DATE                               18.02.07

DISTANCE                      6.7 MILES

WEATHER                     BRIGHT BUT COOL



Today’s walk would see us heading up to a place called Doddington, the only problem was we didn’t have a clue where this place was so it was a case of using the all-knowing Goggle first of all to find the place then use the mapping service to find out how to get there, after a few minutes of buggering about Goggle spat out all we needed to know and I have to say I was surprised where it was, I really should have known but it just goes to show how little we know about rural Northumberland .

Anyway gear was thrown into the car and we set off, we couldn’t have picked a better day, cold but with a clear blue sky, you know the sort of day that is almost perfect for walking, why was we heading up to Doddington you may be asking, well it was because we found yet another free downloadable routes off the internet and to be honest we hadn’t been into this area before so it was a first for us , what is in the area ?, well according to our walking guild it was full of lots of old cup and saucer marked rocks( rock art?)  And there was a ring of standing stones so it was a case of having a wander in a new area with a bit of mooching around old stuff thrown in.

As it was we seemed to have missed all the rock art or if we did see any we didn’t relies what we were looking at but we did find the stone circle or what’s left of it .link to what these are all about :

Parking was in the old village of Doddington by an old war memorial .well that’s what I think it was, a local informed me that there used to be water running out of it into a trough for the horses and livestock in the “old days” but like most things it has fallen into a bad state of disrepair , gear was sorted and off we went , our route took us up the small road that lead to what I believe is Wooler golf club and from there it turned into a farm track and then disappeared into nothing , walking along this track was easy going and gave us some brilliant views across towards the Cheviots , we stopped and mooch around various rock art stones but maybe we didn’t look at the correct ones or even the correct place because we simply didn’t see any to get excited about ….hence no photos , somewhere we  cut across the moor over “The ringses Fort but again we couldn’t really make anything out …………but we aren’t experts so we wasn’t really worried , the views today were really good , the sun was shining so it really didn’t matter , somewhere along the route we set off on a different path to what was on our route map , which wasn’t really that surprising as it was all very overgrown but we did get to the stone circle which only had two stones standing from there we once again lost the path and made our own way back following an old quad bike track what eventually took us back to a minor road which we simply followed back to Doddington , we walked about 6.7 miles some of it very easy going some of it very hard , the moor is very overgrown in places and finding the stone artwork proved to be almost impossible for us but pre haps we wasn’t looking at the right place , but the views made it all worthwhile .as normal a few photos from today’s wander , I can’t name many of them because I simply don’t know ,


Our start point by the old war memorial?




Heading up the small road looking back


The road now turns into a muddy cart track before it disappears altogether


Looking back towards the Cheviots


Taken at max zoom, there is some snow patches on the hill tops


Taken a bit further up again at max zoom


Haven’t got a clue what we are looking at now

Same again, but it’s a lovley day so what does it matter

Part of the old quarry


Somehow we have “lost the footpath” but head off in the right direction


Looks like we have found it again or is this a sheep trail?


I think that this is what’s left of Kitty’s plantation


Same again


I haven’t got a clue what this building is but it looks very impressive


Looking up at the sky, we were really spoilt with the weather today


Once again we have lost the path and follow an old quad bike track

One of the stones (still standing)


Old pill box


My better half by the stone

Showing some of the other stones (now fallen)

Heading back (not the way we are supposed to)


But when it’s like this does it really matter


Looking up at DOD law (I think that we are meant to up there)


Looking towards the shepherds cottage


Slowly making our way down, the Cheviots in front


Looking up at the Shepherds Cottage


A few more as we make our way back




Strange / posh looking bridge we drove over heading back home


Day after thoughts.

Even though we didn’t get to see any rock art as such and didn’t follow the route map we both thought that it had been a great day out, the weather was good to us and even though we didn’t have any big hills to climb up we got treated to some wonderful views, the paths up on the moor are none to good but then why would they be, I expect no one ever goes up there apart from the sheep.

Arty leg wise I didn’t have any problems , but I was a bit sore around the top of my stump where there had been some rubbing , next time I will dap a bit of cream on when it starts but all in all nothing to be concerned about .