DATE                                 16.04.15

DISTANCE                         6.2 MILES

WEATHER                         BRIGHT AND SUNNY


Church point

After our last day out with Mick at Thrunton Woods the day before we thought that we would have an easy day of just chilling and lazing around because normally Mick needs a day or two to let both his knee and his stumpy leg recover so you can imagine our surprise when he came downstairs and started to sort his rucksack out ……………………”ERR what’s happing Mick” I asked more out of politeness than any real desire to know , I’m sorting the stuff out for a wander today Munchy , I though as the weather was nice we could all have a nice wander along the beach for the day ………….”WOW are you sure that you are ok not sore or stiff” I asked , I’m fine Munchy why don’t you go tell the boys while I get everything ready …well I didn’t need telling  twice I was off like a err very excited small dog , I found Both Bob and Flynn snoozing  in the front window , this seems to be our favourite place  at the moment  Mick and Yvonne had brought a couple of really soft fluffy blankets and built us a really good snuggly bed there and with the sun shinning it really is a lovley warm spot plus we can watch the world go past and of course bark at any one coming into the garden .

Hey you two get ready we going out for the day along the coast” I barked...Are you sure asked Bob “yes mick just told me go ask him yourself if you don’t believe me” I replied. I think I will said Flynn who went running off into the kitchen, quick said bob lets get Flynn secret stash of treats before he comes back (we both know that Flynn had hidden a few treats under his bit of the blanket) and we both dived in under the blanket to get them, we had both managed to grab a small chew when Flynn returned , he wasn’t impressed with us but before he could do or say anything we both run off laughing , “Thanks Flynn” I managed to say as I gulped it down then Mick came in the room carrying the rucksack and his boots ………..come on you lot lets go , well we didn’t need telling twice and ran towards the door “where we going” I asked , I thought that we would have a nice easy day along the beach , I was thinking that we would park up at Warkworth then head down to join the footpath that runs along the dunes at Birling  Links and stay on the St Oswald’s Way pass Buston Links and onto Church point at Alnmouth where we could have lunch then cut down onto the beach at Alnmouth bay then have a slow wander back along the beach replied Mick . That sounds great we all barked and jumped into the car , we all quickly settled down and we where off , we had one stop on the way at  the sarnie shop , “don’t forget our roast beef” I barked as mick got out to get his sarnie,  mick muttered something about us being spoilt dogs or something like that but we all know that he didn’t mean it , then five minutes later we where off, it didn’t take long for us to arrive at Warkworth and as normal Mick went into his normal routine of reading us the riot act about behaving  before he let us out .

Mick was right about one thing the car park was full of dog walkers with loads of dogs wandering all over the place, we jumped out and run over to say hi and greet their owners, come on you lot called Mick let’s get going, Charge we all yelled and went running off down the path, as we where walking along the coastal path we soon left the dog walkers who headed straight onto the beach, and found that we had the dunes to ourselves , we of course love it here and went running all over the place , Mick told us to take it easy as we had a long day ahead of us but as normal we didn’t take any notice and carried on running around . It wasn’t till sometime later that Flynn approached me and told me that he was feeling Knackered , I must admit that I was starting to feel it as well , let’s go tell Mick that we want a rest and went bounding Back to see Him “hey Mick can we rest up a bit” I asked   ok Munchy there is a nice spot just up here a bit we will stop there , and so we did , Mick got our treats out and our water bowl and both Flynn and I had a drink and decided it was snooze time , I told you to take it easy didn’t I said mick but to be honest I wasn’t really listening , bob woke us up some time later , come on you two lets get going  other wise we wont get anywhere and went bounding off , Bob can run all day and not get tired , both Flynn and myself decided that we would walk with mick rather than run around and things where fine , we reached church point and had lunch , mick had brought us our own roast beef to go with our food and I have to say it was very tasty , feeling better we all went off for a mooch around , there was lots of stuff to explore round here then we headed down to the beach , we all ran into the sea to cool our paws off , but both Flynn and myself didn’t run far or fast as we normally do , I think two big walks in two days was just a bit much for us after all we only have tiny legs , Mick seem to know this and we had lots of rest stops on the way back , then after one rest stop Mick picked me up and put me in his ruck sack and carefully put it on , I found that I could sit in the ruck sack with my front paws on his shoulder and see all around , this was great , then he picked Flynn up and carried him for a while , I think we will cut the walk short and head back to the car Mick told Bob, Bob didn’t seem to mind and went running off to chase a sea gull , after an hour we got back to the car , mick gave us all a drink and we all snuggled down for the drive home , both Flynn and me dropped straight off to sleep and didn’t wake up till we got home ,once we where home  we both jumped out of the car and run straight indoors said hello to Yvonne then curled up and had another sleep till it was tea time …………..yes we where both very tired pup’s Bob of course went into the garden to chase the birds and then sat with Mick and Yvonne whilst they had a chat about things . Mick’s GPS thingy said we had walked about 6.2 miles we of course did loads more .

A few photos from today:

Taken from the car park looking towards the mud flats


Taken at the same place looking towards the dunes and golf course (our route for the day)


On the coastal path between the dunes

Flynn and munchy waiting for me, bob is miles ahead busy scouting around

Part of the broken bridge that the golfers used to use


Looking down towards Birling Carrs


Looking back along the beach towards Amble

About to enter Alnmouth Dunes


Looking back at the caravan site , there used to be an old couple who owned a van here that always made me a cup of tea if they saw me , sadly the van has gone


Looking down onto the beach


Bob finally shown up and busy waiting for us all to catch up


Pond, sadly no birds where on there today


Daffs and the boys mooching around


Looking towards the back of the sand dunes


Me Munchy feeling a bit …..Phew I’m knackered


Old ruin (no haven’t got a clue what it was)


The boys can smell something in the air


Church point and the mud flat


Old drift wood


More of the flat (very dry today)

Old ww2 bunker, the council smashed it up for some reason


Looking towards a bit of the tidal mud flat


The old church and lunch time


Close up

The boys mooching


Inside, sadly there is nothing left


On our way up to the cross looking back


The boy’s leading the way


At the cross looking across towards Alnmouth


Looking up the harbour (if that’s the right term)


Bob & Flynn watching the tide come in (very fast at this point)


Our way onto the beach


Looking back before we drop down


Looking back up


Boys playing hide and seek in the daffs

Onto the beach


Last look back at the point


Looking up the beach, even on a lovley day like today there is hardly any one around


Big dune


One of our many rest stops, Flynn guarding the treats


Bob standing still for a change


Me Munchy having a well deserved rest


Looking back down the beach


Looking towards Birling Carrs (the tides coming in)


Fresh water to cool our paws in


No the tide has cut us of time to head onto the path again


Time to cut down again


Having a good sniff around


Nearly back at the car looking at the mud flats


Looking the other way towards the golf course

Day after thoughts

Despite  being out two days my stump didn’t suffer any problems along with Arty leg who preformed well, my Knee did start to ach a bit on the beach , I think that walking in the soft sand didn’t help , but it was a very slow relaxed pace and we all had lots of stop so I think that helped .

As for the pup’s well Bob managed no problem, he could go on all day, however both Munchy & Flynn where both very tired pup’s I think two big walks in two days is a bit much for them, of course if they didn’t run around playing and fighting for hours on end they wouldn’t be so tired, and of course I might have walked 6 odd miles they did treble that or even more. I think I will have to be a bit more carful when I plan to take them out, however after a good nights sleep they where fine the following day