DATE                                  02.07.2010

DISTANCE                          3.15 MILES

WEATHER                          BRIGHT AND SUNNY



First test walk

I had been putting walking suggestions / route’s aimed at the less than able for some time now, I had also received a fair amount of support from the park rangers and even write ups in a few local papers but today was the first time that I would be out with another amputee who had responded to the press releases. After a quick chat we decided a nice beach walk was the best way to start things off , distance would be limited  as Mick wasn’t too sure how he would get on , Mick is a dbka which means he is a double below knee amputee and wasn’t to sure how well he would do on the sand , naturally knowing this area very well I was able to inform him about how if we got into any trouble how we could quickly get off the sand and onto firmer ground at any point , like wise there was numerous “pick up points” where it would be possible to get a car down if things went really wrong , as it was we didn’t need either but its always better to be prepared and this is one of the reasons why I had marked this route down as suitable for the not so abled

It is of course a lovley stretch of coastline and the fact that there are facilities at the Golf course (which welcomes walkers) and at the Ship Inn at Low newton makes this an almost perfect walk.

One of the other points about this route there are lots of different types of surface to practise on if you wanted to, but if you couldn’t manage there is always a good path close by.

Any way Mick was bringing his wife along and possibly a few friends along with him , (great the more the merrier ) so I thought it would be a good thing to bring my better half with me , after all this is supposed to be about meeting and talking about amputee stuff and a flow of info so it would be good for the wife’s to chat about “things” as it was it turned out that I think that the wife’s got more out of this meeting that us men folk ,

I got a lot out of this meeting and it was nice to chat about amputee things the sort of stuff that you only find out the hard way and think I’m pleased that it happens to you as well as I thought it only happened to me , I’m not sure what the girls where chatting about but several times they had tears in there eyes or would suddenly laugh out loud and look at one of us l we compared leg systems as much as we could and generally past loads of info back and forwards later on  I showed mick how to set up his  hiking poles and use them correctly and within minutes he seemed to be walking better .

Our route for the day was to start off at the links, walk along to the golf course where we would stop for coffee if required then along the coastal path to low newton where lunch was had at the small but very friendly pub “the Ship Inn” then it down onto the beach for the walk back, I had planned this walk with one eye on the tides so we had a huge expanse of wet hard sand to walk back along. But there is still a good strip of sand to walk along even when the tide is well in, naturally the Castle dominates the views and made the walk back seem a lot shorter.

Mick and his wife seemed very pleased when we got back to the car and where even more pleased when I told him the distance , at the time it was the furthest that he had walked in one go and informed me that he was going to get his own hiking poles  ready for our next wander .

About 3.15  miles, all easy walking but a very good day in more than one way.

A few photos, not many because of the nature of this walk.

Taken from the golf course looking towards the dunes


  A good place for a sit down where the Embleton burn cuts down over the beach


Looking out to where it flows down to the sea


Taken at max zoom looking at a distant castle


My better half with a rare smile


Swans  at the newton reserve nature pools.


Another photo of the pond


Now down on the beach


Looking back at the buildings at low Newton where the pub is.

A few photos of the beach as we make our way along


Time for a rest


And lastly a couple of photos of the ruin castle



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