Right you lot, another ten minutes then we are off someplace, great we all barked back, we like it when Mick takes us out on a surprises walk someplace, so for the next ten minutes or so we all charged round the house like some nutty dogs barking and generally getting in the way, sometimes I have to wonder why mick tells us in advance, I discussed this with both Munchy and Flynn and neither could come up with a reason why I suppose it’s just Micks way but I do think it would be easier to tell us when he is ready to go so it’s just a case of opening the door and off we go , however mick is mick and we aren’t going to change him .

Anyway after a long ten minutes we all charged out of the house and jumped into the car and off we went , I am taking you lot to Cresswell beach this afternoon , so you had better be good , we will be good we all barked back.

It didn’t take long to get to this section of the coastline and much to our surprise it’s a bit that we hadn’t been on before …………….great new stuff to see and sniff, but before we were let out of the car Mick gave us the normal talk …………….don’t pester the holiday makers, be good, no barking or I will put you on your leads OK WE BARKED BACK NOW LETS GO.

And off we went straight across the dunes onto the beach , there was a few holiday makers sitting around enjoying the sun , but we were good and didn’t approach them unless they called us , which they did o course after all who couldn’t resist 3 cute puppy’s  after much tail wagging and getting strokes off the holiday makers it was time we were off, charge we yelled and run down the beach , the tide was out and we had miles of sand to run and play on , there was a few big puddles to run and splash in which me and Munchy played , but Flynn wasn’t to impressed , he doesn’t really like getting wet , so once we were soaking wet we chased Flynn and tried to get him wet as well, Flynn can run very fast and even though we were both cashing him we couldn’t catch him and we soon dried off.

A bit further along the beach we found some rocks that where covered with lots of seaweed , we had great fun sniffing around in this stuff and found a few small crabs , we barked at them but they didn’t answer back , there was also lots of small rocky pools to jump in and run around , even Flynn jumped in and splashed around , it was great fun , then it was time for a few high speed runs as we played catch the stick with Mick , after that it was lets dig some holes , Bob really likes digging and we spent ages running from one hole to another then sadly Mick told us it was time to head back to the car , ok we yelled and set off as fast as we could , at the car drinking water was put into a bowl and boy we were all thirsty and drank loads , then it was back home , we all charged out of the car and straight into the kitchen to see Yvonne , is it time for tea yet we all barked , soon said Yvonne I will call you when its ready , great we barked back ………………….lets go and trash Kerri’s room while we wait , her bedroom door was shut so that didn’t happen , let’s go into the garden and see if the cats there , we like to bark at the cat and watch it jump over the fence again we were out of luck no cats in the garden so we had a snooze instead till Yvonne called us in for tea , sometimes it’s a hard life being a puppy.

A few photos from today’s trip.

The view of the beach.

Looking the other way

Let’s race

Bob and Munchy making planes to get Flynn wet.

Trying to sneak up on Flynn.

Flynn running away.

Sometime later Bob and Flynn waiting for Munchy.


Bob having a scratch.

Flynn watching the boys knowing that they still want to get him wet.

Flynn doing a high speed dodges away.

Let’s play tug of war.

I’m off said Flynn.

More water to play in.

Let’s go up there if that’s ok Mick.

This looks like a good place to explore.

Flynn has found something in the pool.

Bob showing how to jump across the slippery weed.

A quick look up and down the beach.

Let’s dig.

Last look along the beach, it looks like we have it all to ourselves.