DATE                                        10.04.11

WEATHER                               BRIGHT AND SUNNY

DISTANCE                              ABOUT 6 MILES


Eastgate to Rookhope.

Once again I am indebted (is that the right word?) to a mister Mike Knipe for suggesting this walk , and what a fine walk it turned out to be . Naturally I did it slightly different from the route he suggested but that was because I had my better half with me and her thoughts on the subject were “fine” but NO hills today, I went on to explain that there are no big hills on the route but she told me in no uncertain terms that there will be NO hills full stop. So a small adjustment was made to the route.
Anyway the route,
Parked up in the village hall car park, I was hoping that there was some sort of stuff going on in the hall as that would have meant refreshments tea & cake would have been available, but alas they where cleaning up from the party the night before, and looking at the amount of empties coming out it was one hell of a do.
Eh! Back to the walk, we left the car park and straight away joined the Weardale way, (I have been doing a lot of walking along this path and I have to say I am very impressed with it) from this path we basically walk along the Rookhope Burn, past various old mine workings, farms, small waterfalls into the Village of Rookhope, where I had planned a lunch time stop in the local pub, (I think that it is very important to support these places when visiting) don’t you ?. then cross over the burn and head back down the other side ,leaving the Weardale way and making our own way back via any old footpaths that we came across, there where a few twist and turns but that was the general plane . To help me with this marvious piece of navigating I had with me my new GPS and after much buggering about I even managed to switch it on and it did just what the box said it would do and got me back to the start .
As my better half wont go out walking with me in the cold and wet , this was her first walk with me for some time , I really didn’t want to disappoint her , I needn’t have worried even the weather gods where on my side , we where treated to a glorious sunny day , lovely easy to walk paths , abundance of wildlife , (including a couple of deer) old ruins , friendly pub and even a couple of posh shinny stones which will join my rapidly growing collection ,(and daughters inheritance) and she had the pleasure of my company all day , what more could she ask for ???.
A few photos from the walk.
Walking along the Weardale way looking up towards Crow hill


Looking across to?? The other side of the valley

Friendly Donkey

The way ahead, really easy pleasant walking.

Now cutting down to the Rookhope Burn

The way forward

Some old mine workings, I think that they are part of Brandon walls? But not certain




The way ahead, one thing that I should mention was the woods around the ruins where covered in wild garlic, and alough its still early for it there was a defiant garlicky smell I should think that it would get quite overpowering when its out in flower.

My better half at ……………Rookhope.

The local Church

Rookhope arch

Notice board explaining all

After an extended stop at the Rookhope inn its time to start again looking back towards Rookhope.

One last thing worth a mention there are public toilets at rookhope,The views ahead

To the side

How lucky are we, a small deer, it always makes my day to see these shy animals when I am out and about

At this point we say goodbye to the Weardale way and cut down towards the river

New lamb, the farmers wife was hand rearing this one (Yvonne wanted to take it home)

Young calf , (I must admit I was a bit weary about getting close to this calf , but its mum didn’t seem to be bothered at all ) I think that they must be use to visitors or something not like the cattle in the Cheviots , they just want to kill and eat you & and that’s on a good day.

Back at the Rookhope burn a few photos showing how nice it was.





Another young deer, this time we got quite close before it took off

Looking back

 O I was sooooooooo tempted , if it wasn’t for the fact that without my leg I am worse than useless I would have been more than happy to strip off to my shorts , swing and drop into the pool , it looked so tempting .

A couple smaller waterfalls further down the burn.


What a gem of a walk, about 6 miles or so. Go visit you won’t be disappointed, very easy relaxing walking in a lovely often forgotten about part of the country.
My wife enjoyed this walk so much; we stopped off at a little caravanning site nearby and have booked ourselves in for a few days so on my next long weekend off.