DATE                                    14.04.11

DISTANCE                           ABOUT 9 MILES

WEATHER                           GREY WITH LOW CLOUD

START / FINISH                 KIRKLAND

A chance meeting with an old hang gliding friend got us talking about some of the places we had  been, one of these was an epic day that we had at Cross fell, the only problem was I couldn’t for the life of me remember any of it, was this another sign of old age settling in ?or another “black hole” in my memories which sometimes can be brought back to life , later lying in bed it started to bug me , so that was it I had to go and have a mooch around.

A quick look at the map showed me this wasn’t going to be a quick pop up and pop down, I could see that there was a good track starting from Kirkland that headed a fair way up towards Cross fell but what about the footpath after that, or more concerning what’s the footpath like coming down, (as an above knee amputee walking down hill is at best a nightmare) I was also very concerned about the amount of scree on the downhill leg on Wild boar scar (joy just what I needed) .downhill, scree and I would be knackered by this time .

However it been some time since I [censored] my leg up so this would be a good test of things.

First I contacted a certain Mike Knipe (again) for some info about this place, (he’s most likely regretting having anything to do with me by now) and once again drawing upon his huge fountain of knowledge he came up with all the info that I needed .

Armed with this new found info, I approached my wife, “fine” but you go up there with someone, “you don’t go up there on your own”.

Yes dear I meekly replied ……., not a problem as a work mate was willing to walk with me. However as the day approached he wimped out: - wuss.

The plane was Simple Park up at Kirkland, follow the track then footpath up to cross fell then join the Pennine way across Cross fell heading towards Little dun fell then turn off the Pennine way at Tees head and head down Wild boar scar then further downhill over Grumply hill down to Wythwaite then it was a nice walk back along the farm track back to Kirkland.

I Knew that I was pushing my boundaries today , but seeing as I haven’t broken anything for a while I felt confident that I would do it, might take me a lot longer but I took a bit of extra kit “just in case”.

Distance wise it was about 9 miles give or take a bit height wise it reads 893 so pretty high.

The only down side was the weather, low cloud ruined what would have been good views.

A few photos, unfortunately not too good as the weather was grey and dull with lots of cloud cover

First photo setting off from Kirkland, the good track heading up into the hills

Looking across to what I think is Muska Hill & Brown hill


Looking back down towards Ardale Beck


Cloud starting to cover Black doors?


My first sighting of Cross Fell nearly at the top (how wrong was I)


Old Bothy (not sure that I would call it that)


Had a mooch inside, some very kind people had left polythene sheeting. (Very handy if it raining).

It was at this point I started to remember thing from my past life, had to sit down and have a drink whilst my brain restored all of these memories, and (didn’t want to lose them again) yes last time I was up here 7 ish years ago, I was fit & hand gliding, can’t say I recall if this old stone Bothy had a tin roof on then, but I suppose it wouldn’t take much effort to stick it on.


At this point I have started to come round the back of Cross fell just passing some stone curricks,

Now on the Pennine way, looking down towards Greg’s Hut, I was going to pay this Bothy a visit, however I realised that I still had a long way to go (for me) and for once in my life did the right thing and decided to get on with the walk and forget about Greg’s hut.


Heading up to the summit (yes that white stuff is frozen snow)


On the summit (which is rather flat) and as you can see it  is in the clouds


The Pennine way is marked by these stone Curricks along here, I didn’t realise that till much later


Trig point and stone shelter, had my lunch here and a well-deserved sit down


Then for a few seconds the cloud parted and my first look at the Radar station? On Great Dun Fell


Now heading towards it for a better look and down comes the cloud.


Still on the Pennine way heading towards little dun Fell when


 Cloud cover


Still on Pennine way, now on flagged footpath, don’t really like walking on this but at least you can’t get lost and wander off


Nice posh way marker? It’s at this point I leave the Pennine way and start to head back down


Looking back, the path all the way down was marked by these piles of stones, someone has taken a lot of trouble setting them out.


My way forward towards wild boar


Still a bit misty looking towards Middle Tongue & Iron Howe


Wild fell ponies


My way forward


Not really sure what this rock is or even if it has any significance but there was a few in a line scattered about


Heading down through wild boar scar


Looking across towards Grey scar?


The way down and towards what might be Knock Pike and Dufton pike (pointy hills)


Now that I am all the way down the cloud has lifted, can now see the radar station on great Dun Fell


Still heading down on what I think is Grumply Hill


First real views across to the lakes,


On the upper reaches (if that’s the right term) of the Crowdundle beck


Splashing across it, not a problem as it’s very shallow


Approaching Ranbeck farm


No walk would be complete this time of year without a couple of lambs.


The holiday Letts at Kirkland where I parked the car.



The only down side of this walk was my better half wasn’t too impressed when she found out that I did it on my own . And of course the low clouds.