DATE                         07.06.17 (WE THINK)




Well once again we was away in the van , for some unknown reason Mick & Yvonne have managed to get away quite a lot this season and of course we all love it , anyway we was away again staying at a top secret location when Mick informed us that he had been thinking about having a wander along the river Breamish someplace we haven’t been before , err Mick I interrupted him we have been along the river loads of times I rather smugly informed him , Yes that’s true Munchy but this time we are going to explore further downstream and mooch around some new lakes that have been made from where there used to be a quarry and now it’s a nature reserve , he then went on to inform us that the local farmer had told him all about it and if we was good we could have a wander right after lunch , GREAT !!! we all barked back , we love getting out and about and then went and sat by the door waiting to get out , Mick opened the door so we could get outside for a run around , when we are on this site we are allowed to race around as long as we don’t bother anyone. Of course we are always on our best behaviour but it’s so nice when you know that you can run around and play anytime we want, also on this farm there is so much to see and explore, only yesterday we sat watching the cattle run around in the field, they looked like they was in a hurry, as it was they were running to get some special feed that the farmer puts in a trough for them. Of course we aren’t allowed in the field unless mick or Yvonne comes with us. Anyway we was sniffing around and generally laying around making the most of the warm weather when Mick came out with his rucksack on and called us, we of course went racing to meet him, come on lets go yelled Mick and off we went, mick lead us out of the farm and down a path and told us that is ok to run off and explore but just keep an eye out and don’t go too far, ok we barked and went racing off.

Naturally we took in turns to race back and check up on Mick and every now and then he would call us back to inform us that we were heading off in the wrong direction, our path took us down to the river where we was allowed to run and play in the river and of course we all had a drink, Mick sat down and dished out the treats, Nom Nom we love having treats and as fast as he got them out we woofed them down. then it was time to carry on , I have to say that we all loved this walk along the river there was so much to see and explore , we raced  , chased each other and had play fights , of course we would race back to check up on Mick and walk with him every now and then just to check that he was ok , we saw some cattle on the other side of the river but they wasn’t bothered by us , we met up with a dog walker who was teaching his dog how to fetch big sticks out of the river , his dog would run and jump in and swim to where the stick was then fetch it back , we had a chat with his dog who was in training for some show , he was hoping to win but needed a lot of practise , but he said that it was great fun , he was a very good swimmer , we all went in the river and had a paddle  and watched him for a while , Bob had a swim but only a little one and got out and said that the water was cold then went and shook water all over Flynn and myself . then it was time to get going again and Mick lead us to some open land where we could race around in the long grass, we passed a lot of big ponds full of geese and other birds, we chased a huge heron, I was pleased when it few off because it had a huge beak and I really didn’t want to get pecked by it but I wouldn’t tell Flynn or Bob about that as they would tease me. Mick just laughed, we had several more rest stops were mick would get a few treats out for us, I noticed that Mick kept rubbing his knee; he has been having a few problems with it so I asked him if he was ok , Mick just smiled and said that he was fine as long as we had a lot of rest stops , so we took it in turns sitting with him , it’s nice just to sit next to mick and take it easy in the sun , of course it’s even better if he gets out a few treats , before I knew it both Flynn and Bob came back and lay down next to us and for a while we all sat there taking in the sights , the lakes were full of ducks and geese and it was fun to sit there and watch them , they seem so stupid every now and then a few would swim to where we was sitting and waddle up the bank towards us then when we got up they would turn around and fly Back only to do the same thing again after a few minutes.

After a while it was time to get going again and so feeling refreshed we went racing off across the grassy fields, it was so nice to race around eventually it was time to head back to the van as it was getting close to tea time and so we had a slow wander back, it was a great afternoon’s walk and Mick told us that as we was so good we will visit this area next time we are up this way. by the time we all got back to the van , Yvonne was just getting our tea ready and because it was so nice we all had it outdoors , yes we love getting away in the Van .

Some photos from today’s walk enjoy.

Heading down the track towards the river

Looking at the river from the bridge


And looking up stream


Looking across towards some cattle

Time to go racing off


A couple of photos of the river as we race along it


One of the many ponds


And another one


Approaching the first pond


Getting closer just look at all them birds, Mick said that they are geese


There are even some sea gulls flying around


Time for a sit down


Now heading to the next pond


Me Munchy racing Bob


I think that Bob is going to catch me soon


A few more photos of some other ponds as we make our way along


All waiting for Mick to get the treats out (again)


Last look at the ponds as we head back to the van


Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day.