Yet again we both had a really good nights kip with the one exception , Bob woke up and needed a wee , Munchy are you awake …………..I am now what’s the matter ? I need a wee , right ok let me think about this for a minute , whilst I was thinking about it Bob woke Yvonne and mick up , I think that he wants to go out said a grumpy Yvonne  to mick , right we had better let him out then , munchy you can go as well , I did try to snuggle down but mick promptly picked me up off the bed and pushed my nose out of the door , Yvonne was already out with Bob and I quickly rushed out to join them , it was dark very dark and could have been scary if it wasn’t for the fact I am very brave , anyway we all wandered around the field , heading towards the row of trees , will you both hurry up whispered Yvonne , ok we barked back & don’t make so much noise whispered Yvonne back , by this time  we had found some suitable bushes and did what we had to do then it was a full pelt run back to the van , Summer had it seemed all but finished and tonight there was a bit of a chill in the air we both wanted nothing more than to jump back on the nice warm bed and snuggle down for the rest of the night. A grumpy Yvonne followed and soon we were all knocking out the zzzzzzzzzzz.except for mick who doesn’t make any sound when he sleeps unlike Yvonne who snores like a drunken warthog who is having an asthma attack.

We all slept in till late in the morning, neither Mick or Yvonne seemed to mind, right what’s the plan for today we both barked over breakfast, well to start off with I am going to pack away the outside gear as its going to rain later on, so you two need to be good for a bit then we shall all head off down to the beach at Coldingham bay and have a small wander along the cliffs and coastline towards Eyemouth , I know that you are all a bit knackered so we wont go far and there is that coffee shop down on the beach where we can all grab a bite to eat and drink , yes we both barked that sounds like a good plan. And so for the next hour or so we tried to keep out of micks way as he was busy sorting stuff out , naturally we couldn’t keep away for more than a minute or two before we just had to help out an so this quick job took a lot longer than what mick thought.

However after much swearing and yelling at us to get out of the way or put that down he finally finished and we all piled into the car for the short drive down.

Charge!!! yelled Bob and me as we hurtled out of the car and run onto the beach, we both love running and playing on the sand, there is so much that we can do, sniffing stuff, digging holes dare I say eating anything that’s laying around (we have to be carful that we don’t get seen by either Mick or Yvonne as they tend to moan at us and take anything off us) chasing sticks or each other or even better still big sea gulls , there was a few other big dogs on the beach , we went and said hello and waged our tails at them  but they didn’t want to play and so it was that Mick lead us along the path for a walk . However we hadn’t got very far when it started to rain, Yvonne who had a face like a smacked arse looked at Mick as if it was his entire fault and suggested we call it a day and turn back.

Mick of course being very wise agreed and mentioned that we could call in at the beach side café when we pass it. Yeah we love tasty treats we both barked and so we turned around and I and Bob lead them both back.

Food at the café was very tasty and was the perfect way to end the walk, sadly it was our last afternoon up here but that didn’t matter because we would be heading home in the morning and would see Flynn again. Kerri had phoned earlier to let us know that Flynn was now fully recovered now and was looking forward to seeing us all that was good news and so ended this trip away.

Mick only took a few photos today as the rain was really quite heavy and he didn’t want to get the camera too wet.

Looking towards the beach huts on Coldingham bay.

Looking towards what’s known as the kip.


Heading towards Milldown point.

The pups leading the way.


The path is a bit rough in places.


Where the milldown burn joins the beach.

Flowing out to sea.

Looking along the coast towards the huge caravan site at Eyemouth.

Lots of Shags (I think) sitting on some unnamed rock.


Its starting to rain, Bob looking for answers should we go on or turn back?


A few more photos before the weather really turned nasty.

The boys getting ready to head back.

Last couple of photos.