DATE                                    24.10.15

DISTANCE                           5.53 MILES

WEATHER                           BRIGHT BUT COOL




After our last wander at Beadnell Bay we had made the decision (well my better half made it I just agreed ….anything for a quiet  life) that we should return to the same place and spend the whole day walking along the bay and why not we both had a brilliant afternoon wander last time we was up that way and we where both keen to explore a bit further along …yes I know that you cant really explore the bay as such but it sounds good so that’s what we where going to do.

Since our last walk I had spent as much time as possible walking around, practising and trying to get some sort of fitness level again, I figured the more I walked the easer it should get for me and I might get some sort of fitness returning …………….I have to say this plan didn’t seem to be working to well but it is better than nothing  and to be honest I really don’t know what to do about it , it seems that I just start to get back to some sort of fitness then either my stump or arty leg would bugger up and with it my mobility would go out the window and my fitness levels would plummet very quickly , in fact since my accident it seems to be a constant battle ………….I know that I will sort something out but at the moment I just don’t know how or what.

Anyway we had a plan, we packed…. I would like to say our rucksacks but as normal Yvonne emptied hers into mine so I would be the only one carrying stuff around (yes it does seem a bit unfair and I did think about mentioning it to her but I’m not that stupid) gear was thrown into the car and off we went . (I made her drive ….ha that will teach her)

We parked up at the small car park (pay and display) at Newton links, naturally being classed as a cripple I get to park free using my blue badge and so save myself some of my hard earned dosh , gear was sorted and we were off.

Our route for the day was simplicity itself, we would head north along the Coastal path or along Newton Links as it’s known locally, Cross over the Brunton Burn via the footbridge, then staying on the Coastal path pass along Tughall Mill hill Links then according to our map the footpath takes us right through two small caravan parks and then into Beadnell itself , I didn’t like the sound of wandering right through a couple of caravan parks , there has been the odd occasion when some overzealous person has tried to stop me in the stating  that’s it private land or some  other crap like that and that they would “do” me for trespass , these encounters have always ended up the same  way with me trying to explain to these jumped up brain dead people (who really should be removed from the human gene pool)  that the red  /green dotted line on the map is a public right of way , then after the normal arguments I tell them to do what they think is best but I have got better things to do and normally carry on with the odd final words exchanged like “wanker” and yes please go ahead and call the police ….you arsehole . But as it happened we had nothing like that today, just as well because I had Yvonne with me and believe me Yvonne can be mean when she wants to be in fact she is a little scary at times.

Lunch was had on the seats on the Harbour by the lime kilns, a useless bit of info for you all Beadnell harbour is the only west facing harbour on the East coast …..there you can now impress your friends with that fact , in the summer months there is a small burger van  parked up at the Harbour car park that does food but today (as expected ) there was nothing …….good job we brought our own food with us along with coffee .

After lunch it was time to head back, this time all the way along the beach, now this is really easy to navigate, if your feet get wet your off route likewise if you start to climb up hill you once again have gone wrong and wandered into the dunes, we did a small detour when we came to the Brunton Burn as it was in flood it would have means getting our feet wet so we headed up to the footbridge crossed over then headed back onto the beach , it was all very easy walking and very enjoyable , we of course stopped several times on the way back for coffee , with the easy pace and the regular stops I didn’t find it to hard going , but there was a couple of places where the sand was very soft and sinky which made it hard work for me but it didn’t take long to get past these spots , we did about 5.5 miles and of course checked out another bit of the stunning coastline that we have up here .

A few photos:

Taken at the start of the walk some of the locals


Beadnell bay & its lime kilns


The Harbour wall


Looking down the bay


Same again but taken a bit further along the beach


A bit closer


Heading towards our lunch spot


Taken at max zoom looking towards Newton Links


Again taken at max zoom looking at Dunstanburgh Castle


Fishing boats tied up in the Harbour


Same again


Looking out to sea


Side view of the kilns


Fishing Boats with Beadnell in the background




I believe that the fishermen use these kilns to store their equipment now


On the beach heading back and the sun comes out


A bit further along looking back


With all the bad weather we have been having there is a lot of seaweed being washed up?


Same again


Even the beach is covered today


Ducks? Splashing around


Yvonne pointing the way (sometimes I do wonder what I would do without her)


She is feeling very pleased with her navigating at this point as she hasn’t got lost …yet!


Looking out to sea


Looking back at Beadnell


Looking at the tide line at the base of the dunes

Now at where the burn runs out to sea and the wild fowl reserve


Looking towards the Twitchers hut


It might not look deep but the burn is about 3 foot deep here and cut a deep channel in the sand as it runs out to the sea


Looking back as we head towards the foot bridge



Taken at max zoom …Beadnell


The Twitchers hut and out small stand along dune


Looking back at the bay, it’s a lot bigger than what we thought


Another view


Last look before we get back to the car park


Day after thoughts:

A good days walk , I really enjoyed it and know that I will be back many times , the size of the bay is very impressive ……… and I wasn’t tired at all today but we did have lots of rest stops but then why not we are not in a hurry or anything and because it was a slow pace I didn’t have any problems with my skin breaking down or getting any hot spots , Arty leg behaved itself but I do thing that the microprocessor get in a bit of a state when I walk on soft sand as it keeps going into “safe” mode and it ended up with me switching all the support modes off , in fact I think that I will leave them all switched off . Yep a good day.