DATE                                01.06.11

DISTANCE                       5.2 MILES

WEATHER                       BRIGHT AND DRY


Dunstanburgh Castle

As I was very busy in the morning doing various job that my better half had left me (slave driver)I knew that I wouldnít be going very far today , however I did get all the jobs done in super-fast time and decided that I had knocked up enough good boy points so why not go somewhere this afternoon .

For some reason I decided to head up to low newton , that way I could call in the ship Inn at low newton and grab something to eat and drink saving myself the time and trouble of making some food to take with me . Good plan eh?

After a drive up the coast I decided to head for Dunstan Steads Park up and walk along the golf course round the nature reserve to the ship inn, grab something to eat and drink then have a wander back down the coastline along the beach, weather wise it was spot on, warm with a nice breeze and as always itís a pure joy to have a wander along this section of coastline. on the way back I decided to wander a bit further down the coastline and get a few photos of Dunstanburgh Castle , why I donít know because I must have thousands by now , but I wasnít in a hurry to get anywhere and it really is a nice old castle (if you are into that sort of thing) . I wasnít planning to pay and go inside as I had already done that a few years ago, just have a wander around it, chat to a few people that where doing the same thing then slowly make my way back to the car.

About 5 .25 miles of relaxed walking along one of Northumberlandís best bits of coastline, a really good way to spend the afternoon.

As normal a few photos that I took along the way: enjoy ,

Taken from the golf course

The beach at Embleton Bay

Looking down the coast towards a distant Dunstanburgh Castle

Only A couple of people on the beach, sometimes you get to see seals as they come ashore here but if there are people around there tends to be none . The best time to see them is in the early winter months.


Now a couple of photos taken at the wildlife nature reserve looking at the ponds , there are huts that the birdwatchers use , they make a good stopping point in the wetter weather if you want someplace dry to have your lunch.

Now on the beach at Newton Haven.

Heading back down, there are a few more people on this section of the beach; I think that they are drawn towards the pub (like me)

The tides is right out exposing a lot of rock, itís covered with a very slippery weed which can make my life fun if I walk on it.

A few photos as I head towards the castle.  

I soon leave the rocky section behind and join up with the beach at Embleton Bay

Looking back.

It starts to get very rocky at this point , time for me to get onto the Coastle path.

Now on the coastle path , very easy walking.

Looking across the golf course towards the castle.

Old ww2 bunker with the castle behind , just goes to show that even in this remote spot trouble is always around right through the ages .

Now I luv this bit of rock , I belive it had something to do with lava flowing many many years ago.

Close up.

The cliff at Dunstanburgh.

Rocky shot.

At this point Idecide to walk around to the front of the Castle a few photos as I go.

Looking down the coast towards Craster (very busy this time of the year)

Time to head back , my path.

Last look back .

Looking towardss where I parked the car.

A very plesent way to spend the afternoon.