DATE                               04.07.15

DISTANCE                     5.0 MILES

WEATHER                      HOT AND STICKY



Dufton Pike

Once again we had booked a few days off, thrown some gear into the van and headed off into the great unknown, well maybe not the great unknown as we knew the campsite that we where heading off to as we had stayed there a few years ago, then we nearly got washed away with non stop rain so our thinking was “it’s July” we should be ok ….sadly that want the case but we didn’t know that at the time of booking.

One again we where all blown away with the lovley and very friendly little village of Dufton which site on the very edge of the Northern Pennines and has some brilliant walks that I was hoping I could do whilst we where down there , sadly I had messed up a few days before we set off and this tended to put a damper on things a bit , it all started with a simple ingrowing hair on my stump , I have been bothered with these right from the very beginning , I think that it is something to do with the seal in liner actually gripping the odd hair and pulling it out , not a problem apart from the sharp pain as it pulls it out , but the problem starts when it starts to regrow , if it starts to grow inwards I have found that pretty quickly I develop a very red and swollen spot .

The medical advice of leave it alone and take drugs (penicillin) and wait for it to clear up on its own doesn’t seem to work because it means that I cant wear the arty leg and that really puts my life on hold for a week or so, so I tend to take matters into my own hands and as soon as I get a red spot developing, I tend to “dig” the hair follicle out using a pin or sharp needle, this sound pretty disgusting but its quick and simple a quick dig , squeeze , grab the offending hair tip with a pair or tweezers and literally pull it out , job done in a matter of seconds , a quick wipe with antiseptic cream and its all done and dusted and I can carry on wearing the arty leg without any problems .

The only problem was I missed this spot until it was really big, so when I popped it and dug it out , it left a bit of a hole , again not a problem but I left some badness around the hair root and instead of going down overnight like normal it just got bigger and bigger , so when I had another go at it I left a bit of a mess on my stump , again not normally a problem but this sore spot was right where the arty limb socket takes most of the weight and so by the simple act of walking I tended to rub the skin and “hole” a bit , after a bit of buggering around trying various things I found that if I covered the area with some thick cream it allowed the skin to slide over liner and didn’t cause me to much trouble and of course it gave my stump a chance to heal up a bit . But it meant that any “big day walks” had to be put on hold.

So todays walk started off as an afternoon wander, me and Yvonne had got the three boys out for a for a walk, we decided to head up a small section of the Pennine way along a well used farm track and basically just play it by ear to see how far we went or even where we would end up, the weather was very hot and humid so I took the precaution of packing my rucksack with lots of water and the boys drinking bowl , after a mile or so both Munchy and Flynn where letting us know that they where getting warm so we stopped at what I think is a small beck near Pusgill house , the boys all had a paddle and a drink but it was still hot and we where getting eaten alive by the fly’s and midges , Yvonne decided to head back with both Flynn & Munchy neither of them was there normal selves and wasn’t enjoying the walk , however Bob was a different matter I knew that he wouldn’t be impressed if we returned straight away so after a quick chat with Yvonne , we decided that me and Bob would continue for a bit while she headed back with the little ones .

So off me and Bob went sticking to the well used farm track that would go around the back of Dufton Pike then head back along the Pennine way back into Dufton, however I remembered that the last time I was down this way, there wasn’t a ROW going up to Dufton Pike so I was suppressed when I saw a sign pointing almost straight up the pike and a well used path heading up.

I had always promised myself that I would go to the top of this fell …… day, well today would be that day, a quick chat with Bob dog who was all for it and off we went, it is steep very steep and I soon found myself struggling for breath, but the good news was we now encountered a breeze and nice cooling breeze it was and the higher we went the stronger it got , all the hot sweaty stuff along with the fly’s disappeared and even Bob seemed to get a new lease of life and went bounding up and down the hill at a great pace , my sore spot on the stump caused a bit of discomfort but nothing to get excited about , and of course as we got higher the views just got better , but I can honestly say that the cooling breeze made the plod up this hill worth it , and finally when we got to the top we just sat down and enjoyed not only the views but the cooling breeze for a good half hour before we followed the path back down to the far side of the hill , then staying on the path we linked up with the Pennine way and headed back Dufton via the farm at Coat sike , the return section unfortunately was hot and sweaty and we both where plagued by fly’s & midges and to make maters worse was the footpath was overgrown in many places which slowed our pace down , but on the good side we did get to see a red squirrel which was nice to see .

We also had to go into a field full of cattle with young ones, something I wasn’t happy about but by the time I realised t was too late to go around, I solved this problem by simply picking Bob up and holding him close to me, I had been told by a farmer that if the dog is small and held against your body the cattle cant distinguish it and so wont be bothered …………………..How true this is I don’t know and to be honest I really don’t want to prove it one way or another but it seemed to work today and I didn’t get a single second glance as I walked past , of course I told Bob to be Quite but of course it was a hot humid day and maybe the cattle just couldn’t be arsed to do anything , either way I was pleased to get past them and out of the field .

At Dufton my plane was to call in “the old post office tea room” for coffee and cake but sadly it was shut up for the day when we got there , never mind our Van was only a few hundred meters away all in all we walked about 5 miles with 1142 ft. of the ups and downs .

A few photos

A hot and bothered Munchy Dog


Bob giving me the come on lets get going look


A nice spot to cool down and paddle for a while


Some sort of fungus


Looking up at Dufton Pike

Not really sure what this hut is used for


Looking along the farm track


Looking back towards Dufton


Looking towards some hill further along the range


Part way up Dufton Pike and a breeze starts up; both Bob dog and I really appreciated this


Again stopping to catch my breath and look towards Dufton


Bob waiting for me to catch up …sadly this view is of another blind summit


Another breath stop


And again


Looking up towards the summit


Bob dog waiting for me to catch up


Taken at max zoom looking towards an old mine entrance? Next time I am down this way I will go and have a look see


Made it to the top, there is no cairn or trig point but it’s really nice up here with a cooling breeze.


A few photos


Taken at max zoom looking towards Dufton


Heading back down, Bob of course has run all the way down and is now heading back up


I think that we will head down there and link up with the path that I can just about see


Bob still running up and down the hill showing how much he is enjoying it


Looking across towards the big fells in the Lake District


Our well trodden path down


Looking across towards the old mine at Threlkeld side


Still heading down


Bob having a sniff


Looking towards Great Dunn fell with the Civil Aviation Authority’s air traffic control radar.


Looks like there has been some trouble with the footpath ……… be honest I’m just pleased that we can now go up this fell and the last thing I want to do is upset the landowner by venturing off this new path


Looking back up


Our path winds its way around the back of the hill


Nearly at the bottom and looking towards Knock pike


Now on the path following the Great Rundale Beck

Bob once again is waiting for me






Old stone bridge, this is where we link up with the Pennine way back to Dufton


But first a cooling drinks and a paddle


Red squirrel

A few more


 Old ruin


Old stone barn with Dufton pike in the background


Our path back, it’s a bit overgrown in places and is covered with fly’s and midge’s


Looking at the Pike


Same again a bit further along


Looking back at great Dunn fell with the station


Last look up at the Pike


Heading into Coatsike Farm?

Day after thoughts

I have to admit that I was pleased with myself on the climb up Dufton pike at 481 meters it might not seem that high but it is steep, very steep in places but without a doubt I was helped by the cooling breeze that sprung up part way up, which goes to show that I do much better when its not hot.

The sore spot on my stump was err sore but none the worse for this walk , in fact I would say that it had started to close up a bit and the swelling had gone down a bit overnight