DATE                                      26.05.13

DISTANCE                             ABOUT 9.55 MILES

WEATHER                             BRIGHT AND SUNNY



Fremington edge

Today was going to be one of those days that will stay with you for a long time, to start with I was teaming up my old walking partner Yvonne aka Carey Burn as she is known as in some circles and I was also meeting up with the living legend Dave aka lakesnutt for a walk someplace , as you know I have had the pleasure of walking with Dave several times in the past and always enjoyed his company , then just to make my day a lovely lady known as Scaredybob (Bob) let us know that she would be joining us , in fact it was Scaredybob who actually arranged not only the meet up but the route itself  and what a route it was…………….  brilliant.

Bob had a poorly knee, it had been fixed / patched up and she was in that really boring period where she could go out hiking but it had to be a good route i.e. no steep scramble’s or no steps so that meant I should be ok because as you know it tend to have the odd problem with certain terrains and this is one of the reasons I very rarely go out with more than one person as I really don’t want to slow them down or ruin their walk but today this shouldn’t be a problem.

It had been decided that we would all meet up at the small town of Reeth and would have a go at Fremington Edge, this was all good by me in fact it was on my to do list, I was planning to do it last time I was stopping down the Swaledale area but had to cancel it due to 3 foot snow drifts which made it impossible to even get there ……so it was chance for me to tick it off my to do list.

Naturally being a lazy sod I left the choice of route to Bob, after all only she knew what her knee would let her do and what it wouldn’t so it seemed only logical for her to decide.(that’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

Anyway times where arranged and that was it, I managed to get to Yvonne’s without getting lost (a first for me) I think this was because I switched off the Sat nav and relied on an old fashioned map, and from there I did what I do best and left it to Yvonne to navigate us down to Reeth, we made excellent time, in fact we got there that early we even had time for coffee, something that I really appreciate.

Reeth was chock a block full with eh! Day trippers /visitors I have never seen it that full before, we found out that it was the Swaledale festival or something or other and of course it being bank holiday etc. we should have known better , but that didn’t matter where we were going.

Some local dancers getting ready.

yep a bit on the busy side.

Dave and Bob duly arrived and the first order of the day was tea and coffee, I didn’t have the heart to tell them we had just finished one. over a pre walk drink Bob informed us about the route ………………which is very similar to my type of route which is “let’s just see how it goes” and we will decide from there and so that was it, I will admit however I did begin to have a few doubts when we got our gear sorted and headed off in the opposite direction but Bob had the map tightly held in her hand.

Are you sure this is the right way (I was thinking)

 and looked as if she knew where she was going so I did the right thing and kept my mouth closed. Any way you can see from the map above the route we took.

The weather , I can honestly say it was almost perfect , bright sunshine with a light  breeze , I don’t know if this was because we had all been praying to the weather gods but whatever the reason they came up with the goods.

Our route took us out of Reeth down to the river Swale over the suspension bridge.

Suspension Bridge.

where I am pleased to say we lost most of the crowd along a delightful riverside path to Grinton , passing an old church , naturally being Sunday and all that we paid it a quick visit , I signed the visitors book , the others looked around and I am pleased to say no one tried to take the money box with them when we left , (this might have been because it was padlocked shut but I will give them the benefit of thinking  that these thoughts didn’t enter their heads).

Inside the church.

From there we crossed over the river again and started on the long slow uphill section, it was sometime during this stage where my head started to boil and I really could have done with the sun disappearing behind the clouds, but as we got a bit higher the views started to open up a bit and suddenly it was all worth it, after much puffing and panting we made it to the top, I think that I crawled the last few meters then it was lunch time and a well-deserved rest.

The only down side of our lunch spot was the route up must have been a by-way or something as we were treated to 3 off road 4x4 going past and a group of bikers , I could go into rant mode here but apart from wishing that they smash there sump cover off I wont .

Yvonne looking at the views.

Yvonne had done us all proud with her rucksack of goodies, homemade cakes (very tasty) the sun was shining and we had some wonderful views, things don’t get any better. So naturally we had to play silly buggers for the camera.

Tasty cakes by Yvonne.

Yes we can be silly at times.

Old arty leg wanted to be in on it as well.

After lunch it was a stroll along the edge, which is very impressive with all the old tips from long forgotten lead mines, the weather gods where still with us and provided a nice cooling breeze which covered up the fact that some of us who hadn’t bothered with sun cream were slowly being burnt and would wake up the next morning with rather red faces and necks. Dave being Dave sort to impress us with his rock climbing skills.

Dave showing his rock climbing skills.

Super Dave leaping from yet another cairn (I am certain that there is a law against this sort of behavor)

Bob having a snooze

 but all good things come to an end and all to soon we came to the end of the Edge and it was time to cut back down , but even this was a joy to walk down , I don’t think that any of us realised how high we had been until we stopped and looked back up , down past Storthwaite Hall where once again Dave impressed us with his err I’m not really sure what but it was impressive.

Dave and the washing line.

Over the footbridge crossing the Arkle Beck where once again Dave did what Dave does best ………………………you have got to love this guy haven’t you?.

Whales in the dales springs to mind. dont worry I have already written a letter to the dales water board about the dirty slick that was washed downstream.

After this it was a simple case of heading back to Reeth via a lovely grassy path that took us over god knows how many stone walls all with different types of stiles. Which could have caused me some trouble if I was feeling tiered but due to the relaxing nature of this walk they didn’t cause any problems for either me or Bob with her knee.

We has one small problem or should I say nearly a problem when we climbed over one stone wall only to be greeted by a herd of cattle running at us like nutters, Bob fearlessly confronted them and before I knew it they scattered and headed for the farthest corner of the field where they stayed until we left the field, I did ask her what she said to them but all I got was something about don’t mess with a Nottinghamshire lass or something, Dave of course pushed his luck with this result.

Dont mess with an Nottinghamshire Lass.

However all good things come to an end and Back at Reeth gear was dropped off in the cars and then into the black bull (with the upside down sign) for a well-deserved drink, a perfect finish to a brilliant day.

All in all about 9.55 miles with about 1453ft of the ups and downy bits.

As normal a few photos enjoy:

Looking across the river Swale towards Reeth.

I dont know what to call this but it looked nice so why not?.

One of the many hay meadows in this area.

We have now crossed back over the river Swale.

Starting to slowly climb up looking back down at the river.

Looking up , we begine a slow walk up now.

Taken at max zoom looking towards the road bridge.

Not even part way up yet and my lungs are about to explode.

Looking down towards Reeth , you three could at least look knackered like me.

Still heading up.

Yet another rest stop for me , looking down towards a much smaller Reeth.

Bob  taking in the views , so far her knee has been ok on this uphill section.

Nearly at the top now , just as well my lungs are bursting.

Lunch time.

A few photos as we make our way along Fremington edge.

Me , note that my head is back to its normal colour after turning bright red on the walk up here.

One of the many stone cairns that are scattered along this ridge.

Yvonne snapping away , as normal none of my photos do this walk any Justice.

Fun was had by all going over this stile , it was right on the edge of a steep drop.

A few more photos as we made our way along.

Reeth from yet another stone cairn.

Looking down at the Arkle Beck , little did it know what was going to be exposed to at this stage.

Looking along the edge , soon it would be time to start cutting down.

Looking down and back along the edge.

Starting to cut down now.

Looking back up towards the last stone cairn.

A well deserved stop , looking across to some unnamed rush.

Dave and Bob lead the way down.

There is something very beautiful about this type of landscape along  this edge.

Very rugged in places yet very easy grassy paths to follow which makes it a joy to walk along .

Nearly down looking back up.

Now in the lower pastures looking back up.

You know I could wander around all day and never get tired of these views.

The Arkle beck , Very inviting for someone.

A few more photos showing the scenery as we make our way back towards Reeth.

Very easy walking with stunning views all the way.

looking back.

Ok one last look , to think that we had been up  there earer today.

I think at this stage , none of us really wanted the walk to end because it had been such a good day but where all looking forward to visiting the pub in Reeth.

Brilliant day with fantastic friends need I say any more.

Arty leg wanted his photo taken with Fremington edge in the sky line, who was i to say no?

A fantastic day out made even better by the brilliant company , so if any of you guys read this thanks it was a pleasure being with you all and let’s do it again sooner rather than later.

Day after thoughts.

Before I even started this walk, I thought that I would have a lot of problems with my stump, despite trying various creams and plasters I had a very sore spot that wouldn’t heal up, I got this spot when I was doing my Hadrian’s wall walk, and couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t close up completely and heal, every time I thought that it was gone something would happen and I got that very painful stinging / burning sensation. However today my stump seemed to behave itself, yes there was one or two painful jolts but as the day went on things got better. However getting out of the car after the drive home it was payback time , (I must move in the socket when I sit down to drive or something) so it was bath and check when I got in. the wound was rubbed raw ,very red ,angry and swollen , however after a good night’s sleep the swelling went down and much to my surprise it looks a lot “cleaner” if that makes sense and seemed to have almost closed up ………………..which can only be a good thing. The only conclusion I can come up with I rubbed all the badness out so it can heal cleanly or I could be talking a load of crap but it’s much better than what it’s been for the last week so I must have done something right.

Short slide show from today            

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