DATE                                  14.05.2010

DISTANCE                          7.1 MILES

WEATHER                          GREY AND WET



 The Cheviot

Sometimes I think that I must be brain dead, and then I do something to confirm it, this time I was laying in bed wondering about where my next walk was going to be, when something that another amputee said to me on our last walk, about being challenged & how good it felt to challenge one self, they where on about themselves after there last walk with me, but somehow it struck a nerve, when was the last time I challenged myself? When was the last time I pushed myself out of my safe little area?

I was going to wake up my better half Yvonne and ask her but from the amount of snoring and farting coming from her I though better of it. (Just kidding).

So there and then I thought of the hardest route that I could think of. And drifted off to sleep dreaming of the next days walk & sheep...

 The Target for this walk was going to be to reach the trig point on top of Northumberland highest mountain .the Cheviot at 815 meters  and if all goes well come back down as well , because it would be pointless struggling all the way up there if I wasn’t coming down would it ?. And I had to get back home in time for tea. So I couldn’t hang about. (No pressure there then)

Anyway the walk:

 Parked the car on the grassed area near the Harthope burn just before Langleeford. Coffee was made and drunk. And gear sorted out

The route that I had set my self was straight up to the summit of Scald Hill at 549 meters , from there walking along the “ridge “ (which is really just a stretch of boggy path) to the Cheviot at 815 meters  and then straight up to the summit. Simple!

And then straight back down retracing my steps. Or that was the plan at this stage

As normal a few photos

Looking towards Hedgehope from where the car was parked

The start of what was a very long haul up hill


Looking up to Scald Hill (that’s not the top just one of many blind summits)


Looking down towards Langleeford

 The very distant Cheviot, notice the cloud covering. (Taken at max zoom)

 Looking back down the valley


 Some shooting stands? Not really sure what these are called. But looking at the amount of tissue that was scattered around inside perhaps they should be call open air toilets


Whoosh !!!

Still heading up Scald hill, the path has gone from grass to boggy peat with heather waiting to trip the unwary up.

Looking towards Woolhope crag

 Approaching the summit of Scald Hill, there is no carne that I could see; perhaps it’s sunk in all the boggy peat, something that this area is well known for.


Now at the foot of the cheviot, looking up (ugh why do this to myself?)


The cloud is just starting to come down now. I think that I have a lay down at this point for a well deserved 10 minute cat nap.

Looking back down


Ugh!! Still going up


Looking across at what I think is Comb Fell


Finally made it to the stone pathway which will take me to the cairn .I has made it to the top but not to the summit yet.


This is why there is the stone path up here; this area is nothing but a huge series of peat bogs.


Made it to the summit There is a tiny bit of grass round the trig point where it is possible to sit down for a well deserved rest.


 Typical top of the Cheviot peat bogs


Looking along the pathway which will take you to join up with the Pennine way


 Looking back at the trig point, there should be some good views but the cloud has ruined that


On my way down, just starting to get out if the cloud, just about make out Hedgehope.

Still descending looking down towards Langleeford

Still trying to get below the cloud

Looking across towards Comb Fell


Looking towards Preston & Broadhope Hill

Still heading down, unfortunately still a haze ruining the photos.

At this stage I have decided to take a much shorter but steeper route down at least I am off the slippery boggy bits now on rough grass heading down to Langleeford hope.

An old hut

Slowly making my way down, looking up the valley

Looking across towards Long Crags & Housey Crags

Me showing a very tired foot, still got a section of downhill to go but at least I am out of the haze

Looking down the valley


Looking up the valley


Looking back up this never ending hill


Finally made it to the bottom, now it’s just a case of following the river back to where the car is.

River shot showing old flood damage

Last look up the valley before I get back to the car.


Note to myself next time I feel like challenging myself; go for a lay down till I forget all about it.

I was aching all over by the time I got home much too every ones amusement. And to be honest the views from the Cheviot aren’t really that good due to the shape of the mountain itself.

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