DATE                                   15.02.06

DISTANCE                          ABOUT 5 MILES

WEATHER                         BRIGHT BUT COLD




Since my last walk I had started to develop a bit of a problem with the seal or should I say where the top of the seal and the fleshy bit of my stump met up (if that the right word) which resulted in me developing a not so nice red blister type of line all around my stump, this “line” developed into a watery type of long blister that looked a lot worse than what it was, it went down over night leaving no damage but this couldn’t normal and it was only a matter of time till this blister burst and then there would be problems …..Once again I posted a query on the amputee forum and got lots of advice on what could be causing it and more importantly what I could do about it.

One of the most common causes was where the liner had been cut to fit , this resulted in  a straight edge that pushed into the stump , it was suggested if I took my time and made this straight cut into a rounded edge it shouldn’t cut into my stump so much and prevent the pinch  line  from forming , after looking at the cut lines I had to agree mine had a lovley straight cut that left a straight edge pushing into the fleshy bits of my stump so I set about rounding the cut line , after a hour or so I basically turned the sharp top edge of the seal into a nice rounded edge and it worked as soon as I put it back on the pressure point or line was shared out and so  I hadn’t  got the same sharp  pinch point , however one thing I had learned about this limbless business was not to get too carried away straight away and decided to give it a few days before I marked this up as a success, the other thing that was suggested was a thin wipe or dollop of cream just around the top of the liner , this was something I had been doing on my old leg and decided to give this a try as well , the only problem was if I put too much cream on it could melt and cause the liner to start slipping off , after much trying different amounts I decided that I would only use the dollop of cream on if I was really doing a lot of hard work or out for a days hiking , normal day to day stuff didn’t require anything  and would only use stuff if I started to get that “burning feeling” . Note from today 2014 I still use this system today hey if it works why change. Anyway getting back to walking:-

On my last day out with Ian, I mentioned in passing  that me and Yvonne had been up to Chopwell woods, Ian expressed and interest in paying the area a visit as he had never been there so that was todays wander sorted ..Chopwell woods.

Gear was sorted out and thrown into the car and off we went, Parking was in the same free car park that I used before and once again we didn’t stick o any set path or route, just had a day wandering around, mooching and basically looking at all the things and stuff that was dotted around.  once again found myself playing with the setting of the  KNEE UNIT and spent a fair amount of time trying different things out , I have to be honest and say I still hadn’t really mastered this leg out yet as I could do something really well and confident one day and totally bugger the same thing up the next’d  but as they say practise makes perfect , I had also decided that I would use hiking poles ,not that they where needed but the girls from the physio department told me to continue using them till I stopped the swaying and leaning problem I was having so who was I to disagree (yes I was finally doing as I was told) and I will be totally honest here , using hiking poles made things so much easer , I just don’t know why I had this idea that this was cheating still stuck in my head .

I have no real way to measure how far we walked today or even where we went but it felt like about 5 miles so that’s what I will mark it up to likewise there is no map for today just a general plan of the area, walking today didn’t involve any big or steep hills just a mixture or muddy paths and forestry tracks all well used and made for easy walking.

A few photos enjoy:

Batty ,One of the many wooden sculptures that are dotted around these woods , I dare say that they all have names and some sort of meaning but I am far to much of a hack to find out.


A break in the woods gives us these views


One of the many different types of surface that I need to practise walking over, it’s surprising how different terrain affects how my knee works


Now on a different type of surface heading into more trees


A break in the trees


And a different path heading someplace, like I mentioned we didn’t have no set route for today


But it was a bright sunny day so it didn’t really matter


Looking down at the river


Now on a forestry track heading off someplace


I think that this was part of an old railway line at some point in history


Stone eggs? I am certain that there is either a story or some hidden meaning for these


Ian behind one of the wooden sculptures


Again not really sure what this is meant to be




A good place for a cup of coffee

A scratch of the ear


Me posing behind?


Yep I was young once


Me again


Heading back along the path to somewhere


Back on one of the forestry tracks


Back here again?


Some general views as we head back to the car park



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