DATE                                   23.04.12

WEATHER                          BRIGHT AND SUNNY AROUND ME

DISTANCE                         ABOUT 9 MILES GIVE OR TAKE A BIT



I had always planned to get up and go out walking someplace local today, one glance out of the bedroom window confirmed that I had made the right choice, then reverting to plan “b” I got my trusty I pad out and had a look at the Weather app, now this app is never right and to think that I paid 67p for it. Anyway my golden rule for this app is if it says rain, pack sunscreen if it says sun pack your foul weather gear you get the idea.

I had been having a bit of trouble with the arty leg again, this time loosing suction, nothing serious but a bit of a pain in the arse at times (any amputee will know what I am on about) it would seem that my stump has lost a bit of volume, now the big thing is do I pad the socket out to make it a snug fit or do I leave it a couple of days and see if my stump swells out. I decided to live with for a couple of days and drinks loads of fluids to see if it will swell and fit. (The joy of being an amputee can certainly be changeling some days) anyway that’s enough of that, I decided to go to the beach just past Warkworth, walk up to Church point at Anlmouth along the coastal path then cut down onto the beach and walk right back to Amble then cut back to where the car was along a track that run alongside the mud flats. About 9 miles give or take a couple of feet.

I also planned to make this walk into a training walk , I had started to develop quite a few bad habits which would cause me no end of grief if I didn’t address them sooner rather than later , so today I would start on these , there is several good areas for my training on this walk , huge big sand dunes for me to try to walk up and down , not easy when the sand is loose , but really good fun when you fall over coming down and end up doing a human bobsleigh impression , likewise there is some really sticky mud in the mud flats that makes it really hard to move and really does make you think about how and where to place your feet , then there is a section on “soft sand “ at Anlmouth bay where your feet sink in about 4” this makes walking very hard for an amputee but it is something that I think needs to be practised if I am ever going to be fully mobile , then of course there is the miles of wet hard sand where I was going to see if I could walk that little bit faster , my present walking speed is ok I suppose if you’re walking with a load of 3 toed sloths . But if I am going to walk with normal two leggers I need to up my speed a bit. There is nothing worse than seeing someone looking at their watch and saying were going to run out of time or something like that. Perhaps that is why I am very reluctant to walk in groups any more. (I do my best and do warn you that I slow so don’t be surprised when I am slow ok).

I also filled my rucksack up with fluids , this had two advantages one I would literally force gallons of liquid down my neck hopefully rehydrating my body (anything is worth a try) and the extra weight would help build up my stamina a bit (you try going up and down sand dunes with a heavy rucksack on) .

The day was very successful , with everything but when trying to walk faster I felt something “not quite right “ in my groin area & for the rest of the walk it was tight and pulling down there . Fortunately I am fine this morning but I will treat it as a warning, and maybe try to build up speed a bit more slowly and carful in the future. (Is this what it’s like to be getting old?).

The only other thing to note about this walk was the weather: - the weather gods must like me I walked the whole walk in bright sunshine with very dark clouds all around me .

As normal a few photos enjoy .

Taken from the car park.


Taken from the coastle path looking down at the beach (and my return route )

A bit further along the path looking at the beach (note how the weather gods have come out now )

First sighting of Alnmouth , I am going to leave the path at this point to go play in the dunes.

Entering the dunes , life starts to get a bit more tricky for a while . 

First sighting of the small island of Church Point.


Getting closer.


Crossing over sometimes this section can be very "sticky" and wet but today its almost bone dry .

The old church ............Hence church point (I think)

Close up.


A few shots from ontop of the island.


Now at the base.

On the beach.

Now its not often that weather gods look after me but today they did , my route along the beach . bright and sunny .

Looking back (some one getting some rain)




Big dune coming up time to go and play.


I often see this after big seas , however I still havent got a clue what it is off .

EH! more play time coming up , walking on slimy weed covered rock , not fun and it hurts when you fall. (Birling carrs)

Now back on firm sand , looking ahead to the breakwater at Amble.

Quick look to the left just to make sure that the dark cloud isnt heading my way.

Looking back along the beach

Now on the Breakwater looking into the small harbour.

Small fishing boats (sometimes its possible to buy really fresh fish straight off the fishermen here , I didnt bother simply because my better half wouldnt know what to do with it ,I mean if it isnt square or covered in breadcrumbs or batter & out of a box it isnt fish ) sorry dear. Good job she never reads this stuff.

Old wrecks. (bit like me really)

Mud flats , normally teaming with birds , I guess that they flew off , when some nutter started walking backwards and forwards on the mud .

Looking across at Warkworth Castle.

Nearly back at the car , time to head into the dunes for one last bit of training .

A very plesent walk .