Hi its Flynn here, I suppose its time for me to write About one of my days out with Mick.

 The day started very well with me being told that I would be living with mick, Yvonne and of course Bob and Munchy for ever, I was very happy to hear that and couldn’t wait to let Bob and Munchy know the good news , we spent a fair bit of time running around and generally causing much as much havoc as possible when mick decided that he needed to get out someplace quite for a walk. Mick my new friend has had a lot of bother with his metal leg, he broke it a few months ago and has been waiting for it to get fixed, well he finally got it fixed the day before and wanted to go out and try it out, naturally I jumped at the chance to accompany him, sadly Bob and Munchy couldn’t join us because they had made other arrangements, so it was just Mick and me.

Mick got all the gear sorted out and very soon we where driving to a place known as Thrunton Woods, I was very excited as I have never been into any woods like this before but I was also very nervous what would I do if Mick broke his metal leg again ? , I had been told by both Bob and Munchy that it was my job to get him back home safely again. It seemed a very big job for someone who was as small as I was.

Mick stopped the car and went on to inform me that we would be walking away from the main car park and the crowds (not that there are any crowds up here) and was busy sorting out his gear , I jumped out of the car and peered around , there was Zillions of trees all with lots of very unusually smells hanging around and it looked very dark and scary in the trees , but I put on a brave face and started sniffing around, Hang on said Mick you have to go on a lead , I didn’t mind it sort of made me feel safer , its ok said mick once we get going I will let you off but I cant have you running away and getting lost. And so we set off, I had to stop every few feet and cock my leg on anything that happened to be around, come on Flynn we will be here all day at this rate, ok Mick I barked back.

We didn’t go to far when mick stopped me and pointed out a couple of strange animals, they are deer he whispered and took a couple of photos of them before they disappeared into the trees, wow they move fast I thought .

Mick seemed pleased that I hadn’t barked at them and didn’t try to chase them , I think its time you came off the lead , ok I barked back , right Flynn I am going to use my hiking poles now so I want you to walk in front but stay in sight ok ………..ok mick I barked .

And so we set off me leading the way , naturally I didn’t have a clue where I was going but mick gave me instructions at any turning and soon I found myself enjoying the sights and smells , hey not to fast shouted mick and so I slowed down , by this time I realised that if I stopped and sat down at every  bend or split in the path mick wouldnt  have to shout for me , he seemed pleased and this worked out well for both of us , I was able to scout about and have a mooch yet still keep mick in sight , I don’t know how far we had gone but suddenly mick pointed out a pile of stones and told me to head off over there , where we would be stopping for dinner .

Dinner yum yum  I like that word and it made me relies how hungry I was , once we settled down , mick produced the goodies out from his ruck sack along with a bowl of water , all very nice but  I really had my eye on his roast beef sarnie , I really hoped that he would share some with me. I needn’t have worried after a few of my sad eyed looks he had no choice but to give me a few tasty tit bits and very nice they where too. Dinner eaten , water drunk and it was time for us to be off , I took my role of pathfinder very seriously and scouted on ahead looking for any danger or interesting things to sniff at . the path we followed ran along side some steep drops and I certainly didn’t want Mick to fall off …………….well not on my first trip out with him ………..I mean it wouldn’t look very good me turning up at home without him so I kept  a close eye out for him , barking where the path got a bit rough , it wasn’t all plane sailing ,with the heather out in flower the whole hillside was buzzing with millions of bees , I was very tempted to chase a few that got to near me but thought better of it . Eventually we cut back down into the forest, it was very dark and would have been scary for mick so I walk one step behind him (just to make sure he was ok) and due to some fantastic path finding from me we burst out of the forest right where we should have, naturally I took the lead again at this point. And pretended to head off in the wrong direction, Mick of course noticed it and called me back (I didn’t have the heart to tell him I did it deliberately so he looked good) then it was down the forestry track back to where we had parked up , I for one was happy to climb into the car , my paws where starting to feel a bit sore , I think we did about 5 miles or so , not much distance wise but a lot of ups and downs and stomping through Heather .

As we pulled onto the road we past another walker with a dog ………………I’m sorry but I just had to bark at the dog, just to let him know that I was the boss...Naturally mick gave me a rollicking for that but it was worth it just to see the other dog jump.  And I left a snotty nose mark on the window.

Cant say that I remember the drive back home as I was busy having a snooze but what ever mick did he got us home in time for tea , and I had a great evening telling the pups all about my trip out , I think that I am going to like living here.

Mick as normal took a few photos (that’s when he wasn’t falling over)

Just got out the car, note the lead.


Heading up the forestry track, lots of different sights and smells.


Looking back.


A couple of young deer (tasty)

And off they go.




A few sights as we make our way along.


Time for me to be off the lead, having instructions from Mick (like I care!)

Me leading the way (waiting for mick again)


Waiting in the heather.


  Looking towards the distant Simonside hills (Mick said that he will take us that way soon)

It’s me waiting yet again.

Looking across to the distant Cheviot Hills.


What’s that? Looks like a boundary stone or something.

Yep, think that I will just cock my leg at it and be away.

A couple of the views that mick get worked up about.


Me on guard again.


The rocks where we will have dinner………..lets go.


Come on Mick this way.


Right made it now a few photos before dinner.




Food time, now you can see why I begged some of mick’s sarnie.


Me on patrol again.


Last look back.


Our route should take us this way.


Me having a sniff.


Still a fair way to go down yet.


Me pointing out some trick stone sections.


Now entering the woods again.


Just checking this out.


Looking back to where we burst out of the forest.