DATE                            23.04.2014

DISTANCE                    9.2 MILES




Hi its Flynn here I was busy sorting out the chews that had been scattered about ……you know putting the bone shapes in one pile, the ball shapes in another pile someplace different and busy counting them all when Bob and Munchy came up to me, Flynn as you are the oldest & we think that you should have a chat with Mick about us getting out for the day, What!! We have just got in from the beach less than ten minutes ago ,yes yes we know that but we think that Mick needs a day out , just look at him , I must admit I was getting concerned about Mick , he was having problems with the fit of his leg again and trying to decorate downstairs , there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day for him at the moment and all the climbing up and down the step ladder was causing his back to play up , I know this because I heard him telling our mum Yvonne .

Just then whilst I was looking at Mick busy with a paint roller in his hand Munchy run in and nicked one of the treats that I had been busy “storing” for another day …………Thanks Flynn yelled Munchy as he disappeared with one of my chews in his mouth .Ok said Bob we will leave it with you to have a chat with Mick, Then quickly reached down and nicked another of my treats …..Thanks Flynn said Bob with his mouth full.

I sighed and thought that I will have to find a new hiding place for all these chews now that these two know about this place. But first things first time to have a chat with Mick.

Hi Mick how’s it going? I asked , not to bad Flynn I saw both Munchy & bob come running past with Chews in their mouths have they found your lasts hiding place , yes I barked back but that doesn’t matter at the moment you can always buy us some more can’t you ? . Mick we think that you need a break for the day so we have decided that you can take us all out tomorrow for a nice wander someplace, sorry Flynn I got too much on and don’t have the time to take the day off at the moment, yes you can I barked back just look at you, your back is killing you and you are starting to get moody you need a chill out day someplace …………… I will leave it up to you to decide where but we are going or there will be big trouble and I’m now going to tell Bob & Munchy so now you have to. Mick sighed and agreed.

You know I hate to see Mick this knackered but sometimes he needs to be told.

Early the next morning, Mick true to his word informed us that we would be going out for the day and was busy packing all the food, coats and other gear we would need for the day, Bob & Munchy was busy running around like stupid dogs but I knew that it would do Mick good to get away from it all for a few hours and it was up to me to keep an eye on things to make sure he had a good day. Bob, Munchy I barked calm down a bit or at least be quite till we get there will you the last thing I want is for mick to get a head ache with the racket you are making, Ok Flynn they both replied.

Ok boys let’s get into the car and go yelled Mick...Charge we all yelled and run into the back of the car and settled down  & we were off .

Where are we going I asked, mick replied the back of Simonside a section that we haven’t been before, but he warned us that we might have to go on our leads for a small section as there might be sheep with new lambs in one of the fields we had to walk through, not a problem we replied and snuggled down to get forty winks whilst Mick drove us to the car park.

Sure enough Micks stopped the car and we all pilled out, he was right I didn’t recognise this place at all, after five minutes of Mick buggering about getting his gear on we were off.

However we had to walk very close to Mick for the first 50 meters as we were parked in a car park and had to cross over the access road and Mick didn’t want us to run around in case any cars turned up, once we were over the road Mick told us to go run and play , we didn’t need telling twice and belted off right up a very big hill, mick plodded along behind us with a smile on his face , Right Munchy you drop back and walk with Mick for a bit I said , “ok Flynn” replied Munchy , we had agreed that we would take it in turns to walk with Mick that way there was always one of us around to keep an eye on him. As we didn’t have a clue which way Mick was taking us today we kept running back to check that we were heading the right way, you lot need to slow down a bit said Mick we have a few miles to cover so I don’t want you all tiered out before we get half way round, ok we all barked back. Time for a leg stop said Mick, as expected he was having problems with his arty leg and needed to take it off and sort it out, we didn’t mind having a stop, Mick pored some water into a bowl and got a few treats out for us and after a quick scoff started having a mooch around, “where are we going to day Mick I asked “  I’m not really sure at the moment what I am thinking is that we would park up at Lordenshaw get on the St Oswald’s Way and stay on their passing the old hut at Spylaw then cross over the Forest burn , up Whelp Law  still staying on the path visit Coquet Cairn then enter the forest to a place called the Comb from there link up with a forestry track past the old ruin at Blackcock Hall past Fernybed Hill still staying on the track past weather head then if all goes well we should be at the bit of Simonside that you know , just under the big climb up to Simonside crags , I don’t think that we will go up there as my leg is slipping off so we will wander around the crags and cut up at Dove Crags from there we will follow the path to the beacon , you must remember that Flynn , Yes I remember I said then we will head back down to the car park . Right I barked (still none the wiser) but that didn’t matter as long as Mick knew where we were going that is all that mattered.

Right that’s my leg sorted lets go said Mick, we didn’t need telling twice and run off, still taking it in turns to watch over Mick.

There was lots of stuff to see and explore and there was a lovely grassy path which was great to roll around on, then of course there was the Heather we played doing big bounces on that , then we entered a field with sheep and there Lambs in , right you lot it’s time to go on your leads , ok we said anything to keep Mick happy , we knew that we would be good but Mick still isn’t sure about us , “Bob Munchy just let Mick put you on your leads , its far quicker and easier than making a fuss “ I barked . and once we were on our leads we set off , again Mick was right within five minutes we were clear of the sheep and Mick let us off again , there that wasn’t too bad was it asked Mick.

On entering the forest we run and played till we were puffed out, there was so much to see and smell we played chase then hid and seek it was great fun, all the time one of us would pop back and stay with Mick for a bit before we had to go running off the path and disappeared into the trees.

Mick found an old quarry where we stopped for lunch and a well-deserved rest. We helped mick polish off his cake and then helped him with his roast beef sarnie before we started on our dinner, Mick looked much better, and even suggested that we all had a nap for a bit, the sun was shining it was nice and warm so why not and we all settled down for a cat nap after a while Mick woke us up, right let’s get moving again boys, Ok we barked back , and so we completed the rest of the walk , we spent most of the time running around / playing we found some rabbits but they run off before we could talk to them , and they run very fast , we chased some big birds , Mick told us they were Pheasants , and tasted very nice , we had a drink out of a pond which was very tasty much better than the water Mick carries for us . At one point we met up with another walker and his dog and went to say hello, but the dog was a right grumpy thing and didn’t want to play “you need to chill out a bit we barked at it “and continued along the path, what a miserable dog said Bob, then before we knew it we was back at the car park, there was a few other walker about, they made a fuss of us, we like being fussed over.

According to Mick GPS thing he walked about 9.2 miles with about 1310ft of the ups and downs, we did at least treble that so no wonder we all slept once we climbed into our bed in the car, we had a brill day and looking at Mick he seemed to be a lot better and had a smile on his face so I think he had a good day as well.

As normal a few photos:-

Taken from the car park

On part of the St Oswald’s Way last time I was here it was a muddy mess


Approaching Spylaw looking up towards the hills


Spylaw... I believe that the scouts use this building


Heading across the moorland


Looking towards where the forest burn is


But first the boys have to go on their leads: - sheep with lambs are in the field.


The forest burn, we all had a drink from here …..Well Mick didn’t


Looking back towards Spylaw


Looking back towards the Simonside hills






Me Flynn


At coquet Cairn looking back at the moorland


Looking towards the hills before we enter the trees


A few photos taken as we wander along in the trees


The old ruin (what’s left of it) at Blackcock Hall


A gap in the trees reviles that they have been harvesting around here


Not sure what did this or why the track is very wide at this point


A couple of photos showing where they have been cutting the forest down


Now heading towards the hills


Getting closer


Looking up at the crags, we won’t be going up there today because mick is having problems with his arty leg


Looking out towards the distant Cheviot Hills


Looking towards Ravens Crag


Looking up towards dove crag we will be heading up there to link up with our return footpath


Still on a good track


Again looking towards the Cheviot Hills


Looking towards the town of Rothbury


Can just about make out Hedgehope in the cheviots now that the clag is clearing


Heading up


Looking up at Dove crags


And back on our return footpath


Our route (can’t really get lost can you?)

Looking back towards Dove Crag


Looking back

Bob & Munchy


Me, Flynn


 Arty leg wanted his photo taken as well


Looking back along the path


Me checking where we are


Last one looking down at the car park


A panno