DATE                                  27.03.13

DISTANCE                        2.3 MILES


WEATHER                        COLD AND WINDY

Little test walk.

I shouldn’t really put this little walk in here but it’s my site so I can do what I want.

As you may or may not know, I have been having a lot of problems with my walking ability, one problem after another, well the latest thing that is really starting to cause me grief is possible I have a case of Plantar Fasciitis I know this because of the all-knowing Mr Google and the net doctor said so plus my better half suffered with it. If the truth is know I have been suffering with it for some time but it’s only really started to cause me serious problems since I started walking evener  weirder since my stump started to play up. Fortunately I only suffer from it in one foot I suppose that’s one of the advantages of only having one leg and of course only having one set of toe nails to clip but that’s not really any help when that foot has to do all work   24/7.

My wife solved her problems almost overnight by wearing FITFLOPS  and as a result is hardly bothered by it now , however I can’t wear FITFLOPS  for hiking up in the hills so after much reading up I decided to spend my hard earned dosh on a set of these SORBOTHANE DOUBLE STRIKE INSOLES .

Naturally my favourite site amazon had them for sale and with a simple click of a mouse they were on their way.

A ring of the doorbell this very morning completed the transaction and I was the proud owner of these insoles, straight away I fitted them into my INOVATE 8 HIKING BOOTS.

 which as luck would have it had enough room in them without me having to remove the old insole. And that was it I was ready and raring to go.

BUT one small problem had to be dealt with first, and a very important thing this could turn out to be. As an above knee amputee ANY adjustment on the heel height no matter how small will affect how the Knee responds and these insoles raised the heel by the tiniest amount, will things work alright? There was only one way to find out and that’s to get out there and put it to the test. So this afternoons small walk to see how things worked out, I already had a set of Allen keys in my ruck sack so any adjustment could be done in situ so to speak.

I have heard that there had been some landslides on the coastal cliffs near Seaton Sluice at Crag point that I wanted to go and have a look at so why not kill two birds with one stone.

It never entered my head that to walk along the top of this bit of coastal path that’s falling into the sea in strong winds with an artificial leg that might or might not work could be a bit on the doggy side in fact it never entered my head till I got back home. but all went well , Arty Leg was or should I say felt ever so slightly different but nothing to get excited about and I felt that there is no need for any adjustments on the foot so……………………..all’s well.


Did the insoles make any difference? I can’t honestly answer that straight away only time will tell, if you are interested come back in a few weeks or months and I will add stuff to this page about them.

Any way the walk was just over 2.3 miles in bitterly cold strong winds straight off the North Sea with fast moving sleet showers.

A few photos ….enjoy .

Taken from the car park, looking towards St Mary’s lighthouse.


One of the many small landslides.


At the base, tides in so it looks like I am going to climb back up again.


Yep there is no chance of me walking along that way.


Close up.


Back up the top now, looking back at another small slip.


Close up.


Looking down.


Same again.


Looking along to coastline towards Blyth.


More damage


St Marys Lighthouse.


A few cliffy photos.


St Marys Lighthouse.


Looking back.


The flooded causeway.


A few random photos as I wander around.




I was down there earlier on




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