DATE                                28.09.12

DISTANCE                       Two and half miles

WEATHER                        Bright and sunny

START / FINISH               Bowlees car park

The biggest disappointment so far.

After some of my more recent bigger walks I found myself wanting to go further afield again, or should I say to some place different, a quick look on mike"s walking blog northern pies solved the problem and as usual he had recently done one that should be more than suitable for me to do, and the best bit was he even threw in a map. (Cheers mike)

After a quick copy of the map and a redraw using memory map with some small changes I was all set. So that was it up early and a steady drive down to the free car park at Bowlees. Weather wise it couldn’t have been better, bright sunny day ……with a few scattered showers expected sometime later but that didn’t matter. As you may know we had been having some really heavy rain so I was looking forward to getting a few photos of low force in full flood.

On arriving at the car park I went into my usual routine only to realise something wasn’t right with my stumpy leg, it just didn’t feel right, being the happy go lucky type of person that I am I put it down to the drive and the arty leg moving slightly, after all it happens all the time so I wasn’t really bothered, however that all changed as I started walking.

I hadn’t even gone twenty meters when I got a very sharp pain sensation on the back / bottom of my stump , as luck would have it there was a wooden seat that I quickly plonked my arse down , not knowing what was wrong I decided to remove arty leg and take the seal off and redone the whole lot again , things seemed fine it would take ten minutes or so before I settled down into the arty leg but that’s ok I can walk whilst I am settling down , but this time I had crossed over the fields and was busy taking a few photos of low force , again I got that sense that something wasn’t quite right with arty leg or should I say my stumpy bit but as normal I chose to forget about it . Going slightly off topic for a moment, before my amputation I think that I must have been a bit of a wimp when it came to absorbing pain as anything painful was quickly dealt with and I made a lot of noise and fuss about it , now days I just seem to take it and keep it to myself , in fact it’s a rare day when I don’t have some sort of ache or pain some place  I suppose my age isn’t helping , but boy would it be nice to have a couple of days with no aches or pains . (Dream on Michael).

I suppose what I am trying to say (and very badly) is as an amputee there is always that little bit of  discomfort or that bit of an ache someplace and I tend to file it away someplace and have grown to live with it . I expect most amputees do the same.

But this was something new and something that really hurt. (Yes I am a wimp) after walking another quarter of a mile or so I couldn’t take another step , its pure agony but the real thing that is bugging me is I don’t know why or what’s causing it . I plonk my arse down and decide to take my arty leg off and remove the seal , this time checking every thing , and when I come to redone it I take my time rather that just throwing the bloody thing on . there is instant relief when I stand up and put weight on it, but I know that I am not settled into the leg and I wont be for ten minutes or so, I decide that “things are fine” and decide to press on with the walk, after all I have driven a fare distance to get here, the weather is good and I am really looking forward to the route its in a area that I have never walked in before. Another ten minutes pass and I am getting that feeling again and the mild discomfort is turning into pain …. Real pain again just to make it worse I step down rather hard on arty leg as I drop down off a small step. Pain shoots right through my stump, real pain not phantom I am talking about nearly wetting yourself pain. I quickly take all the weight off arty leg but even when there is no weight on it the pain is still there. Quickly I throw myself onto the ground and get the arty leg off the pain stops almost straight away , I decide to see if I can find out where or what is causing it by pushing and prodding with my fingers in the general area , after five minutes of pushing and prodding I cant find anything wrong with the stump and with a feeling of dread decide its time to put arty leg back on , again its fine , I put some weight onto it rather carefully not wanting to experience the shooting pain again and once again things are fine .

Now its said that I am stupid at times but even I know when it time to call it a day a quick look at my GPS and it states that I have only walked 1 .25 miles so far , so I had to get back only one and a quarter miles to where the car is parked , I figured if I stopped as soon as I start getting that “strange feeling” in my stump and took the leg off and redone it I should get back to the car with out having anymore serious pain , yeah good thinking but totally wrong , all I will say that the hobble back was long , painful and I spent as much time hopping and leaning on my walking poles or any other object that was around , it was a nightmare and still took me the best part of two hours to finally get back to the car .

Anger, frustration, bitterness all came into play but the biggest thing is why and what.

Driving back home was fine, but I started going through my head what’s changed, nothing with arty leg …………………perhaps I have lost a bit of weight on my stump and I am bottoming out.

I don’t think so but anything is worth a look at.

I decide to pad the socket out so it’s a much tighter fit, it doesn’t make no difference at all fine for a few minutes then serious pain.

As few photos that I took on this rather short walk thank you.

Low Force.

The Wynch Bridge .

Taken from the bridge.

Looking downstream.

A couple more taken from the Pennine way side.

Looking towards Howick Scars my route (or was suppose to be)

For once in my life common sense cuts in and now on my way back . (a sad day)

The view on the way back.

Sorry this was so short it wasnt meant to be.  cheers mick !

 Follow up  nothing to do with walking just writing stuff down as it happens

Day one without arty leg. 29.09.12

I am writing this the day after the event and I still cant wear the leg, I am going to go around on crutches for a few days to let what ever has happened inside my stump sort its self out, then if things don’t get any better I will ring the limb centre and see what they can do, but I get the feeling that this has nothing to do with the arty limb but something wrong with me. And just to make my day complete my good knee took a bit of a battering on the hobble back and is doing its best to let me know it is really pissed with me.

Day two. Without leg. 30.09.12

After marking the bottom of the socket with some lipstick and putting arty leg on it would seem that I am not “bottoming out” which I suppose is a good thing as it helps me narrow things down a bit. So I have come to the conclusion that I must have pulled or twisted something in my stump or something has moved , I don’t know if the later is even possible .

I am feeling rather pissed off about the whole situation at the moment and already starting to make an effort not to start moaning on about things. But I know my temper is already bubbling away under the surface, (deep breaths stay calm Michael).

Today like yesterday I am at work, I have forgotten how much fun things are when you are hobbling around on crutches, still at least its keeping me occupied and with not wearing the leg it’s giving whatever the problem is a chance to heal itself. (I hope)

I spent a hour or so pushing and probing  around my stump last night just seeing if I could find any sore or painful spots , the wired thing is I couldn’t , but as soon as I put on arty leg the pain is almost unbearable .

The only thing I could find is if I stretch my stump in a certain direction I can feel something inside starting to get tight and painful so that’s something.  Again I feel that a few days off the leg might help, if its no better in a few days I think that I will ring the docs and make an appointment and see if they can come up with something .the other option is to make an appointment at the limb centre but that little voice in my head is telling me that there is nothing wrong with arty or the fit as it happened to fast.

So in the mean time its rest time for the stump and try to keep calm. …sigh! Something I’m not good at. Whilst I am having a moan I have already noticed that constant use of the crutches i.e. starting to make the palms of my hands get red and hot it wont be long before I start to get blisters forming again , time to wrap the handles in something  sort like an old bandage .

Day three. Without leg 01.10.12

Got in last night after work, and thought why not give arty leg a try, my stump hadn’t given me any trouble, I felt something straight away, not the ouch pain that I had been getting so some progress had been made …………..five minutes later and the first “proper” step resulted in the same really painful feeling again, so it was off with the leg and back to square one again, it goes without saying that I went to bed in a stinking mood.

This morning I decided once again to go to work without a leg (didn’t really have much choice in the matter) but to stop my stump from swelling too much I would wear the seal, (I don’t know if this will work) my palms are sore from using the crutches  and I forget how the simplest task takes twice as long, to be honest I am starting to question why I don’t go on the sick, my shift colleges are starting to show signs of well something but are to polite to come out and say something outright . Things are not good, my mood is defiantly heading in the wrong direction and I find myself biting my lip and even the smallest of thing seem to get to me, it’s only a matter of time before I do or say something that I shouldn’t.

I decide to ring my local GP and manage to get an appointment, I couldn’t see the doc that I wanted and I have to wait a week to get the first available appointment to see any doc hum mm things must be bad if the general population if a week is the earliest I can see any doc, still I fully expect to be either fixed or dead by that time.

Back home I remember it’s my birthday, what a day eh? 12 hour shift that was possible the worst in living memory but my loved ones has all spent their hard on cash on me and I had been brought a lot of lovely stuff that helps cheer me up . And for a short time I forget about my woes.

One last thing I must do before I bugger off to bed and that is try the arty leg on to see if there has been any improvement.

I manage to get the leg on alright, but I daren’t put any weight on it, for the first time in my life I am scared of what might happen, the painful feeling is still fresh in my mind and I really don’t want to experience it again, I decide to break one of my golden rules and keep my arty leg on and walk with crutches, I figure at least I will get the benefit of wearing the arty limb even for a while even if I am not using it.

Twenty minutes later I am forced to take it off I can sense that I am about to be given a really painful jolt just to remind me that something is wrong.

I decide that seeing that I am off work tomorrow I will try padding out the leg in various places to see if I can “start to sort this problem out” I still am not convinced that the arty leg is at fault but I am rapidly approaching that stage where I will do anything to get walking again. I also decide that I will ring my limb centre if I don’t start making any progress tomorrow.

Day four. Without arty leg. 02.10.12

Wake up with a good "I’m going to sort this out mind set today” and decide that I will get straight to work on me and arty leg, but coffee first , right I am going to get this sorted , first thing leg on , no it’s no good it’s not going to happen , I decide to go back to basics and start removing all the old filling out of my socket , try again this time things feel different , the way I settle into the socket is different , I daren’t walk as the pain is still too fresh in my mind but I find that I can side step walk without any pain , it’s a good start my mood lifts , for the next hour or so I crab like walk around the house slowly (very slowly ) changing my walking from sidesteps to “normal" but still walking very slow , I can find that I can walk normal without any pain but only very slow as soon as I get enough force to make the arty knee start to bend I can “feel” those alarm bells ringing in my head warning me that I am on the verge of some serious pain. After a couple of false alarms I decide further sorting out is required and stick a gel pad between the bony bit if my stump and the seal in liner , again everything changes but for the better , I’m still not right but it’s another step in the right direction .

Day Five. Without arty leg. 03.10.12

After a promising start yesterday everything seemed to be heading in the right direction, certainly by no means right  but at least in the right direction. however it was soon short lived as soon as I sat down , arty leg moved slightly and as soon as weight was applied I was treated to very painful reminder that things aren’t as good as what I hoped . so I spent the rest of the day trying out different things, you know padding out one side then the other, but to be honest I didn’t make any real improvements, I have a thing going round in my head that somehow I have got a trapped nerve or something in my stump the strange thing is that I only get the sharp painful feeling when I have arty leg on no matter how much I push poke and squeeze my stump.

Towards the evening I had to admit defeat and take arty leg off, I am totally knackered and sore all over now. Despite a good start another day waisted.

Today I intend to try the same thing on my standby leg; normally I can’t really walk very well on this leg but can sit in it all day without any problems so nothing will be lost.

I am hoping that I get a letter from the limb centre soon for an appointment even though I am not convinced its arty legs fault still just have to wait and see. Waiting is not something that I am good at.

Just to rub salt into the wounds I have decided to call off our trip down to the Yorkshire dales this coming weekend , it seems totally pointless as I can’t even walk from one room to another at the moment , I feel my mood is going downhill fast .

After spending ages stuffing various bits of packing down the side of the socket trying different things to try and stop the sharp shooting pain that I have been getting , I have to once again admit defeat , my stump is getting sore now so its time to leave things alone .

Not a good day. Just to make matters worse I’m back at work tonight.

On the good side of things I have worked out if I change my crutches every day the palms of my hands can handle things much better, the handles on one set of crutches have a smaller thinner grip, by changing every day it gives my hands time to recover, good job I managed to acquire another set rather than rely on the good old NHS.

I think that I am going to be in this state for some time so its time to start making the most of things rather than just getting down but I would just like to know what and why.

Day six without arty leg 04.10.12

Today I am going to give things a rest and build on what I have got so far (not much) but by  padding out the socket with thin strips of sticky silver tape I have created a free area around where I THINK  that I am possible touching and what causing all the trouble .(I COULD BE WRONG ).

 This helps there is no question about that. its not neat or tidy but it helps and that is all that matters at the moment .

Looking down into the socket ,the cut out bit shown this is where at the moment I think is causing all the problems .

My stump with arrow pointing to where I think the problem area is , the trouble is the nerves are so buggered about I cant even tell by pressing hard in this spot . (I know that doesn"t make sense )

I find that by sticking the gell pad more or less where the arrow is pointing helps .

Then very carfully put my seal in line on over the top holding the pad in place , a bit of a faff but it helps , as you can see my seal in liner has seen better days , if i ever get to see my leg lady i will ask for a new one .

Well thats the plan for the rest of today , so far so good , I am still not walking as such but at least I am not on crutches so it must be a step in the right direction

Day seven without arty leg 05.10.12

I have decided to mark yesterday up as a bit of a success, I managed to keep arty leg on all day, admittedly I had to take the leg off and put it back on dozens of times and I didn’t venture out of the house and I walked very slowly and differently but at least I didn’t get that mind numbing bolt of pain, but I really didn’t do anything.

Today I should have woken up in my little caravan down in the Yorkshire dales and spent the day hiking, instead I am going to be very slowly crabbing around the house, frightened to move to fast or put too much pressure through arty leg, its been a week now and I am no further forward, I still haven’t heard back from the limb centre and don’t get to see my doc till Monday afternoon , sigh I think that I have got a very very  long weekend ahead of me , but still at least I am not at work it’s my long weekend off.

At the moment I am sitting down having coffee trying to think what to try next , I have got to get something sorted otherwise I will go round the bend , it has just occurred to me that I have just past my eight year anniversary of losing my leg.

Normally this is just another date ………….just comes and goes ….no big deal but somehow it feels different a reminder or something that things can change for the better or worse , I think I had better stop this line of thought it’s a bit moody for first thing in the morning , more coffee needed and a plan of attack.

Day eight without Arty leg 06.10.12.

Yesterday I decided to leave things along and struggle on without making any more adjustments, sometime I think I try too much stuff too quickly. The result was I kept the leg on all day, but walked really slowly and really favoured my good leg which ended up with me getting a back ache just above my right bum cheek / low back its to be expected I suppose, I need to be a bit more firmer with arty leg and let it start to a bit of work, but I can “feel or sense “something major happing just a fraction away.

This morning that feeling is still with me so I am going to add a bit more packing into the socket and see how that helps, not a great deal but something.

Straight away I “feel” a bit tighter in the socket but I still get that feeling that the pain jolt is just a fraction away and any sudden movement or uncontrolled weight shift will trigger a painful reminder that something isn’t right.

I fully intend to start forcing arty leg / myself to let my arty leg do more of the work today , I am certain that my back ache will approve of this , but it’s hard when the pain is so fresh in my mind .

Good news just had a letter from my limb centre that can see me on wait for it ………………Monday the 22 October , good job my job , life , and general wellbeing don’t rely on me being able !!!!! Hang on a minute they do …………. Still there’s nothing I can do about it, just a sign of the times and I personally think it’s only going to get worse; it would be nice if I could afford to go private dream on Michael.

Just looking out the window, what a lovely day it is, I should have been out hiking again today down the yorky dales someplace still never mind it can’t be helped. Just have to catch up on doing some chores around the house so I build up loads of good boy points so when I get fixed I can get out again into those hills and fells.

Day nine without arty leg 07.10.12

Well I’m going to mark yesterday up as another step in the right direction, I managed to keep arty leg on all day, I will admit to feeling sore last night but I don’t know where I am sore as everything looks ok maybe it is a phantom pain type of sore, whatever it is… I fully intend to ignore it.

Did a small bit of “padding out” again yesterday and things seemed to be ok, I can feel something and I know it’s just a tiny tiny bit away from full grown pure agony but if it stays like this I can live with it.

Today for the first time I didn’t get that “feeling” when I put arty leg on, and I intend to make arty leg start doing his full share of the workload, I know my back will appreciate it , however now I am faced with a problem , the leg that I have been padding out for the last few days  is my “sitting leg” that is I can wear it all day and its very comfortable for sitting around in but even at the best of times I can’t walk very well or very far in it (strange I know). So I decide to get my walking leg out, now this leg has taken me to all sorts of wonderful places but somehow it fits differently which allows me to walk and hike all day but is really bad for any sitting around in. but if I am going to start walking and giving my aching back a break I NEED to start walking correctly.

So I decide to add just a small bit of padding to the socket not as much as my other leg but just enough to ……………………….do something.

I put my walking socket on, very slowly half expecting to get that agonising stab of pain and ever so slowly settle into it, all the time getting ready to throw myself down onto the floor, its different that’s all I can say, I take a small step mentally preparing myself for that mind-numbing jolt of pain, I can “feel” that it’s still there just waiting for me to push things a bit too hard or far, or is it?

Is it all in my mind? I really don’t know at this stage.

I can remember one bit of advice that I used to give other new amputees about you have to trust the leg, well I trust my leg ……………………….I just don’t trust it enough to know it’s not going to bite me .I decide to throw caution to the wind and do something that takes a lot of thinking about .I am going to step out and walk correctly across the living room floor , my heart rate must be through the roof by now and I can feel that cold sweaty feeling covering my body (fear ?) deep breath , come on Michael breath and step out boldly …take control and stop this pussy footing about and forget about the agonising pain that might be waiting for the first proper step. Deep breath and step out the first big proper step for at least a week, my body is tense expecting the worse, Arty foot hits the floor I am committed now, my weight smoothly rolls onto arty leg and I lift my good leg up to take the next step I use every bit of strength I have to make this a normal step , there is something diffrent but not the mind blowing agonising pain that I have had before , my next step is smoother and a bit more confident as I walk back and forwards across my living room floor , I AM SO HAPPY AT THE MOMENTTHAT I WANT TO DO THE MICK”S A HAPPY BOY DANCE , things are not right but at least I am walking again , I have still got to do lots of work to get back to where I was but at least I have got the first few steps out the way.

I decide to speak nicely to my better half and see if it’s possible to have a walk around the block with Yvonne carrying my crutches just in case things go tits up again.


Day ten without arty leg 08.10.12

After much talking about stuff we decided that going for a walk wouldn’t be a good thing , and as much as it pisses me off I have to agree the last thing I want is to bugger up any good work that been done so far. So I got Yvonne to take me out and treat me to Sunday dinner in our local eating out pub.( I fully expect that she paid from my bank account but it was a nice thought)and I spent the rest of the day walking about doing odd jobs around the house , trying to build up confidence with my stump .

This morning  I have put walking leg on without any gel pads , it feels strange and right on the edge of pain but its liveable and I am a firm believer to control arty leg you have to feel what’s going on down there. I can always put the gel pads back in if things don’t work out.

My back and neck are much better today this must be a direct result of actually walking rather than hobbling or shuffling, but I’m not 100 % yet. And I am still walking on egg shells and daren’t do any tricky manovering just in case something touches inside the stump.

Whilst I am on about the stump I am still no closer to what caused this in the first place, I get to see the doc later today, I don’t expect much but will wait and see what they come up with, I think that I will lose it if they tell me to rest it, ………………..won’t say any more till I have seen them.

What a afternoon first of all I actually managed to leave the house and have a walk around the block, accompanied by my daughter Kerri who carried the crutches just in case things went tits up and much to my amazement she didn’t moan at all, normally getting Kerri to do anything is almost a miracle to start with but to get her off her bum and actually walk is well!! Something spectacular.

The walk wasn’t that far and was all on flat man made surfaces so I didn’t expect any problems but I am still trying to figure out what and why my stump is causing me so much trouble in the first place. But I will admit to being pleased with my results …..As they say all journeys start with a single step.

This good mood didn’t last long as I had to see my doc , as expected no great results ,with him either not listening to me or something as all he could come up with was putting me on Gabapentin . I was on this drug when I first had my accident and had some really weird side effects and I know that it wouldn’t stop the pain so after much badgering from me he agreed to see if he could get a surgeon who specialised in nerve treatment on amputations to get involved so I am now on that long waiting list to hear something, but to be honest I am not holding my breath.

 Day eleven without arty leg 09.10.12

Had a really bad night last night, all night suffering from Phantom pains don’t know why, nothing out the normal had changed i.e. weather, fluid levels ECT ECT?

The only thing I could think of was where I had padded out the fit of the socket so much its effecting some other nerves and they where letting me know that they weren’t happy about things. Just to make matters even worse I had to get up early to go to work, I decided to give things a chance to settle and went to work legless.

After a quite shift at work I am pleased to say no more phantom pains, but my good leg was letting me know its feeling a bit knackered...early night I think.

Day twelve without arty leg 10.10.12

Up early for work again but feeling so much better after a good night sleep, I decide that I would wear my seal today but not wear arty leg, if all goes to plan this should be my last day going legless, I hope to put arty leg on tomorrow and keep it on from now onwards with small adjustment as I need them, but only time will tell.

I have decided that it must be nerve pain that is giving me the grief and something must have moved “inside” and must be hitting the bone or something but what ever it is I am going to have to deal with it somehow and have decided that I have had enough of hobbling round on crutches and I will get on with living my life as normal as possible starting tomorrow and just have to wait for the medical departments to catch up with me.

All I can say is that it’s been a very interesting experience so far, I am pleased with myself on how I have dealt with it but it’s not over yet.


Day thirteen without arty leg 11.10.12

Today I start getting my life back again, no more pussyfooting around with arty leg.

Me and him are going to battle it out until I am lying broken on the floor or I am walking in comfort and confidently.

A SONG BY Michael Jackson one day in your life is constantly going round in my head:-

Well this one day in my life.

I’m going to put down as another step in the right direction, I wasn’t very active but I managed to keep on the go all day doing lots of jobs without any problems, I even managed to carry some heavy loads up and down the stairs which is something I wouldn’t have even attempted only a couple of days ago. the leg wasn’t very comfortable but I can live with that, however come eight o’clock last night I had to take arty leg off the discomfort had got to a ouch level but on the good side I didn’t get that unbearable stabbing pain.

Day fourteen without arty leg 12.10.12

Shit sleep last night, got woken up by some really nasty phantom pains , now the only problem is I don’t know if it’s because of the fit of my newly padded out socket or the fact the weather has changed , we had been having a lovely couple of bright but cold days , last night the weather changed to wet and windy and as I know sudden changes in the weather always bring on my phantom pains , I am hoping that the cause of my phantom pains is because of the weather that way I won’t have to bugger about with my socket again . I guess only time will tell.

After wearing Arty Leg all day and night (I’m on nights at the moment) I am pleased to say that I haven’t been given any really painful reminders that things aren’t quit right , and the rest of my body seems to be recovering as well I.E my back ache has gone and my good (right) leg is ok , however I am not walking nowhere near correctly and I have got into the very bad habit of going up onto my toes on my right foot just before I weight shift , there are several reasons for this , fear ? The fact that I am not walking correctly? Or is it just so I can move around. I will work on this or could it be because I am not sitting in the socket correctly and the whole thing has twisted slightly, whatever the reason I will stay like this over the weekend and work with what I have got rather than bugger around whilst I am on night shift .

Day fifteen 13.10.12

Note the heading has changed , after a very long night shift I was a bit conserned that I might have damaged my stump but on taking the leg off for a shower and a quick look see things seemed to be ok , so I will mark this up to a good start.

15.10.12 getting back to normal.

After a weekend of night shifts and wearing my walking leg the whole time, I have managed to get some of my confidence back. I am not walking nowhere near as good as what I was and still feel that I am just a fraction away from getting that agonising pain back. So what to do?

First thing is no more hill walking, I have been having nightmares about what if this happened someplace really remote , there is no way I could have got back without doing myself some serious damage. I know that I am a bit of a wimp at times but this really scares the life out of me so time to use my rather limited brain. (Smoke starts to come out of my ears now) I think if I am ever going to get back into the distant hills again I am going to have to take crutches with me.

Now as you know that’s more weight to carry and the size is very difficult to pack away in a ruck sack so I am going to buy a couple of second hand sets and cut them up into smaller pieces and then modify them so they pack away small but can be reassembled if I need them then and only then will I return to the hills.

Update: - 22.10.12

Had a visit to the limb centre today, much to my surprise they knew all about my situation and decided to give me the once over to see if it was my arty leg that was causing me any problems , after a bit of pushing and probing we all agreed it wasn’t the arty leg but something inside my stump . I have got an appointment with the Orthopaedics – oncology department (what ever that is …..Think that I will goggle it to find out) coming up soon and it standard practise to get any amputee checked out first.

I made the most of the visit by getting some new leather lining around the top of my socket and as my cylinder on the kx06 knee is on its last legs they have agreed to order me up a replacement one, so all in all a good visit. I have to go on and say that I was very impressed that they knew about my situation just goes to show that the NHS system works.

Other than that I am still struggling with my walking ability but I am sooooooooooooo much better than what I was only a week ago, I just need to build on what I have got. As they say watch this space ……………..

The saga continues

02 /11/12 Today was yet another day that could be either a good day or a shit one all depending on what the Orthopaedic oncologist had to say.

Once again I was very impressed with once I had checked in at the main building, I was escorted to the “Bone and soft tissue Tumour section” was which is just as well as the building is massive and I am certain left to my own devices I would still be wandering round totally lost, and once I checked in I was straight away sent down to x ray. At least we are all singing on the same hymn sheet at the moment.

After many? X rays I was sent back to wait to see the doc, after a very sort wait I finally went in to meet her.

Things didn’t get off to a good start with her admitting that she wasn’t sure why they sent me to her as she deals with cancer on the bones and does the amputations ………………….but the good news is that my femoral  bone looks fine with no signs  of a neuroma so that was good news . however she did suggest that I didn’t have a great deal of soft tissue at the base of the stump and offered to cut off an inch or so off the bone ……………..I thanked her for the kind offer but refused .

After much talking and questioning we decided even though things are getting much better it would be a good thing to do a MRI scan just to make sure whatever it is had buggered off and so it’s just a case of waiting for a date . But having no medical knowledge what so ever I do think that things are getting better by the day.

Whilst I am still not walking with much confidence or walking correctly at least I am now walking again .

As they say watch this space .

Time for and update.

27.11.12 nearly two months have past since that day. I am managing to get out walking, nothing major: - trip reports:-

a couple of things worth noting , my work leg or “sitting leg” is now much better for walking in , I hope to start doing some walks on this leg soon , nothing major but just to prove that I can walk on it for some distance.

My main walking leg is still good , but still doesn’t feel quite right , I think that be haps I have had a small volume change or I am sitting in the socket slightly different  , not enough to warrant any changes but I will keep an eye on things .

As for what caused it I am still in the dark …………things are much better now but still not back to normal .

I will make this the last entry on this page now until I get the MRI scan then will get back .


The biggest question is why it happened in the first place and WHATS TO STOP IT HAPPERNING AGAIN that scares me.


Right time to put a close on this rather nasty time in my life , after having a MRI  scan I was invited in for the results and possible treatment , it would seem (nothing is set in stone) that I have got a bursitis on the outside of the bone , which may or may not be causing the problems .

So they have offered to drain it ……………………………BUT things seem to be getting better on their own so why no leave things as they are.

After reading up via the all-knowing Google it would seem that we are supposed to have these fluid filled sacks around the joints , but I don’t have a joint there any more so I am thinking that this fluid sack has been developing over the last few years and actually acts as a sort of cushion putting a bit of padding / protection  between the bone and the rather hard side of the socket , and what happened is that I managed to burst it , which caused the painful experience that I had , and as it fills up again things seem to be getting better .

I haven’t got a clue if this is even possible but as no one can answer I one way or another I will take it as correct.

So I have decided to leave things alone but will return in six weeks for a check-up , however if things go pear shaped again I can ring and get in straight away for another scan that way we can see what’s happened . Personally I hope nothing happens as I don’t want to go through this again.

But for the immediate future I will take my hiking crutches with me whenever I go out.

Its been one hell of a learning curve.

















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