DATE                             11.09.13

DISTANCE                    JUST OVER 6 MILES

WEATHER                    BRIGHT AND SUNNY


I finally had had enough messing about with Arty leg, after a really good start to the year with regards to hiking it had all come crashing around my ears when Arty leg broke and I had to wait ages for it to get fixed since then I have had nothing but non stop problems with my stump first off splitting skin and really sore spots then with the hot weather it literally kept slipping off when I started sweating but finally (roll of drums and trumpets blown)  the leg had got fixed all my splits and sore spots had healed and the weather had started to cool down a bit .

I was desperate to get out into the hill someplace and start the long process of getting my confidence back and trying to get a bit fitter at the same time.

I decided to take Flynn with me , he has missed out of a lot of fun recently with his trip to the vets and the recovery time afterwards and to be honest I think that we needed a bit of time together so I could continue with some more training with him .

Flynn is a loveable dog who is simply put a people dog, he doesn’t care where or what he is doing as long as he is with someone and that’s it. So today I would leave Bob and Munchy back home with Yvonne and spend the day with Flynn, I knew straight away that he was looking forward to it as I could hardly move without him being there, however I eventually sorted the gear out and we both jumped into the car.

I had already decided that I would limit myself to around 6 miles or so today and that I would start the walk up from Barrowburn , I love this area and never get tired of the views , naturally it offers all types of terrain for me to practise walking on and I didn’t want to push Flynn and his ability to walk much today after all he is still a pup and has very small legs , but I had brought lots of treats ,food & water for him and was planning to have lots of rest stops so he could take it easy if he needed to , I needn’t have worried he had a spring in his step all the way round right back to the car and I could tell that had a brilliant day and really enjoyed himself.

Myself I really enjoyed the day and didn’t have to many problems with the arty leg , I did have to stop twice remove the leg and wipe all the excess sweat off the liner and off my stump but after the last few months that seemed a very small price to pay for having a really good days walking .

Flynn really surprised me, he wasn’t bothered when was walking through the sheep he simply walked at heel without being told and only left my side when three sheep burst out of the fern and literally run in front of us, Flynn was going to give chase but one word from me he stopped dead in his tracks and bounded back to my side. The rest of the time he simply ranged out in front or to one side never more than twenty feet or so away.

Even at the end of the walk he sat outside the small tea room at Barrowburn when I went in to order some cake and coffee and didn’t cause any bother what’s so ever, naturally I was very generous with the cake tit bits and even though h is normally quite timid around people he really seemed at home sitting outside with me and a few other walkers that where having an end of walk cuppa.

As normal a few photos from todays walk.

Taken from the small car park looking towards the deer hut.

Heading up out of the farm at Barrowburn looking towards my path which takes me up the side of Lounges Knowe.

Taking a breather, my route can be clearly seen as it winds it way along and up the valley.

Flynn waiting for me already.


Nearly at the top looking back down towards Barrowburn.

Same place just looking towards Kidland Forest and the track that I would be following a bit later.


Flynn having a sniff around, he has finally discovered that he can get between the bars on the gates now.


Crossing the foot bridge over the Usway Burn looking upstream.


Same place looking downstream towards Fairhaugh.


A good place to stop, Flynn wants to have a paddle and drink.

Now on a forest trail heading out of Kidland, a few years ago this was a track, I wonder how long it is before it gets completely covered with grass and ferns.

Have now left the forest, looking down towards the Usway burn.

Flynn leading the way down towards the burn.


First sighting of the small unnamed waterfall, Flynn sniffing around.


The waterfall.


My route takes me upstream for a short distance before we cross over via the footbridge.


A good place to stop, Flynn having a drink.

Did you say lunch time Mick?

Looking back at our route.


Looking towards the Middle.

Another good place for a sit down.


Now on the track heading back, this section is very easy walking offering fine views all around this photo is looking back towards Uswayford.

Taken at max zoom.


Flynn waiting again for me to catch up.


Looking across towards Kidland forest where I was earlier on today.


My route heading along Barrow Law with Shillhope law in the background.

Looking back & to the side.

First views of the river Coquet and the farm tea room at Barrowburn.


Still heading down, but getting closer to the tea room.


Flynn having a breather.


Looking up the Coquet Valley.


Last look back up at our route down before we call into the tea room.


Day after thoughts.

Woke up in the morning  didn’t ache anywhere and my stump didn’t show any sign of soreness so perhaps I due for a spell of good luck,, I think I will do a few more walks ay this level just to make sure things are ok then start upping thing a bit.

Small foot note from Flynn.

Hi every one , I had a great day , good walk ,nice tasty treats on the way round and very nice cake at the end what more can a young pup ask for ? I’m looking forward to getting out and about a bit more with mick.