DATE                          06.04.10

DISTANCE                 ABOUT 4.5 MILES

WEATHER                 COLD AND GREY



Easter Tor

The last time I was up this way I had to cut my walk short due to extremely strong winds and as a result its been bugging me to get up there and finish this section of hills  or should I say this Hill.

I also was remembering Another important lesson that I learnt from the last time I was up this way was walking uphill then turning round and walking down hill puts a tremendous strain on my good leg muscles, so this time I decided to somehow plan this walk with a bit of level walking just to stretch out my leg muscles even if it meant an extra mile or so because the last thing that I wanted is to be practically crippled like I was after the last walk up here.

Other problems that I had been having was the skin on my stump has developed a dry line which was promising to tear open at any time (o the joys of being an amputee) to counter this I had slapped on a nice thick gooey coating of some sort of cream. This of course lead to other problems which was  if the cream starts to melt there would be a lovley slippery surface on my stump which means that the  icross seal will move up and down and the leg drop off. (Yes it’s going to be a fun day) so in my ruck sack I packed a couple of wet wipes , so if the worse happened I could wipe all the cream off the stump. And start again.

All this before I even start the walk.

Anyway the walk parked the car up at Old Yeavering & headed up the farm track towards Torleehouse just before a small plantation I picked up an old sheep trail and headed straight up the side of Easter Tor, as you leave the pasture and enter the heather section there is a good quad bike track that will lead you more or less to the top, if for any reason you are not sure, do what I do and keep heading upwards till you can go no higher then you must be at the summit .(simple really!)

This path takes you round the back of the summit and its possible to follow the path that takes you all the way to Wester Torr (a trip for another day I think) but for today just getting to Easter Torr is enough, the views from up here are tremendous and makes the effort worth the climb, dinner was had in the lee of some rocks then after a few photos it was time to head back down.

There are several sheep trails that head in the right direction, but as I have found out to my cost they seldom go where I want to. (And the sheep just look secretly laughing that me).

Anyway from the top of the Tor I did manage to spot a sheep trail heading back to the main footpath where I wanted to go. (Pleases ignore what I have written above about sheep trails).

From there I simply headed back towards Yeavering Bell, eventually joining the Saint Cuthbert’s way, from there it was a case of heading down back to the car.

The good news was that the cream didn’t melt so Arty leg didn’t slip off and the skin on my stump didn’t suffer any more damage …..So a good result.

Anyway some pics:-

Walking along the track to where I join the footpath, I am sharing with a lot of Cheviot Goats.

Looking up towards the Tors


Looking towards west Hill and the Bell


Looking towards Yeavering Bell (361 meters)


Part way up, stopping to get my breath back looking over towards Longknowe and Kilham Hills


Taken at max Zoom looking at the stone work from the hill fort on the Yeavering Bell


Looking back down the quad bike track


Still got a fair way to go yet at 438 meters it’s a bit of a test for me.


Still a fair bit of snow and ice on the higher fells today.


The quad bike track takes you right to the summit


Or does it?


Looking across towards Wester Tor


A few photos of the surrounding area


My path heading down

Part way down, I decide to stop using the old sheep stell as a wind break


A few more photos as I make my way down


Now back in the lower pastures with loads of Cheviot Goats