DATE                                 16.09.2010

DISTANCE                         5.8 MILES

WEATHER                          BRIGHT BUT COOL        




This was one of the walk that I put forward for the not so abled sadly nothing ever came of them but:-

Yet another beach walk perhaps not the best beach that we have up here in Northumberland but it has its own rewards and offers a few views that you have to see to truly appreciate and sometime you get lucky with the weather.

This walk starts at the car park just before Warkworth golf club.

At the car park there are public toilets and a few wooden benches which make a good spot to a break out the coffee and get your boots on.

On the down side this is a very popular spot for the dog walking brigade but I have always found the dog walker to be very polite and always clean up after there dogs.

Anyhow On leaving the car head down the path straight towards the beach, this path isn’t that great for the likes of any new amputees as it stepped & sloped with lots of lose stones but it is passable with a bit of care and it’s only 100 meters or so long.

However if you are unhappy about it there is a track on the golf course that will bring you down to the same spot.

I had heard that the council have been under a lot of pressure to “sort out” this section of path but with the election then the ash cloud and any other excuse that they can think of I wouldn’t hold your breath. (I am please to say that the path has now been modified and have a series of steps)

Right the walk, head down towards the beach, now there is a choice for you depending on the state of the tide you can either.

A) Turn left along the well sign posted path that runs along the edge of the golf course or carry on a few more meters and

b) Turn left and walk along the beach. (I should point out you will get wet if the tide is on its way in)

Today I took the footpath heading along Birling Links. (I will walk back along the beach)

anyway this will take you along the edge of the dunes and the golf course it can get a bit overgrown at certain times of the year (most people tend to walk along the beach), the footpath diverts inland to the other side of the golf course then back again…….I cant for the life of me understand why but it said so on the map and the finger post point in that direction so it must be right.

From there the path takes you through a static caravan site, in the winter months it’s deserted but in the warmer months it is very busy.

Now when I walk through here there is a lovely old couple who often stop me for a chat , I always put on my best puppy dog eyes & begging look till they offer to offer me a cup of tea .and if you are really lucky a slice of cake .

So when walking through here it pays to be extremely nice to any one who speaks to you.

Right after you drag yourself away from stuffing your face carry on along this footpath by this time you should be in the Buston Links section and have gained a small amount of height, from the top you can see your destination church point.

There is a possible pick up point just before you enter the “mud flats “ but it is a bit of a bumpy track. But I have see road cars parked up here so if you are having any mobility problems it’s possible to get picked up here (remember good reader this was going to be a walk for the less than able)

Now it a simple case of heading down hill, crossing the mud flats and getting to church point.

Now these mud flats are not anything to get concerned about as long as you stick to the footpath, in some places there is even green grass , But it does flood at certain times of the year , so be carful,

Once on church point have a mooch or whatever you want then its time to head back , this time it’s the beach route back (remember the tide).

The beach walk back is mostly sand BUT there are some rocky sections and some real lovely flat types of rock  that get covered in that slippery slimy sea weed , and once again I am duty bound to tell you it will hurt if you go over here.


Now because I am such a nice person I must state again make sure that you know the tides because there are several places where it is almost impossible to get of the beach if the tide comes in …………ok think!

 (Unless you are complete nutters and like getting wet and swept out to sea.)

The other thing that I should tell you the sand on this beach is hard and firm with the exception of the mouth at church point/ Almouth Bay, here it is very soft and really knackering .but it’s only for about 400 meters.

Looking right towards the harbour (not our route for today)


Looking towards the dunes / golf course taken at the bottom of the path just out of the car park


The path is a bit overgrown in places


Peek over the top of the dunes towards the beach


Cutting across the golf course


The path takes you through an old caravan site


 Path through the dunes (its very easy going)


How lucky am I? A deer

Some old ruin (don’t ask because I don’t know)

 The Island at church point


The mud flats, very easy walking but the tide can come in at certain times of the year.


The ruin what I have come to see


Old ww2 bunker (what’s left of it)

The old church


On the mound looking back down

  On top where the cross is


On the beach heading back (this is where the sand is very soft) them big square thing are part of the old ww2 defences (tank traps) as if any one would want to invade up here.

 Looking back

More tank traps


View along the beach (looking back)


Big jelly fish thingy


Looking out to sea


Looking back


I like this photo


  Now this can be tricky that green stuff will send you on your arse if you are not careful (you have been warned)


Strange looking rock

 Not the best beach that we have up in Northumberland but still good compaired to other parts of the country ………….but still worth a walk along.

And once again if you do this walk in the summer months take plenty of fluids with you it’s a long walk back when you are thirsty.


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