DATE                                   ??.08. 2010


WEATHER                           BRIGHT AND SUNNY

START / FINISH                  MAIN CAR PARK




As we where worn out from our walk the day before up mam tor, we decided to have a nice easy wander along the river dove at dove dale. Nothing much just a stroll along the river , then cup of coffee then a slow wander back along the same path.

Yvonne told me earlier on that she had a few aches and pains and as for myself my new leg was causing me some serious hard times , I had broken the skin and was slowly rubbing my way to the bone .( or that’s what it felt like) So today WAS going to be easy.

I had heard about dove dale and always wanted to have a look see so that was our destination for today.


We parked the car up just down the road from the Walton Hotel and at this point of time I was wondering what I had let myself in for, the car park was huge and full, I have never seen so many people, anyway we paid up for the day, noted that there was a little snack hut & toilets and set off.

IT is more that likely that I will get some of the landmarks wrong so please feel free to correct me.


As we left the car park and started along the river dove this is what greeted us, fantastic eh? I think that is Thorp cloud on the right

A bit further along


 Nice easy paths to walk along, it’s not surprising that this is very popular


 Arriving at the dove dale stepping stones, very popular, and I can see why, it took ages to get across the river. At one time I thought that they should have traffic lights the quiz where quite big


Walking along the river, one of many little weirs,


  The rock formation on the far bank could be dove dale castle?


 Another photo showing both


 Another one of the many weirs  


 Not sure what this is called or what the story is behind it but someone must have cut it out for a reason

 It would have been good to find out about it …..Anyone


Another strange rock formation


 Natural arch very impressive




 there is a trail that leads up to it  along with a few caves that are dotted around , unfortunately I wasn’t in any state to start going up or down any steep hills today . However we have planned to return back here sometime in the future, perhaps when the weather is a bit cooler so there won’t be as many people around.

Yvonne going into one of the many small caves that are dotted around


 Not sure what this rock is called but my better half recons that she can see a face in it.


Closer and there is a face there again I don’t know what it is called or even if it has a name


A few more unusual rock formations (I am sure that they are named but I don’t know what they are called)

Another cave (llam rock?)


 Again more strange rock formations


 One of the locals

 A few more photos as we make our way back


Rock climber


Again showing how high the climber is


 back at the stepping stones (still busy) I was stopped here by a group of little kids wanting to know if it was true that a crocodile had really bitten my leg off when I fell off the these stepping stones .apparently some bigger kids told them earlier.

Trying not to laugh I told them it was true but people from London zoo came up and where looking for it, but it was ok to play in the water as the crock had a full tummy and wouldn’t need to eat till the next day so it was safe to play in the water just keep an eye out for it. They run off shouting rather loudly at there parents that it ok now. (Kids don’t you just love em)

Heading back towards the car


 Last look back before we get to the car park where a big ice cream is waiting for me.


As I have already mentioned we will be returning down this way, I would dearly love to walk along the river when it wasn’t so busy then climb up to the hill tops and do a high level wander back, something that I was unable to do this time. And I think we will do it sometime in the winter when there is no crowds about, because as much as I love stopping and talking to people, I didn’t get more than a dozen yards before some one stopped me and asked about my arty leg, which is great but after a dozen or so times its hard to actually get on with the walk. (Make note to oneself wear big boy long trousers next time).

All in all a lovely spot and I can see why it is so popular with folk just wanting to have a nice day out.

It was a good day out for us both I didn’t damage the leg any more so that must be a good thing.