DATE                                       16.11.2010

DISTANCE                              7.7 MILES GIVE OR TAKE THE ODD FOOT

WEATHER                              BRIGHT BUT COLD

START / FINISH                    DUNSTAN STEADS               




I woke up feeling like I needed to get out someplace , I had nothing planned it all depended upon the weather , one look out the bedroom window and I was greeted by a bright but cold day …Great time to get out someplace , I would have like to go up to the Cheviots but wet slushy snow of more than 6” on the higher ground  ruled that out , I have found out at my expense that I cant really walk very well in snow I can manage about 4” but anything more than that and it’s a right struggle and isn’t really worth the time and trouble plus it normally knacks my back . I knew that the snow was that deep because a work mate had been up there the day before and let me know. So today it would mean either a forest or along the coast line someplace. Seeing as it looked such a good day it seemed a shame to be surrounded by trees so that was sorted it would be a coastal walk. Where to go was my next problem, I decided that I had done enough serious thinking before coffee and decided to “just play it by ear” something would crop up so that was that.

Sometime during breakfast & sorting the gear out Low newton sprang up in my mind (see having coffee works) and so that was the other problem solved. I know this area very well not that it take a lot of learning with the sea on one side it sorta hard to get lost or even go wrong and I have to say that I am very found of this area its one of those places where I came when I first stated to walk , of course back in those day I considered it a success just to walk to the beach and back but it really is a lovley stretch of coastline and its always a joy to be in the area no matter how many times I walk it and I hope that I get to walk around here for many years to come .

Gear was sorted and thrown into the car and off I went, a quick stop for a sarnie at my local snack shop and I was off, driving up the coast I couldn’t help but notice the white snow laying on the hill tops on the distant hills, I would really love to go into those hills and have a day mooching around but I know it would be a pointless day, sadly I know I cant do deep snow and I feel sad about it and for the life of me I cant think of a way around the problem …..Still no point feeling to sad especially on a day like today. It was going to one of those days where I just knew that it would do my soul good just being there. Fresh air, fantastic scenery and a good walk throw in a visit to the ship inn what more could you want?

Soon enough I arrived at Dunstan Steads and parked up, it was a nice feeling to see that I was the only car there, but considering the time of year it didn’t surprise me, I often think if people cant be arsed to get out along the coast in the colder winter months they shouldn’t be allowed to nick the parking spots in the summer months.   .Ok rants over!

Gear was sorted, coffee made using the jet boil and I was off, my route for today took me along the golf course at Dunstan steads, there is a golf  club house here and it is one of the few club houses  that actually welcomes walkers in and they do a good selection of food and drink at reasonable prices how ever I wouldn’t be calling in there today , from this point I will be linking up with the coastal path passing the beach huts that I believe are rented out as summer holiday homes , some look a bit on the small and pokey side others look well better than my house , from there I pass through the nature reserve and onto the small fishing hamlet of Low newton , this place is very popular in the warmer months and its not unusual to see a queue of people out the pub door (the ship inn) &  half way across the green , however I know from experience that wouldn’t be the case today , from there I stayed on the coastal path to a small bay known as “football hole “ sometimes if your really lucky there is the odd seal resting up on one of these small bays then it was time to head back , my route back was to hug the coastline passing the old RAF EARLY WARNING SITE  at Newton  point back to Low Newton where I felt duty bound to call in and have a coffee (it would be rude not to) at the Ship Inn …………when ever I call in here for food I always get the home made soup and crusty bread I cant recommend it enough and its always a strange mixture  , however they do a really good selection of other food but for me it’s the soup every time .

After a coffee it was back down onto the beach and heading back along Embleton Bay, this bay is fantastic, Northumberland’s beaches at there best and with the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle in the distance it really is one hell of a walk miles and miles of totally unspoilt coastline &clean sand, today I went as far as the castle then after a few photos it was time to link up with a footpath that took me back along the golf course back to Dunstan Steads and the car.

About 7.7  miles with no ups and downs.

A few photos from todays wander enjoy:

Taken as I walk along the edge of the golf course looking back towards the castle

Taken at max zoom


Heading down towards where the Embleton burn runs into the sea


The burn running across the beach into the sea


A good place to have a sit down and just chill for a few minutes


On the coastal path heading past some of the beach huts


Looking across the bay towards the castle


The pond in the Low Newton nature reserve


Close up, there are bird hides here that are always open and make a good place to stop for a break when the weather is rotten


Canadian Geese?


Looking down at Newton Haven


A very old drinking trough for the livestock that live in the field


Looking across at the distant snow covered Cheviot Hills

My route very easy pleasant walking


Time to get onto the beach at the football hole


Looking along the small beach, sadly there are no seals on here today


A bit further along looking back


Even further along looking back


Looking towards Newton point


Don’t take photos facing the sun now looking towards Low Newton


Looking towards the ruined Dunstanburgh Castle


Finished my coffee at the ship inn now on the beach at Newton Haven


Walking along the beach this time of year you certainly get some brilliant colours reflected off the wet surface


Same again


With the tide being well out there is an abundance of birdlife around


A bit further along and a different type (sorry I don’t know the names)


Now on Embleton bay beach (if that the right term)

This is where the Embleton Burn runs across the beach


Then at the right moment the sun comes out and wow


Time to get off the beach and onto the Coastal path


Getting closer to the Castle


The last bit of the bay before it becomes rocky


Old ww2 pillbox


Rocky shore line


A fair bit of water lying around its almost gone in the summer


Strange rocks I think that I read someplace this was due to lava flowing  donkeys years ago


Close up of one of the towers


Birds in flight I think that they are oyster catchers


Strange rock formation


Time to head back


Last look back

Looking across the bay towards Low Newton


Ok one very last look back (and I mean it this time )



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