DATE                          06.11.16

DISTANCE                 ABOUT 7.3 MILES

WEATHER                  MOSTLY RAIN




Since my last walk at Beadnell Bay I had once again returned to the limb centre to get some “Tweaking” done on the new leg, when I say “Tweaking” I mean small adjustments on the socket, I had been busy padding it out in various places desperately trying to get the fit from “ouch OMG” to something I could wear without too much discomfort, it’s a slow process and one that I know I can’t rush as it takes time to settle , anyhow after a chat with my leg lady Karen she agreed to copy what I had done , only making a much more professional finish something that will stand the test of time and won’t start to fall apart in the middle of nowhere so when she returned from the workshop with my leg it was with a great deal of concern that I donned my leg , what a relief it fitted nice and snug and reasonably comfortable ……………what joy I felt I could have kissed her , it may not be perfect yet but we are certainly heading in the right direction , of course it is a new socket and knee so things will be different to what I am used to and I know it’s going to take time to get used to the new set up but I left the limb centre a lot happier than what I have been for ages and now I can start the business of picking up my walking once again. Something along with my fitness that has really suffered.

Now it was time to get out someplace and start to get used to it , the only trouble was I was so sore and knackered from the walk that I did the day before at Beadnell bay so for the first time in my life  I decided I would do the right thing and decided that I would give myself a few days to recover and to let my stump heal up a bit , over the last few weeks it had been rubbed raw in places making things a lot worse than they really where , however the walking group  was going out to Falstone on 06.11.16 and that felt like a good place to try again  so I fired off a quick e mail and things and stuff where sorted .

Come Sunday, it was raining cats and dogs and on the drive up to Keilder I couldn’t help but notice that on the higher moors there was a dusting of that white stuff called snow, also the weather forecast wasn’t too good… rain , rain and some more rain  I will admit this could be because I have forgotten about the weather gods and haven’t talked  to them for some time but it’s too late for today, I had packed my old jacket which I had re proofed a few weeks ago and more importantly I had packed Bob dog winter coat so we should be ok …………(boy was I wrong on that count) on arriving in Falston introductions where made I met up with Ed who was the walk leader for today and explained my situation (after all its only fair that they know who’s tagging along) and told him that by the end of the walk I expected to be struggling and slowing down and didn’t want him to hold the group up waiting for me to catch up , especially with the weather being lousy , I mean it’s one thing when its bright and sunny but completely different when the weather cold and wet and I don’t know how long I would be , Ed nodded and stated that they walk to the slowest person but after a bit more pleading on my part he agreed and so off we went a happy group of Sunday walkers enjoying just being there despite of the rain.

Our route for the day (see map) started with a rather damp walk out of Falstone along a small road this road turned into a cart track and made for some interesting splodging and plodging the ground was wet and it didn’t take long till I had my first boot full , but once you have a wet foot it can’t get any wetter , my only concern was when would I slip and fall , I knew it was only a matter of time , I’m still having problems “feeling” with my arty leg ..yes I know that sounds weird, but with my old leg I could almost sense if I was going to slip or not before it happened, whereas at the moment the first thing I know about it is as hit the ground, but like they say practise makes perfect and despite the soggy ground and the rain I was enjoying myself and if the truth was know this is what I why I was here to start the rather long and boring process of getting to know my new leg. as we made our way along the track got smaller and wetter till we came to what would have been a delightful small water fall at Slaty ford naturally with all the rain the levels where up and I didn’t really have much of a chance to get any photos, plus with all the rain my camera was constantly steamed up, any way it was here that I decided to remove my arty leg and check on things. I must admit it was a bit rude of me dropping my shorts and removing my leg in front of everyone, (sometimes I forget that people can be offended) but for the life of me I couldn’t think of where to go out of sight and it got to the stage where the leg had to come off and be sorted.

At this stage I don’t think that I offended anyone but all I can say is sorry (and don’t look) anyway getting back to the walk , the trail covered some very wet fields some overgrown tracks and a couple of steep banks something I managed without any drastic happing (so maybe there is hope for me yet)  our route took us down and back along the river and we slowly made our way back , sometime during the day the sun did come out for a few minutes and it did stop raining for a very short period of time.

Towards the end of the walk I was starting to struggle and sent word on that I would be dropping back and would make my own way back , don’t get me wrong I was still enjoying the walk but I was feeling tired and just wanted to slow down a bit and try to recover , if it wasn’t for the constant rain I would have had a five minute sit down and that would have done but everywhere was soaking so it was a slow but steady plod , I tried to use this slower pace to try to get to know the hydraulic system on my knee , it is supposed to help with a braking mechanism when walking down hill …so far I had been fighting the knee , its wanted to do one thing and I wanted it not to , I think that it is a trust issue but sooner or later we will “marry up” and I expect things will get easer , likewise as my fitness improves things will get better . despite saying that I didn’t want anyone to drop back I noticed that our leader and a couple of other walkers had dropped back then I caught up with Helen (sorry if it wasn’t you) who was busy taking photos and walked back into Falstone, walking back and chatting with Helen made the last mile or so very easy and before we knew it we was back in Falstone.

It was here that I discovered that I didn’t have a change of clothes in the boot of the car but I had managed to find a towel so Bob dog got his coat off and had a good drying , as for my coat it didn’t last more than an hour or so before it started leaking , time for a new coat I think then it was into the tea room for an after walk coffee , which is a proper way to finish a walk , then it was a long drive home in a steamed up , wet dog smelling car.

Due to the weather I didn’t get many photos likewise I really didn’t take note of all the things we passed so I will add a link to this walk from the Northumberland national park website .link:-

So you can see it for yourself, I think that this walk would be stunning in better weather but despite the weather I don’t think I heard anyone moan about it & everyone seemed to have a great day I know I did.

A few photos enjoy :-


Day after thoughts

I couldn’t believe it when the alarm went off in the morning, boy did I sleep well but getting out of bed and getting dressed ready for work was agony, I was stiff and ached in places that I didn’t think I could ache in, as for my stump there is no new sore spots and the old wounds still seem to be healing up so I will mark this up as a success. And as the day wore on I slowly stared to loosen up so it looks like things are getting better, roll on my next walk