Today I found out that I have lost good friend, I won’t even pretend that I knew the whole story but I’m gutted , this good mate took a chance on meeting a total stranger (me) who had mobility issues and accompanied me across some of the most remote parts of the country , we had a wonderful day hiking full of fun and laughter , we met a hailstone storm at the top of High cup nick and both scrambled out of the gale force wind trying to get out of the stinging hailstones , only to finally get covered up just as the storm died down laughing the whole time ,

On the way up to High Cup Nick

Crossing a small stream on our way up the Nick

Greggs sausage roll we couldnt even give them to the ponies

On the way back we called at Cauldron spout , Dave playing around


we shared stories , hopes and dreams and laid down what should have been the foundations for a lifelong friendship , we met up whenever we could which wasn’t as easy as it sounds with life and different work patens . We had a brilliant day out down at the Howgills along with my good friend and walking partner Yvonne  something that will stay with me for ever , just one of those perfect walking days , hot summers day , clear blue skies , brilliant views and great company.

The start of the walk posing with Yvonne


Making the long slog uphill look easy

Just playing around

On our way down one of our many rest stops

I met up with him for a group walk in the lakes, I was struggling to keep pace towards the end of the walk, and Dave being Dave dropped back and gave me loads of encouragement without making a big deal out of anything he was that sort of person

Dave doing one of his bum slides


Dave having a snooze just so I could have a break without feeling bad

But I have to say the best day that we had together was the day we went up Helvellyn.

Getting near the top Dave was more pleased for me than he was himself


What I never wrote about was how bad the weather turned once we were up there and how the winds picked up blowing sleet and snow almost horizontal at us, I was seriously struggling to get my Arty leg to move, Dave of course stepped up and positioned himself as a moving windbreak enabling me to move and head back down in a controlled manner. Despite the weather we had a brilliant day and talked about how bad it was up there many times in the following years.

Just before the wind and snow started

Another walk we did together was at the Langdales, something I would have never even attempted if Dave and Yvonne weren’t with me, walking down Stickle Gill would have been a nightmare without them.

Dave ,Yvonne and my Arty leg

Helping Yvonne across



But we all had a brilliant day even if we did get soaked as the heavens opened up towards the end of the walk.

Need I say anything ?

My last walk with Dave was done at Fremington Edge

I belive that this photo sums Dave and this day up better than any words


All I will say about this walk was it is something that will stay with me for ever , Dave was at his best , playing jokes , messing about and having a good day .

Trust Dave (its agood job the house wife didnt catch him)

Good times good friends

This is what its all about Great days great company

We talked about getting out some more but sadly life and things got in the way , I had invited Dave to come and stay with us for as long as he wanted ………I should have insisted more strongly , I know that he would have enjoyed the cheviots and our wonderful coastline up here.

Dave had a wonderful way with people making total strangers feel relaxed and at home within seconds of meeting him ……….but like he used to say there are no strangers out on the fells just friends waiting to meet for the first time.

Dave loved the fells and hills and got his fix by getting out there someplace ………I can’t say any more about Dave anyone who knew him knows what he was like …………….I’m going to miss him he gave me the support and encouragement to “get out there” I just wish that I could have somehow helped him more …………………….time for me to go  I think , I will always remember Dave with a daft smile on his face and next time I get to the top of some mountain I will think of you mate

 I think that the world lost a bit of something special with your passing……….. RIP mate