DATE                              26.09.10

DISTANCE                     4 1/4 miles

WEATHER                     WARM BUT SHOWERS



Today’s walk was a small wander around Dufton pike (just like the title states), our route was to leave the campsite at Dufton walk along a good cart track which takes you all the way to some old mine workings at Threlkeld Side, (not to be visited today) turning off at Bluethwaite hill, then following the Rundale beck round the back of Dufton Pike till we joined the Pennine way and followed that back to Dufton.

I was hoping to get to the summit of Dufton pike from the far side where the gradient wasn’t so steep, but the signs saying it was private land put us off, I strange I thought that it was all open access land down here, but it would appear its not, I found quite a few signs warning walkers, perhaps we are spoilt here in Northumberland.

Again I apologise if I name anything wrong, it’s my first time down this way.

A few photos

First photo taken looking towards Dufton pike as we walk up towards Pusgill house

Looking down the track towards Bluethwaite hill & Thelkeld Side

Getting closer


Looking left

My better half, note the rainbow just up ahead, the weather is really funny round here, sunny at Dufton but as soon as you enter the hills it gets grey and wet.

We are now round the back of Dufton Pike looking along our route towards Knock pike  

Looking back

The way ahead

Dufton Pike

Following the river (I know you can’t see it)

Taken at max zoom the old mines (will do them another day)

Some general shots as we walk along just so you can see the type of terrain










 This is where we join up with the Pennine way the stone bridge at Cosca Hill

Looking back, as we leave the hills the sky is blue again (strange)

My better half with one of the locals

Last look back

The well? On Dufton green with Dufton Pike behind it.

I was  bit disappointed that we couldn’t get to the top of Dufton Pike from the far side , but maybe there has been some bother in the past with the landowner , who knows ? But the walk was as always very enjoyable and it gave me a good indication of what the terrain is like round this area. (Next time we are down this way I won’t be put off by a few signs)


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