DATE                                              21.04.15

DISTANCE                                     5.62 MILES

WEATHER                                     BRIGHT AND SUNNY

START / FINISH                            ROAD SIDE PARKING SEE MAP


The Dene

Before any one gets on my back again about my poor spelling of the “dean” when it should be the “Dene” I can only apologise, like wise I don’t know what part is the Dene & what part is Hollywell Dene and where (if at all)  the name change comes into force. but what I do know that it is a lovley place to spend the afternoon or morning come to that just mooching around, like wise the term “Dene” seems to cover a large area, most of which I have yet to walk along and explore, so what makes this area so nice, to start with the paths are kept in excellent condition along with any maintenance that  the plants and trees may require  and of course the picking up and removal of any litter that has been dropped or left behind all makes this a nice place to wander .

After a chat with one of the local who told me about the friends of the dean a quick search on the all knowing Goggle and:-

Taken straight off the web site

Holywell Dene is in the South East corner of Northumberland, with a small part straddling the border into North Tyneside.

The Dene stretches for approximately 6km between the villages of Seghill in the west, passing close to Holywell and Old Hartley, and thence to Seaton Sluice on the coast in the east.

Holywell Dene is a steep sided ancient semi-natural woodland and is traversed by a small river known as the Seaton Burn. Between Old Hartley and Seaton Sluice, where the river enters the sea, the valley widens into a tidal flood plain.

Much of the Dene is part of the Delaval Estate. In 2000 the Estate granted the two Councils a 99-year lease; they in turn designated their areas Local Nature Reserves.

In the same year, 2000, a voluntary community group called Friends of Holywell Dene was established.

Looking at there website it seems that they do a lot more as well.

So This after noon I would be taking the pup’s down there for a walk , there is another section that “we” want to explore and to see if we can link it up with other routes  we have done in the area . I know that the boy’s love it down here and as soon as I told them they couldn’t wait to get into the car and set off.

Hi Munchy here and I suppose that I had better take over the telling of this walk before you all get bored to tears with mick writing, we was all messing around, you know running around, barking at the birds playing with our toys when right out of the blue, mick called us all and told us we where off for a walk, great we all barked back and went charging out to the car, “where we going I asked”  The Dene replied Mick , Great we all barked , we love the Dene , there is always so much to see and do along there , to start with it is teaming with birds and there is nothing we like better than to race with them , there is also some really lovley smelly mud that just sticks to your fur and is nice and cool , plus there is the Seaton Burn where we jump in and fetch back the sticks Mick throws in ……….Well both Bob and I do  Flynn tends to wait on the bank for the sticks to drift into him so he doesn’t get his paws wet (he is such a girl at times) and  because it was such a hot day today we drink from the burn rather than drink the tap water that Mick brings along  & sometimes we meet up with other dogs and spend a bit of time playing with them as well .

Any way on the drive down there Mick told us that there is a new section that he wanted us to explore today if that was ok, of course it was we barked back we simply love finding new stuff to Mooch around in, Mick had packed his rucksack and we could smell that he had packed the treats so we knew that we was going to be out for quite a while which suited us fine.

As its not far away it only took a few minutes before Mick stopped the car and we all jumped out, we have to walk “nicely” for the first five minutes till we are clear of any cars that might be down in the harbour area then Mick gives us the word and Charge its off we run, our route today was err! I don’t know but mick will post a map thingy so you can see for yourself, but it was great we paddled, chased, sniffed, hid and had play fights, we met up with several other dogs and had fun playing with them the only downside was we found some fox pooh and was just about to roll in it when Mick saw what was about to happen and shouted at us ………………..sigh!!... sometimes mick can be a bit of a spoil sport , we walked back along the mud/ grassy flats and had great fun running and jumping over the muddy ditches and of course we got covered in smelly mud so we all had to paddle in the sea to get clean .

I thinks we went where Mick wanted to explore but seeing as he didn’t tell us I’m not sure but what Mick did tell us was that there was a couple of other riverside tracks that would be worth a mooch around another day ……Great we cant wait

A few photos from today

Right at the start of the walk we look up and see this, it’s not real so we didn’t chase it


Another strange object, there are a lot of these things around here


Looking down the dene, we love it down here


Fresh water spring


Me and Flynn having a drink from one of the many small fresh water run offs


Bob having a drink a bit further along, it was a very hot day

The dipping pond


Crossing over the burn


One of the many signs that are posted along here


Different type of seat


Small waterfall, not much water flowing down the burn at the moment


Me inspecting where a tree fell over


Bob doing his job of path finding , letting us know that we have to go over it as there is no path though the tunnel


Another sign


Crossing straight over the Waggon ways (now going into a new area)


Old bridge going over the rail line


Now at Holywell pond and yet another sign


I think that these are for the bees or could be ladybirds not really sure (even Mick didn’t know)


Inside the bird watching hut, I think the local school kids pained this


Looking out from the front window


Some sheep in the field


A bit further along looking towards the pond

Looking across towards the Obelisk and mausoleum, we didn’t go any closer as mick wasn’t sure about the footpaths and last time he was there a local farmer told him that it was trespass, of course mick had a chat with the farmer and they parted on good terms but the fact that Mick didn’t get a Christmas card of him last year could mean that he isn’t on the best of terms with him.


Looking towards the hall itself


Now crossing some grassy fields and we can just make out St Marys light house


Bob waiting for us, he has found a path back


A folly on the north bank of the dene known as 'Starlight Castle'. This was built by Sir Francis Delaval in 1750 after accepting a bet that he could build a home for a lady friend in a day.


A bit closer

Now back on the grassy / flood plan it’s almost dried out now

Having a run, Bob has just jumped into some smelly mud


Looking across the other side of the burn


More strange objects on an old upside down boat


Where the “spring” runs down to the burn, mick said the orangey colour is because of the iron content in the water


Looking back


Looking towards the inner harbour


Local mermaid?


Rope snake


Lady on a rope swing


Looking out to the sea from the harbour

Thanks for reading