First trip away

Well seeing as Mick has buggered his knee up and won’t be doing anymore day hikes for a while it’s fallen to us to write up some of our adventures so after a quick chat about things it was decided that I….. Munchy would start the ball rolling so to speak.

So where to start, err I know our first trip away in the van, as you might have guessed we was a bit late in the season in getting away for our first trip, but as they say better late than never, of course the first thing we knew about it was when there was a lot of stuff being dragged out of the house and dumped into the car , err what’s going on I barked , Just getting stuff ready for our trip away in the van answered Mick , Great I barked I’d go and tell Bob dog and Flynn and run off to the garden to find them ,

Looking for Bob and Flynn in the Garden


 Bob and Flynn where playing an old game that’s where Flynn gets hold of a treat and hides it someplace and Bob hunts around to find it , 99% of the time Bob doesn’t even want the treat and will often pick it up and carry it back into the house much to Flynn’s dismay who will follow Bob and grasp the treat at the first possible moment then run off to hide it again and the game will start again, personally I think it’s a stupid game because if I find it I eat it and that’s it …well I’m not called Munchy for nothing  , anyway I gave them both the good news and then it was charge back into the house where we all run around doing our best to trip them up , eventually we were ready and it was a race to the car and we were off , first stop to pick up the van then we were off with Mick making his normal joke “shout out if we lose the van” (well I hope that he is joking ) but as were are not sure we decide to take it in turns looking out of the back window just to check .

Err where are we going I asked , and as normal the reply was  wait and see but after a bit of woofing Mick told us that we would be heading to and place near Powburn at Ingram Valley , great said Bob I have been walking up that way with Mick , it’s a great area and if I’m allowed I will take you to an old hill fort where we can play fight and pretend that we are war dogs , sounds fun I woofed back , err I’m not so sure about that woofed Flynn ( Flynn is such a wimp at times …he really doesn’t like the great outdoors) anyway with the car driving along we soon forgot about things and dropped off for a well-deserved snooze .

Hey wake up said Mick, we are here …..Is the van still with us? Err yes I barked back (after quickly checking) and then we all started looking out of the windows, Boy this looks good I said, I told you so said Bob dog, anyway we had to wait in the car whilst Mick and Yvonne disconnected the van then we were let out, we had a huge grassy field with a small stream running close by and lots of trees to mooch around and better still there was rabbits, yes we liked this site.

Mooching around at the site, Munchy


Bob dog



Whilst Mick and Yvonne was busy setting things up we decided to have a mooch around , don’t go far shouted Mick as your supper will be ready soon  , ok we woofed back and went off to say hello to other campers that was already here , we met up with a few other dogs and there owners and said hello and had a run and play , one dog informed us that the site rules stated that we had to be on a lead .it’s ok I said we are mick support dogs so that rule doesn’t count , he seemed really impressed with that , and was asking lots of questions when we got the shout that it was supper time , and said our good buys and ran back to the van for supper ,(Flynn was shocked that I had lied to the dog but I didn’t really care I don’t like rules)

Mick was busy cooking on the BBQ so we all knew that there would be some tasty treats to follow.

After supper we had an evening walk with Mick before it got to dark, we liked it here there was so much to see and sniff, a pond to explore, a river to mooch around and lots of trees to run and play in, but best of all we knew that once mick and Yvonne went to bed we would jump up on the bed and snuggle down with them.

The next day Bob dog informed us that we would be heading up to see an old hill fort , he had been there before and was busy explaining about what a great area it was for running and playing but we had to be on our best behaviour as there would be sheep with young Lambs around , and so we all set off for a walk , even Yvonne came along (and we all know that she is a bit of a hack) , we was having great fun running around and playing , then Mick called us close as we would be walking near some sheep , we know that we are not allowed to run near them and so we walked closed to Mick and Yvonne , once clear it was charge and off we went , then we came to a very big hill , it’s up there woofed Bob , great lets go I woofed back and for the next twenty minutes we all run up and down this hill , it was great , Yvonne found a seat half way up and informed us all that she would wait for us all to come back down , and so we all raced up to the top and jumped over the stone wall , for the next twenty minutes we raced around playing war dogs and trying to capture the hill fort , then it was time to start down to meet Yvonne , after all she had food and treats in her coat pockets , after a little rest and feed mick informed us that if we behave we would call in a local tea room , where if we was on our best behaviour there might even be a tasty treat for us as well , …we like treats and so we all wandered into the tea room as little later , we was as good as gold and even said hello to another dog who was in there , Mick and Yvonne had coffee and cake but the owner gave us all some treats to eat , boy they tasted very nice , then it was back to the campsite to get ready for supper and a good night’s sleep , with all this running about we was really tired , a few photos from today :-

We had to be very good walking past mum and Lambs


We are clear now so we can play again


Me waiting for Mick & Yvonne

Bob dog racing down the hill


Nearly at the hill fort


Looking back down towards Yvonne sitting down on the seat


Made it


ME Guarding the fort


Now its Bob dogs turn


And finally Flynn’s turn to be Gard dog


Come on Mick…… it’s time to head down to get to the tea room.

After another good night’s sleep we once again found ourselves heading off for another adventure , this time for a wander around a couple of small lakes / ponds , Mick was busy telling us all that they used to be old quarries that have been flooded and turned into nature reserves , we could run and play but if called we had to return as mick wasn’t sure what we would find , that was fine with us and off we went exploring , there was lots to see and sniff and before long we was busy jumping out and play fighting then running off again, Mick and Yvonne brought a few treats along with them and would call us back every now and then and reward us with one , we saw lots of birds but didn’t chase them , we also met up with a few other walkers and run to meet them and give them a wag of the tails , then right in the middle of a fun fight mick called us back , only this time mick shouted so we  rushed back thinking something must be up as mick never shouts at us , “what’s up mick” I asked , thinking that we had something wrong or something , Mick then explained that we had to walk very close to him as there was a Adder sleeping very near and the last thing Mick wanted is for one of us to get bitten , well trust us on this one none of us wanted to get bitten by a snake so we walked very quietly past it ……….Phew that was a close call , once we was clear Mick said that we could go off and play again but perhaps we should stick to the path or the short grassy areas ………….yep that sounds like a brilliant plan and off we run again , but this time keeping to the short grass and keeping a close watch for anymore snakes , luckily we didn’t see anymore , but it did make us a bit more careful, anyway we didn’t see any more snakes and by the time we walked back to the site we had forgotten all about them .

We had our supper outside again then had a few tasty nibbles from the BBQ then it was time for bed, and after a day of running around and playing we was all feeling very tired, but managed to wait till Mick and Yvonne dropped off to sleep before we jumped up onto the big bed to join them, a few photos:-

First sighting of the flooded quarry


Bob dog going to get a drink


Looking across

A few more photos as we make our way round the lake


Me and Flynn waiting for Bob to come running back


Walking with Yvonne, .Treat time?


Looking across at one of the small islands with the Geese and there little ones


Adder …….best keep away from him / her


Last look as we head back to the van for supper

After another goodnights sleep and a bit of a lay in we found ourselves sitting outside taking to mick over breakfast about where we would be going today, of course we was only talking to him as he was busy cooking bacon & sausage, something we all like and knew if we was good we would be rewarded with some tasty bites, Yvonne (aka the hackamouse) still hadn’t got her festering butt out of bed so we figured if breakfast was ready and she wasn’t here we would get to eat her share , sadly she decided to make an appearance just as it was ready , but because we sat there being good we got lots of tasty bites so it wasn’t all bad .

After breakfast we had a run and play on the grass, Flynn and Myself discovered that we could run under the van and so take a short cut to catch Bob dog which made the game great fun, after a while Mick called us and informed us that we would be going for a walk along the river Breamish, it wouldn’t be far as Mick knee was playing up but we could run and explore whilst Mick sat down and rested his knee. Boy did we like this place, there was lots of rabbits to say hello to and run after, a lovely stream to play in and loads of new and exciting things to sniff and explore plus there was a few other folk out who made a fuss over us, we ran, played, and explored till we was all puffed out then Mick suggested that we made our way back to the tea room where once again we got spoilt by the owners by getting tasty treats , sadly this was our last day here and we would be heading back home the following day , which was a shame because we all had a brilliant time but we know that we will be heading off for another week away sometime soon . Anyway a few photos from our trip this afternoon, enjoy

Bob & Flynn sniffing around the banks of the river Breamish

Look rabbits just run into the bushes lets go and see them


Looking along the river

We saw a deer up there, mick wasn’t quick enough with his camera


Small bird on a rock


Bob checking that Micks knee is alright


And finally me and Flynn on patrol



Thanks for reading and see ya soon