DATE                              27.02.12


DISTANCE                    ABOUT 8.8 MILES




I got this route in my head from last time I was up at Ingram valley doing my ABOVE RIVER BREAMISH walk, even before my accident I have never mooched around on either long crag or Cunyan Crag so I was very keen to get up there and have a look around .

However this wasnít going to be quite so easy because there are very few foot paths up there and nothing showing on the maps that I had , so it was a case letís make it up as I go along ,

I decided to park up at the visitors center at Ingram  and head up towards the farm at Reaveley from there cut onto the hills following a well-used farm track part of the way this had two advantages one I would gain a bit of height very easily and it got in in the area where I was hoping that I would spy either a sheep trail or better still an farmers quad bike trail , in the event I was very lucky and joined a quad bike trail to the old ruin at old Reaveley , from there it was a case of following the hill top fort trail , quad bike track and well used sheep trails .

I picked a bad day to do this walk as the wind made my life rather difficult at times and forced me off the ridge line at one point, any way a few photos.

Crossing the river at the start of this walk

Looking up toward the ruin at old Reaveley

Close up

Looking round the side of the building towards Threestoneburn woods and Cunyan Crag , it looks as if the rain is on its way , what these photos don't show is how windy it was .

Looking across to a distant East and West hill

The Rain has stopped for the moment and its possible to see the crags , its just a case of finding some sort of path , the terrain isn't that hard its just that I need some sort of sheep trail or something so I can swing my arty leg other wise its going to be a long slow hobble across.

Getting a bit closer , according to the map I am now at the site of an old village (as well as a old sheep stell) after a bit of mooching around you can make out slightly raised lines / earthworks  in the ground but nothing to get worked up about (unless you know what you are looking for)

Still slowly making my way up , there is no way I could get up this way when the fern starts to grow , just past this point I found a well used sheep trail which made my life a lot easier

Looking across towards Hartside Hill from the start of the crags

Still heading up looking towards Dunmoor Hill which I was thinking of bagging or at least having a mooch around long  crags whilst I am up here , but the cloud is dropping again and the wind is really driving the rain , it would seem that I picked the wrong day.

Looking back down , there is a fence up here but its easy to climb over if you want to .

Another shot from near the top

My route , doesn't look to good , the wind has really picked up now and looks like yet another rain shower is heading my way

Before I go a look over the other side

That's it more rain and no visibility already the wind has forced me off the ridge time to start looking for a route that will take me down to the valley floor , I am really struggling with the strong wind at this point


At this point I have found a sheep trail which is heading down , I decide to follow it

Looking back towards Long Crag and the cloud is following me down , still I have picked up a quad bike trail so my speed should pick up a bit

Still heading down , looking at the farm at Hartside . notice how the sky is starting to brighten up ?

Now walking back to Ingram  along side the river

Last look back along the river.

It would seem that I picked the wrong day for this walk but its no fun up on the exposed ridges when the weather is like this , on the good side I did locate many quad bike tracks and well worn sheep trail that will help me next time I am up on these hills but even though the weather was rubbish and I didn't get to spend as much time up here as I wanted , I do feel rather pleased with myself that I managed to get up there in the first place . thank you



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