DATE                             08.03.07

DISTANCE                   5.4 MILES



Today I would be heading back up the coast to re do a walk that I had recently done with my better half Yvonne I just happened to mention this walk to my Friend Ian in passing who said that he hadn’t been up that way for some time and would like to have a look around that area so why not, Dates and times where sorted and off we went , to some people re doing a walk might seem a bit daft , but I simply love just getting out someplace and if the truth is known I do miss out on a lot of things and sights simply because I have to “scan the ground that I am walking across” of course this means that I get to see a lot of small creepy crawlies , and the odd grass snake / adder and even sloe worms not to mention small lizards but it means that I can walk straight past something on my left or right and never notice it , of course I can stop and have a good look around but this just makes my walking pace even slower and believe me I’m slow to start with , so heading back and redoing the walk works really well for me and I even amaze myself with some of the things I missed the first time .

We duly arrived and managed to park up in the quarry car park first thing , perhaps a bit too early because the food van wasn’t set up and cooking yet so that meant that we would set off without any pre walk coffee not that it mattered as it would be up and running for our return , I was also hoping to pick up some Craster kippers to take home at the end of this walk as well , I don’t know about you dear reader but I love Craster Kippers but the only problem is that they stink the whole house out when I cook them , to get around this I have started to cook them outside on the BBQ so it’s a win win situation , I could tell by the small wisp of smoke coming out of the smoke  houses that there would be plenty of kippers for when we got back plus the smell ….well you either love it or hate it .

Our route (see map) would take us down into the harbour then we would simply link up with the Coastal path heading south (St Oswald’s way) and then follow the path down to what I think is the very small bay at Howick Haven where we would mooch around and have a well-deserved lunch break , then we would head off towards Howick Hall along a small road , then if all went well we would link up with a footpath that would take us back to Craster via Hip heugh (just love that name) , sadly I forgot to charge the camera battery and it died on my on the way back , but the good news was I did remember to call in and get some freshly smoked Kippers to take home  we did about 4.6 miles all easy walking .

A few photos from today

Taken from the Harbour at Craster looking towards Dunstanburgh Castle


Looking at the small Harbour entrance (the tides well out at the moment)


Very rocky coastline at low tide


Looking at the harbour



Not sure what this is …old buoy or is it part of an old boiler

Looking back at Craster with the Castle in the background


Looking out to sea it’s like a mill pond today


Cullernose point


A few more photos of the coastline as we make our way along


Lunch time at Howick Haven


Tree growing out of the rock at Hip Heugh

A couple more


Our route back to Craster  


Day after thoughts:

Had a nice easy day , its very easy walking along this section of the coastline , it can get a bit crowded in the summer months but most folk tend to head up the coastline towards the Castle rather than away from it . Because it was a nice easy day i didnt have any problems with my stump or Arty leg so all in all a good day ...............and the kippers tasted 1st class as always .