DATE                                  06.08.2010  ( I THINK)

DISTANCE                          7.8 MILES

WEATHER                          BRIGHT AND DRY




Todays wander was going to be along part of the Monsal trail taking in some of Chee dale and Miller dale, I have to be honest and say that I don’t know where one part stop’s and the other starts, this is one area that I have just got go back to, likewise I really regret that I didn’t take much notice of the route we did and didn’t have my Gps with me, why here? you ask well I had seen a TV  program about the stepping stones staring that gorgeous babe Julia Bradbury  and thought wow I have just got to go there (secretly hoping that I would meet her ) , but before we go any further here’s a bit of info that I got off Mr Goggle :-

 The majestic slopes and imposing crags of carboniferous limestone that form Chee Dale create a spectacular setting for a walk. Allow plenty of time to explore this species-rich limestone dale. Among its many delights are the ash woodland, limestone grassland and an impressive 200ft deep gorge, all internationally important. The limestone grassland is bursting with colour all summer, from the cowslips and early purple orchids of May, through the delicately petalled rock rose and the spectacular bright blue spires of Jacob's ladder, to grass of Parnassus and sheets of scabious in August. The dale's ash woodlands have developed on the steep slopes and you will even notice some trees growing out of the cliff faces. Look for dark green yews and rock whitebeams with white undersides to their leaves. As you walk beside the river you may be lucky enough to see a dipper 'bobbing' on the rocks as it searches for food. The woodland provides perfect perches for summer visitors like the spotted flycatcher to swoop for insects. Among other birds which nest here are blackcap, chiffchaff and willow warbler.

Sounds good eh? so off we went , we parked up at what I believe was an old railway station (closed) at Miller’s dale , I have since been told that the station has been done up and is now reopened as a tourist info / tea room type place and off we went , we past along what was the old rail line past old lime workings , lots of old industrial stuff , cut down along the river and the gorge , did the stepping stones thing and basically wanderer about , it’s a lovley area , but we went the day after there had been a huge downpour and the valley bottom was very slippery in places and it was very humid and steamy under the cliffs  as I cant really  remember any more about the walk (next time I will fill my walking log book in) cept that it was a good day and since then they have reopened some of the railway tunnels which where closed when we was there . It’s a place I would really like to go back to and spend a bit more time mooching around now that my walking ability has improved a little bit.

As normal a few photos from this wander, don’t be too suppressed if I get the names wrong.

Our starting point, the old railway station (it’s been done up since I took this)


I think that this was one of the huge line Kilns from the quarry




Looking out

Heading along the meadow towards the river Wye


Looking upstream at one of the many dams / weirs


Limestone rocks


Another of these weirs / dams, not sure who or why these are here


Looking downstream at the bridge where we crossed


I think that we are now entering the Nature reserve


Some slippery rock to climb down first


It’s very warm and steamy down here the camera lens kept steaming up


Our path taking us along the river (very impressive limestone cliffs)


A few more photos showing what it is like along this section , in places it like being in a different world ……..wet steamy and overgrown


My better half with a rare smile on her face


Climbers doing what they do on the cliff face


Close up, I really hope she doesn’t drop as we walk right under her


Looking back


Now approaching the stepping stones


Taken on the stepping stones looking back


Looking up at the railway viaduct, we head up at this point to link up with it


Now on the viaduct looking down towards the river


Looking back along the trial (not sure if this is part of the Monsal Trail)


A bit further along looking down at the river


Looking towards the cliffs


Now on yet another bridge looking back at our route


Time to head up there (no haven’t got a clue where this is)


Nearly at the top looking back down


My better half and her sister (still smiling)


On our way back towards the car, looking towards an old quarry



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