DATE                         06.01.2014

DISTANCE                 6.4 MILES




Before I get too carried away with this trip report I think a bit of background info might be needed, My Facebook account (I know I’m sad) got hacked a few weeks ago, however the first thing I knew about it was a message from the facebook people asking me if I had been in the good old USA in the last few day's and could I please stop sending friend request out after a bit of “no its wasn’t me” I changed my password and all was well , then I started getting friend request acceptance thingy’s  flying back at me , now being the sad person that I am I felt quite smug about the fact I now had more than a couple of Facebook friends but the best news is they are all outdoors types , great more photos to see and trip reports to read up on , after a small e-mail with one of my “new” friends he suggested that I join ODRUS , so after a small introduction about myself I was accepted into this fine body of men &  lady’s  and so I invited myself along to one of their walks .

I can’t help but think that it’s a funny old world we live in  and if you the Hacker ever read this I would just like to say thanks & I hope that you get crabs or some other erotic disease.

Any way back to the walk, I was feeling very nervous about meeting up and walking with normal people again, however I had told them up front about my leg so there shouldn’t be any surprises but you know how it is there is always that little bit of concern about meeting up for the first time , however on arrival and meeting them all my fears where soon put to one side and I felt at home , I still had the nagging fear of could I keep up because the last thing I wanted to do was to cause them to keep stopping and waiting for me , again my fear’s proved groundless and I managed to keep up without any problems however I should  say that the route was quite an easy one to walk , but saying that I still managed to turn my head red going up a small hill but I think that was more to do with too much Christmas stuffing my face rather than my speed in general however it was a reminder that I need to up my game a bit .

Because I’m a bit lazy I have copied this off the print out

The route

The walk begins at Low Hall Pele on the eastern end of Main Street. Head west down Main Street before turning right up Princes Street. At the town hall turn left along Hill Street, then, just before the church, turn left up the narrow street to pass the Vicar's Pele. Turn right at the Market Place and head north up Watling Street, then Stagshaw Road, which is staggered to the left beyond the Wheat sheaf Inn.

Go left along Trinity Terrace then left again along a footpath, signed 'West Green'. This leads past Catherine Cookson's old house, Town Barns, to the Georgian house of Orchard Vale, where you turn right, then left along a lane to the river. Turn left along Carelgate, then follow the riverside path to the town bridge. Go over the bridge, and then follow the south banks of the Tyne on an unsurfaced track that passes the cricket ground at Tynedale Park before mounting a grassy embankment running parallel to the river.

Turn right up some steps; go over a ladder stile, then cross the railway tracks (with care). Another stile and some more steps lead the path through a wood and across a field to meet the A695 where you turn right - there's a footpath on the nearside. Just beyond some cottages, turn left up a country lane, which zigzags’ up Prospect Hill. Just after the first bend leave the lane for a southbound path that climbs fields. Just short of some woods the path meets a track where you turn right for a few paces to re-join the lane. Follow this up to reach a crossroads at the top of the hill, where you turn right.

After passing Temperley Grange and West farms leave the road for a path on the right that follows first the right-hand side, then the left-hand side of a dry-stone wall across high fields and down to the Snokoehill Plantations.

Go through a gate to enter the wood, and then turn left along a track running along the top edge. The track doubles back to the right, soon to follow the bottom edge of the woods.

 Turn right beyond a gate above High Town farm and follow the track, which becomes tarred beyond West Fell. Beyond Roecliff Lodge a path on the left crosses a field to reach the A695 road. Across the other side of the road the path continues and enters a copse known as The Scrogs, before joining the B6529 by Corbridge Railway Station. Follow this over the bridge and back into Corbridge itself.

As normal a few photos from today, not many because I was to busy keeping up.

The agreed meeting place.


Looking down the river Tyne


My fellow walkers leading the way


Looking towards the bridge where if all go's well we cross over the river


Close up of the bridge

Duck’s doing what duck’s do on the water


Looking back along the riverside path

Taken from the bridge looking upstream


And………looking downstream


A small burry uphill bit in one of the woods we passed through


Looking back down towards Corbridge


The gang striding up the hill, by this time my head was turning seriously red and I think that my lungs had stopped working …. Yep eating too much Christmas stuff


Looking back down (really I was trying to get my breath back)


Lunch and group photo

View from the lunch spot

The gang heading down towards a very wet & muddy path, I suppressed myself by not slipping over


The ruined barn at High town farm (I think)


Looking towards a distant Hexham


Crossing back over the river


A lovley old house near where I parked up


About 6.4 miles according to my GPS thingy , easy walking but a bit wet and muddy in places nothing to get concerned about , a good day out made better by the company ………..Thank you


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