DATE                                      17.02.07

DISTANCE                            4.6 MILES

WEATHER                           BRIGHT BUT COLD


Today we would be both be heading up the coast to Craster , where using what tiny bit of know how we had would park up and do a slightly different walk down the coastline , now as you all know walking along the coastline can be a bit repetitive you know …walk down the coastline then turn around and walk back …….nothing wrong with that but today we had a cunning plane which was we would head down the coastline then at a certain point cut inland , pick up a foot path and make our way back overland …simple or so we thought .

So that was it , gear was thrown into the car and we found ourselves zooming ( well not exactly zooming  after all there are speed limits ) up the coast towards Craster . Using our expert local knowledge we quickly parked up in the main car park which happens to be pay and display but as you should know by now I am classed as pretty useless cripple and so am the proud owner of a blue badge which means I get to park free (in the appropriate places ) gear was sorted boots put on and we were off …………….as far as the small but tasty mobile food trailer that just happens to park up right at the front of the car park next to the info / visitors centre where there just happens to be a few wooden tables and chairs scattered  around , now trust me when I say that they dish out some really tasty  Craster kipper buns at “Pipers pitch” however it was early in the morning and we were  on  a mission .no time for food ………….but it seemed rude not to get something so we both stopped and treated ourselves to a cup of hot chocolate , and very nice it was to , then after a visit a quick visit to the loo we were off , straight down the road to the harbour , a few pictures were taken then it was off heading south down the coastline , using some serious navigating skills by keeping the sea on our left hand side and not getting wet feet we managed to follow the coastline down without getting lost (even Yvonne can’t get lost when you have the north sea on one side of you) and of course the path was well marked as part of St Oswald’s Way , staying on this path we got to see some wonderful bit of our coastline passing Cullernose point  (rock formation) then  just before we got to the bathing house at Holwick it was time to link up with a footpath / road and head inland towards Holwick Hall , Holwick Hall is well known for its gardens and walks but of course you have to pay an admission fee to get in , our footpath took us through the edge of Holwick Halls grounds so I wasn’t too sure how we would get on if we were stopped and asked to pay , but as it was that wasn’t a problem and our path took us around the “pay to enter section”  from there we stayed on the footpath and headed back towards Craster , there was one bit were we literally walked straight across a field that had been planted up rather than walk around the edge , but only after we met up with a local dog walker who informed us it the normal thing to do and the farmer expects it .( I have returned to this area many time over the years and the path still runs straight across all seasons ) from there our rote took us past Craster South Farm them headed back down into Craster itself via the Arnold Memorial reserve ..Link: -  and from there back into Craster itself, naturally we just had to stop for Craster Kipper butties  for both of us with a  coffee for me and hot chocolate for Yvonne  from pipers pitch Link :-

Today we were very lucky with the weather, cool but bright and sunny and the coastline might be very rocky at this section but it is something special well worth the time and trouble to walk along it and of course there is always Dunstanburgh Castle looming large on the horizon which just adds to the “feel” of this walk.

A few photos:

My better half Yvonne in front of Craster Harbour


Looking across the small Harbour


Taken at max zoom looking towards Dunstanburgh Castle (looks like they’re going to be busy today)


Walking along St Oswald’s Way looking at the rocky beach

Same again


Me with what I think is “hole o the Dike” in the background


Yvonne with Craster and the Castle in the background


Looking along the coastline, there is a bit of mist starting to blow in


Again looking back taken with a different camera lens


The rocky shore line


I think that this bit is known as the “black hole”


Close up of err!!! The sea


Looking back


Looking ahead at our route


Now at “Cullernose point” looking down at “Swine den”?


Looking back at Cullernose point


The rocky coastline


A few photos of the rocky shore as we make our way along


First sighting of the Bathing house


Looking down towards Rumbling Kern


Time to leave the Coastal path and head inland, a rare photo of me


A couple of the rumbling Kern


On the way to Holwick some snowdrops


On the footpath heading back looking towards Hips Heugh


A bit further along, we are about to go across a planted field next (that’s where the footpath is)


The back of with Hips Heugh


Day after thoughts:

On the way home we just had to stop and get some Craster Kippers I mean it would be rude not wouldn’t it ? and whilst we were in the shop we topped up on a load of other fresh sea food to take with us .

Arty leg behaved himself today likewise I didn’t have any problems with the skin breaking down on my stumpy leg … all was good