DATE                                          26.03,2014

DISTANCE                                  9.0 MILES GIVE OR TAKE THE ODD FOOT

WEATHER                                  BRIGHT TO START WITH

 START / FINISH                        ROADSIDE PARKING (SEE MAP)



Hi every one, its Flynn and it’s my turn to write up about a day’s adventure we just had,

To start with I had better mention that we where in the bad books from the day before, Mick had taken us out for a brilliant walk along the dean, naturally it started raining what made everything wet and muddy, we of course like playing in the mud and got covered, Mick didn’t seem to mind and called ahead for Yvonne to get our towels ready to dry us when we got home , Yvonne was ready but we run past her and played get me if you can , the end result was three wet muddy dogs drying ourselves on the carpet , the three piece and another thing we could roll on , then Bob decided to dash upstairs and jump onto the bed and roll around , Mick thought that it was funny but pretended to looked cross when Yvonne saw the mess , sigh it was good fun…. we had to be extra good for the rest of the night….. But really all we had to do was snuggle up to Yvonne to get back into her good books so it wasn’t too bad.

So the next morning we where all still being extra good, come on you lot said Mick lets get our stuff and spend the day out someplace nice, yeahhhhhhhhhh we all barked and proceeded to run around like a pack of excited dogs, it didn’t take long for mick to sort the gear out and before we knew it we where all settling down in the back of the car.

Where are we going? I asked in my “’id be good best voice “well I though that we could all go back to Thrunton Woods, there is a couple of new (ish) paths that I want to have a look at and I cant take you lot into the hills as its lambing season so we are limited where we can go for a while, ok I barked back, we didn’t care where we where going as long as we could run and play that’s all that mattered.

Before we knew it Mick stopped the car and let us out, Right NO finding and rolling in fox pooh or any other stinky stuff ok, Ok Mick we barked back we will be good, right then off you go. Charge we all yelled and went running off into the woods, stick to the path yelled mick and don’t go too far , ok we barked back as we went hurtling along the forest path , once again my senses where almost overwhelmed with all the new smells and there was so much to look at and mooch around , come on Flynn lets run off in front and Jump on Bob when he comes past said Munchy , yeah that will be fun so we went hurtling down the path to find a good ambush spot , Right here  he comes lets get him Charge we yelled and jumped onto Bob , Bob of course just rolled us over , laughed and carried on running , You lot take it easy shouted Mick you have got a full day ahead of you so save your strength a bit , I am not carrying any back today . Ok we barked back.

Our next adventure came when it was time to cross a small stream , we had already had a nice drink from it when Mick informed us we will cross it here , well there was two big rocks to jump onto then a big jump onto the far bank , mick went first and nearly fell in , Bob of course made it look easy and did a massive jump onto the far bank , Munchy went next and didn’t quite reach all the way to the top of the bank and started sliding down into the river , by this time I had just jumped myself and couldn’t  get past Munchy , Then that rat called Munchy used me to push himself up the bank pushing me into the river at the same time , cheers Bro he barked at me , and proceeded to roll around laughing , fortunately Mick saw what had happened and quickly reached down and pulled me out of the water before I got soaking wet ……………….You just wait Munchy I will  get you for that I growled .

No harm done said Mick; you barely got your paws wet. And secretly gave me a treat, now off you go run around a bit to dry off , Bob & Munchy where still both laughing and thought it was very funny till I showed them the treat that Mick had given me .

Right you lot lets head up on the crags, Great we barked and set off at a very fast pace up the crags, not so fast called Mick I cant keep up, so we raced all the way to the top then came hurtling back down to where Mick was, you ok Mick I asked because your head is turning a funny red colour. I’d be fine once we get to the top puffed Mick …right you are I replied and turned around and raced back up again.

Mick finally reached the top and after a few minutes even started to breathe normally, and as his breath got back to normal his head returned back to its normal colour, phew that was hard work boys, do you really think so? We barked back we could run up and down there all day without getting tired. Do you want to walk all the way home and miss tea tonight was mick reply. Err no we barked back.

Right time for dinner said Mick let’s find a good spot and get some food down our necks , yeah we like this we barked back and proceeded to sit very close to mick as he got the food out .

Yvonne had packed a bit of fruit cake for Mick...we love fruit cake and waited for mick to break a piece off for each of us which was quickly woofed down , then came micks roast beef sarnie , we of course just have to help him eat this …..after all we don’t want him getting fat then there was a few doggie treats  to scoff down ……………we didn’t share any of our stuff with mick .

After lunch we cut back down off the crags and wandered about, Mick it appeared knew where he was going, we didn’t care; we played “bouncing” in the heather , sniffing stuff then  we cut into the forest along a new track that had been made by the mountain bikers , this was good fun belting along the new paths they had made , then a deer burst out right in front of us , “wait” we barked but off it ran , lets go Bob said and off I went along with Bob chasing it , it run very fast “wait” we barked but it kept running further into the woods , we heard Mick calling us back , we had better stop I said to Bob but Bob wasn’t listening so I kept up with him so he didn’t get lost , after a long time even Bob gave up , we had better head back I said , which way asked Bob . err I’m not sure I barked back, after a while I heard Mick calling and Munchy barking, this way I said, ok said bob and so we headed back, it took a long time and we kept having to change directions, do you think Mick will be mad at us asked Bob, yep I think he will be, how many times has he told us not to go to far I replied , Come on you two growled Munchy , Mick is looking for you and boy is he pissed , where is he I asked just follow me said Munchy and don’t wander off.(Munchy was being very bossy ) , Mick was relived to see us and didn’t  scold us but informed us that we had better stay in sight for the rest of the day or we would be put on our leads , ok Mick we both barked back we will be good from now on , you had better be growled Munchy because mick said that  I am in charge  ok Munchy we barked back , not really believing him .

And for his rest of the walk we just played and mooched never far from mick, mick soon forgave us and every thing was good again.

According to Micks GPS he walked about 9 miles we did treble that at least with about 1475 ft. of the ups and downs.

A few photos from today

Heading out into the woods from where we parked up near the caravan site


Munchy coming back to check on Mick


Walking alongside the Coe burn

Very easy walking along here


The path follows the Coe burn


Now leaving the “old” section of the woods


Tadpoles somehow I don’t think they will make it unless it rains


Looking up to the crags we will be heading up there soon


But first we cross this, munchy knocked me in, I will get him back


Heading up here, we are all waiting for mick to catch up his head has turned a funny colour


Looking back down, it didn’t seem this dark and scary when we walked up it.


A break in the trees and its lighter but still heading up, we thought that Micks head was going to explode at this stage


Leaving the trees but still heading up, come on Mick


Made it to the top of the crags looking down into the forest


Here we are waiting for Mick to catch up; we think that he is laying down someplace


Munchy licking his lips


Looking out towards the Cheviots


Heading up towards the cairn at Coe crags


A few photos as we make our way along the crags


Waiting for mick to catch up again.


The trig point at Long Crags


Another stone cairn just before we start heading down


Heading down


Part way down looking back up towards the crags


At the bottom, again looking back up at the crags


Here we are heading towards the cairn at Callaly


The stone cairn


Looking out towards the Cheviots


Old pond, don’t drink out of here it’s yucky


A few more photos looking out from Callaly Crags towards the distance Cheviots


Big rock


Thanks for reading