DATE                           19.06.2010

DISTANCE                  ABOUT 5 MILES





Before I start I must say a big thanks to Dave (Wainwright walks on the Lakeland fells) for very kindly sending me a map of this walk. So thanks Dave we really did enjoy this walk.

The ideal starting place was to park up in the car park in Elterwater, however due to the fact we had a late start because we had an extra 10 minutes in bed which quickly turned into an hour plus, we got there late, so all the parking had gone, so plane b was to park up just outside the village, not a problem as there is loads of road side parking. It just means a bit more “road” walking.

The general route was to walk through Elterwater over the bridge past Elterwater hall, along an old track through Sawrey”s wood down to the farm at Dale end, then straight down to “Little Langdale” and onto Slater Bridge from there staying on the footpath past Stang End & High Park, however after talking to some other walkers they pointed us up to where the cathedral quarries is. (Its only 2 minutes away) we had a good mooch around but having no lights on us we didn’t explore too far. (Just did the touristy bit)

I had heard that in the “pond” that there where gold fish, but I didn’t see them, in fact I would be very surprised if they could live in that water but who knows.

My better half naturally didn’t believe me so if any one has any info about they please feel free to post.

Anyway back to the walk it was our intention to join the Cumbria way, taking in Colwith Force and Skelwith force, hear we did another small detour into Skelwith Bridge for a Cream tea (very nice) then a slow wander back along the Cumbria way back to Elterwater where after sorting out our gear we popped into one of the local pubs (cant remember its name) for a well deserved drink. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Taken from where we parked the car. (I don’t know the names of any of the hills round here)


Looking over the bridge at the River Brathay (the water is crystal clear)

Looking over the hotel grounds


My better half


Looking across to what I think is Great intake??


An “arty shot”


Little Langdale Tarn?


Busk Pike?

Looking towards the tarn & beck


Small water lilies


Slater Bridge


My better half (on the path up to the quarry)




Back entrance?


Back view of yours truly


Me in the main chamber (note the pond ….goldfish??)


A couple more of the small section that we looked at



 Back outside


General view


The river

A few more general views as we wander along


 Colwith Force (a bit disappointing with low water levels)

And again, looks like someone going swimming


A few more general views as we wander along

Some sort of bird of prey any? 

 Skelwith Bridge (we had cream teas here)

Ducks just above Skelwith force (sorry no photos of this waterfall as the rock where covered with “day-trippers”)


Last few photos as we walk back along the river to Elterwater.


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