Mick gets a new foot

I was once again back at the limb centre , with yet again a broken or very poorly foot , I don’t know how many times I had broken the foot but it was becoming a serious problem , the trouble is I really like the foot which was the Elite 2 by Endolight , but sadly to say it would seem that it really wasn’t up to what I required of it , I think that bouncing up and down rocky fells was just a bit too much for it so whilst I was with my leg lady Karen at the Freeman limb centre I brought up the subject of getting an upgrade or changing it for something that has a built in shock absorber and it just so happened that Endolight made such a foot the Elite VT after putting forward my case to her , Karen agreed and said that she would see what she could do at this point I did offer to do some  serious snivelling and whinging to whoever makes this decision but very wisely Karen refused my offer and that was that .

 A couple of weeks later I was back at the centre getting my all new singing and dancing Elite VT foot fitted .

Normally I would write up and do a full repot type thingy about how it felt and how it worked out for me and rush out into the hills someplace to really test it out BUT ………..sadly I have buggered up my good knee and at the moment I can barely walk and daren’t do anything that puts any strain on my knee but the good news is that I am going into hospital to get my knee fixed soon and once I have got the boring recovery stage out of the way one of the first things I will be doing is going and giving this foot a really good work out so as they say watch this space .

Some of its Features:

•Precision titanium spring for vertical compression and axial rotation

•Progressive response to axial loading

•Controlled and efficient energy return

•Independent e-carbon foot springs

•Compact, low maintenance and cosmetic

•Footshell and glide sock included





















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