DATE                               19.09.12

DISTANCE                     13.2 MILES

WEATHER                      BRIGHT AND SUNNY


Cushat Law

 Todayís walk was a return to Kidland Forest , I had been promising myself that I would get my arse back up that way and see how much more of the forest had been opened up by all the logging that has been going on for the last year or so , I had seen parts of the forest disappearing from various viewpoints out on the hills likewise I had noticed that they had put in some more stone tracks for the timber lorries to drive along , these new tracks where something that appealed to me , as a rule they tend to make for very easy walking and there was whole sections of this huge forest to be explored . So that was it, once again nothing was set in stone I would just walk along and sees where I ended up.

The weather seemed to be on its best behaviour, bright, dry and a small cooling breeze.

Things looked good. My arty leg seemed to be working ok and my real knee had been behaving itself so I was expecting good things from todayís walk.

I parked up just past Clennell Hall, Boots on & gear sorted then off I went, walking along the red road alongside the river Alwin. This is very easy pleasant walking and it wasnít long before I entered where the entrance to Kidland forest was, with huge sections of the forest being harvested it certainly opened up the views however it was long before I entered the forest proper.

My route soon took me away from the river Alwin and along the yoke burn, eventually I left the burn and started to gain a bit of height following one of the forest tracks, still with no set destination in mind then without realising it I came to another section of forest that had been cut down and opened up the view towards Cushat Law (615 meters).

Why not , its been years since I have been up there , there wasnít a path as such but what looked like a sheep trail heading in the right direction , so for the next 30 minutes or so  I struggled up with lots of stops to take photos (really catching my breath) with the good weather the views certainly made it worth the effort , then on finally reaching the stone cairn I was treated to some fantastic views not only of the forest and its valleys but across the park all the way to the north sea .

Lunch was had whilst looking at a rather battered map trying to decide where to go, decision made gear sorted and off I went, again nothing set in stone but I wanted to have a look at an area where Linhope Linn waterfall is marked on the os map, as of yet I havenít found a single photo of it on the net even Mr. GOOGLE failed to show it. So that was it , as luck would have it a new forestry track took me along one side of the steep gulley then round to the other side , it was impossible to see anything past the tightly packed trees , so being the stupid person I am I left the track and entered the dark scary trees .

It was dark, very dark but surprising easy to walk along all vegetation was long dead. using my trusty sense of direction and gps I made my way down this very steep hill down to where the waterfall was, I think I found it and even managed to snap a photo of it, not very good but a photo is a photo, then I concentrated on getting to the bottom of this gully across the Linhope burn then I realised that I had to climb back out something that I wasnít looking forward to , then I spotted a shelter , a very well made shelter it was too , thinking that there must be a path out of this gully I quickly cast around trying to pick up any sort of trail , then it hit me who in there right mind would build a shelter like this miles from anywhere and in the bottom of a very steep gully ? Strange very strange.

Time for me to get out , heading up the gully to its head was out of the question same as heading down the gully following the burn was out the only thing to do was start climbing up the steep side using the trees to pull myself up , this wasnít as easy as I thought as it got very steep and for about 30 meters I was on my hands and knees crawling up , sweating like there is no tomorrow getting covered by millions of dead pine needles thinking why why why do I do these stupid things ? After several lifetimes I finally crawled to the edge of the forest and staggered to the track, where I promptly lay down trying to get my breath and recover. Promising myself that I wonít do anything stupid like that ever again. (And I mean it this time).

Time to get moving but first a quick strip to get rid of the pine needles that have found there way into allsorts of nooks and crannies. And nice cool drink and I am ready for my next adventure. I decide that its time to start heading back but first I just want to check out what could be the old ruin at Heigh , this proved to be a bit of a disappointment as there is nothing left apart from a mossy covered bit of stone wall still at least I know now , now its time for me to head back , fortunately the rack that I am on will take me all the back to the car , the weather is still good and I am pleased with how things have turned out .

I arrive back at the car and check the GPS 13 .2 miles. not bad for a days mooching and apart from dead pine needles still sticking into me I feel fine .time for another strip down and change shirts thatís better followed by a cup of coffee before I drive back home.

A few photos:

Some of the locals.


The River Alwin.


The red road which will take me into Kidland forest.


Now approaching Kidland forest.


There used to be trees planted here, the views much better now they have been cut down.

 Entering the tree line.

Some of the views as I make my way along.

Just about saw this deer before it disappeared into the fern.


A few more views.


Starting to gain a bit of height, looking back.


One of the cleared sections.


The view that greeted me.


Starting on the climb up to Cushat Law, looking back.


A bit further up.


Again looking back.


Looking back, you can just about make out the path in the grass at this point.


The stone cairn with Hedgehope looming in the back ground.


Looking across towards Dunmoor hill.


Taken at max zoom looking at Kidlandlee.


My path down into the forest again.


Looking towards Ingram.

Still heading down and a few photos that I took.


Lindhope Linn is down there someplace.


Entering the dark forest.


Could this be the Linn?


The camp / shelter.


Looking back to the gully.


Heading back to the car now a few photos as I go.




A few more photos, as normal I donít do the views justice.


Day after thoughts.

Straight home, shower and check on things every thing is fine, a good nightís sleep and much to my surprise I donít feel stiff or sore in the morning.