We have puppies

Our s on Mark has got himself a small JackAwawa Pup named Flynn , he is  mint !

close up of Flynn having a nap

Having a tasty treat.

A lovley bundle of joy, naturally when asked if we would puppy sit both Yvonne and I jumped at the chance, he is fun to have around and made us think about how much we both missed having a pet around the house. I still have my son and daughter living at home but believe me it not the same.so it was our mission to go and get one for ourselves , my Daughter Kerri jumped at the chance  to track one down using the all knowing Google and before we knew it we was off on a mission to look at some .

On arriving at this lady’s house we where given the choice of two pups, I wanted one, Yvonne liked the other one and Kerri wanted them both, after seeing the state of the place I thought it was wrong to leave any pup there and I thought if we get two they will always have company so the deal was done and we came away with two bundles of fur and me a much emptier bank balance.

Naming them didn’t take long; I am a firm believer that a name will automatically  come to mind when they do something or not do anything as the case may be so they where named very quickly …….Munchy and Bob for reasons I will go into later .

On getting them home , tea was forgotten about as we all nearly came to blows on who was going to sit with them and who wasn’t .but seeing as they where both very young and sleepy they soon curled up and went to sleep and didn’t mind being past around . Every one was happy.

Feeding came next, luckily we had some dog food in the house, which is kept for when Flynn come to stay with us, they both woofed there tea down.

Our new house guests Munchy  and Bob



Our first big problem was how would Flynn behave when he came round? so we quickly arranged for Mark to bring him round , he is still a pup himself but being about four weeks older than these two made a huge difference , Bob and Munchy still wasn’t allowed out till they had there jabs. But we figured that they would be ok with Flynn as he himself had only just had his second jab.

We decided that they should meet up for the first time in the back garden, the pups where already out playing, Flynn went hurtling up to them stopped dead, all tails where wagging and then for the next hour or so they all had a great time, running, play fighting, jumping getting into all sorts of trouble and it would seem that a bond has quickly developed and we all let out a sigh of relief.

a few photos

Next we let them into the house; again the pups had a great time belting around the house, then pups being pups it was nap time.


So all in all a good start.