made (between the two of us) then we were off , I wasn’t really sure what route we were doing other than walking along the Coastal path to Seaton Sluice where we would cut along the dene till we hopefully linked up to the Waggon way where it should take us back to Whitley bay and the car . I was certain that Sue had it all sussed out anyway ……….A Good plan good suitable route something that shouldn’t bugger my knee up with any surprises .

The weather was .well not very good, very cold wind with a dead certainty of rain and not to disappoint anyone, it started raining, then drizzle with a bit of sleet thrown in for more or less all the way round, not that the weather put us off, but it did drowned my camera and then froze it to death so there wasn’t many photos taken.

On the good side when it first started to rain we just happened to be passing a tea room at the Sluice so after a very quick decision (very quick) we both piled into the tea room and where greeted by a lovely log burning stove , Two cups of coffee later .yes we stopped for another cup it was time to put our gear on and head off , I was rather pleased with myself resisting the cakes that looked really yummy but we had barely been walking fifteen minutes and if I started to stuff my face with cake I really wouldn’t want to get going ……………….However if you are reading this Sue I went back during the week and treated myself to a coffee and a thick slice of that creamy cake and believe me it tasted better than it looked .(just thought that you would want to know that)

For the rest of the walk, we got rained on, sleeted on and where treated to some rather fresh winds but hey we are hardy walkers so it didn’t really matter but this would be a belta of a walk in the warmer summer months.

I really enjoyed this first walk of the year but have to be honest and say that I was getting tired towards the end and could really have done with a sit down but everywhere was just so wet.

Sue was a brilliant walking companion and I think between us we solved half the world’s problems within the first few miles in fact walking with Sue made the miles just wiz past and it was quite a surprise when we left the Waggon way at Whitley Bay and headed down the road back to the sea front for the short walk back along the front to where we parked the cars.

According to my GPS we did about 7.7 miles and like I mentioned if the weather was kinder to us this would have made the day even better , but as it was I was delighted with how my knee stood up to the exercise and considered myself extremely lucky to have Sue walking with me today .so thank you Sue.

A few photos before the camera died

At the slipway looking at the lighthouse


Looking along the coastline


Looking towards Whitley bay


On the Coastal path looking back at the lighthouse



Looking towards the small harbour at Seaton Sluice

Getting closer


The rock Stack known as Charlie’s Garden


Now heading up the Dene


Looking back at the small Harbour


Manmade Deer


I’m not sure what the story is behind this or if there is even a story but someone has a sense of humour


Small water fall along the burn


Then the rain started again


Some fallen trees


Not really sure how we ended up here so we decided to cut back to the coast along this road


Wave if you’re having fun Sue


Back on the sea front and exposed to the cold wet wind now


Sue waiting for me to catch up


A distant lighthouse and an end of our adventures for the day


Nearly there


Day after thought’s

Home, gear sorted, hot bath and a nice chill out night watching TV then I started to ache …bed time I think.

In the morning I could hardly move, I ached all over and my Knee had stiffened up and really caused me some grief, it took an hour of gentle exercising before I could start to bend it again, my stumpy leg was fine but I have to be honest and say I think that I might have overdone it a bit. A couple of pill’s  where thrown down my neck and luckily I started to loosen up just in time for my visit to see the Physio , and when she asked if I had done  a small walk  I looked her straight in the eyes and told her that I had been out for a small walk the day before and everything was good …………till I told her how far …………….that was a mistake and I got a right telling off apparently a small slow walk was meant to be half a mile tops . I gave her my best smile and pleaded ignorance and she seemed please when I said I wouldn’t do it again for a while or until she gave me the ok.


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