DATE                                20.09.13

DISTANCE                       7.4 MILES

WEATHER                       MOSTLY DRY



After the success of my last few walks I was very keen to get out into the hills again and just push myself and my stump to see if I could do that little bit more distance and possibly throw in a few tricky bits just to see how it coped, well that was my thinking.

First problem was where to go , well its not really a problem just takes a bit more  thinking about , second problem was cattle , now I don’t really like cattle but I can as a rule live with them , but today I was planning on taking Bob with me , now fat lazy cattle might put up with dogs in popular walking areas where they are used  to dogs  but I know that the cattle up in the Cheviots and the blood thirsty mean things and wouldn’t think twice about stamping all over poor Bob , so what ever route I chose it had to be cattle free , Bob of course being a young pup doesn’t know about stuff like this , all he wants to do is run and play , we have been taking a lot of time and effort introducing the pups to various wildlife with some success but its still early day , so for the time being I would pick a route where there shouldn’t be any cattle and if there are I would just change my route .

I decided on visiting the small waterfall at Carey Burn, I have done various walks around this area and know the land well, the walk along the Burn is very tricky in places (for me) what with the small rocky path slowly disappearing down the bank as it get eroded away plus there are sections where you have to make your way past the very spiky gorse bushes which tend to cut open your legs very easily, I know all this and still wear  shorts so I have got no one to blame but myself .

Bob of course couldn’t wait to get going  and was running round the house like a lunatic , I couldn’t help but feel sad for Flynn as I know that he would have wanted to come with us as well , but at the moment I just cant take the chance with two pups , on there own they are really well behaved but together I tend to lose what little bit of control I have over them and they tend to do as they want and only answer my calls when it suits them , still with a bit more training we will get there , it is my fondest wish that I can take both Bob and Flynn out with me when I go into the hills but at the moment I cant , Munchy has let it be known that the hills or any big walks are not for him and if it cold , wet , windy , dark or over 4 miles don’t even bother asking him (what a handbag).

So gear was thrown into the car and off we went. I parked up on the grassy lay by just before the bridge over the Carey Burn in the beautiful Harthope Valley. Coffee made and drunk gear was sorted and off we went, Bob had to be on his lead for the first ten minutes or so as we walked past loads of sheep, these sheep tend to be a bit tougher than the normal sheep and didn’t move until we where almost on top of them, then they snorted and stamped there hooves , Bob didn’t know what to do I think he was torn between barking at them or wanting to run at them and play , either way with a few words of encouragement  and the odd tug of the lead he behaved himself , once went entered the valley and got onto the small rock path that runs along the side of Skirl Naked / Hart Heugh  (who thinks of these names?) I let Bob off and off he went cashing  fly’s , sniffing everything and generally having fun , I was pleased to see that he didn’t wander off to far and always waited for me when we went round a bend or some gorse bushes blocked his view of me .

This section of path proved to be difficult for me with the path all but disappearing in places and being scratched to bits, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the scenery along this valley which is second to none IMHO.

The small water fall came into view , a few photos where taken , but it wasn’t till later that day I realised that the camera was on the wrong setting so pre haps they aren’t as good as what they could have been .(I know I should check but I just point and press) anyway from there I had a few hundred meters of fern to wade through , before I linked up with what’s know as the hell path (don’t ask coz I don’t know how it got that name) naturally the fern was soaking wet and so I got soaking wet (I even had waterproofs in the ruck sack) then we simple followed along a well used path along the Broadstrutter burn . From there we linked up with a well used track to take us up to the shooting lodge at Broadstrutter, when I first started walking in this area , this building was an old ruin it only in the last few years that its been restored , I preferred it when it was an old ruin.

Anyway it was getting close to lunch time, so we made the most of the shelter and sorted our food out. Bob of course woofed his tasty treats down first then pushed his dinner round the bowl for a bit, however he soon lost interest in that when I got my sarnie out and spent the next five minutes assisting me in eating the choice bits out of the sarnie leaving me the boring salad and bread bits, I tried to sneak a bit of cake past him but had no luck and ended up sharing the cake with him as well, only then did he return to his food bowl and finish his lunch , sometime I think that I am spoiling that dog.

Dinner eaten it was time to crack on, Bob was full of energy and bounding around all over the place chasing all most anything that moved in the breeze, stopping only to cock his leg at a tuft of grass or fence post, our route took us over the moorland up Rushy Gair (356 meters) from there I was going to walk down to the road at bottom of Langleeford and walk back along the road but that would have meant Bob having to go on the lead instead on a whim I decided to follow an old shooting path up to Hawsen Crags  from there up to Cold Law (452 meters) then down to Carling Crags and finally from there making our own way down to have a mooch around some old forgotten sheep pens on the side of Snear Hill then linking up with a farm track that took us back down to the Bridge at Carey burn where the car was , Just over seven miles with 1564 ft. of ups and downs .

As normal a few photos.

Taken from the car looking at a cloudy Hedgehope.


The entrance to the Carey burn valley (I don’t think that is its real name)

Bob scouting ahead.


Easy walking at this point but the path starts to show signs of being overgrown in places.

Looking back.


Bob returning from his scouting mission, he kept me in sight all day, returning when he couldn’t see me.


The path takes us up there for a bit.


This section wasn’t too bad but the path has eroded further ahead, but passable with care.


I find it quite hard to walk on this lose stone.

Back on the path, looking across to the other side.


Our first sighting of the small waterfall at Carey Burn.


Taken at a higher zoom.


Bob showing off.


Tricky bit of path again (note the gauze bushes)


Bob waiting at the waterfall.

Looking back.


Our route now follows the burn for a while.


Again looking back, it should get easer to walk now.


Our route ahead easy walking for a bit.


But first we have to fight our way past the fern.


And finally we meet up with the hell path, what you can’t see is how wet I got.


Looking back down to where we crossed the burn.

Now on open moor land, bob waiting for me to catch up.


Bob in his rain coat , we nearly got caught in a downpour , its ok for me to get wet , but I would get in so much trouble if bob got wet , I don’t really think that he is too impressed with his coat.


At the shooting lodge at Broadstrutter.


Not a bad view.


Lunch time, bob has just polished off my sarnie and licking his lips.


Looking back towards Broadstrutter.


Our path winds its way across the moors, Hedgehope can be seen in the distance.


Looking back towards Broadstrutter.

Looking across the Harthope valley towards Langlee crags.


Still looking to the other side this time at Housey and Long crags.

Sheep on Hawsen Crags.

Bob on Hawsen Crags.


Looking across at Hedgehope.


Looking down towards the valley bottom.

Bob giving up his posing spot.


Again looking toward Hedgehope.


Trig point on Cold Law.

Carling Crags.


Still at Carlin Crags looking towards a distant Broadstrutter.


On our way down looking towards Hart Heugh.


Old sheep pens.


Looking down to the Carey burn where we were in the morning.


Our path down, bob back on his lead as we pass through the fields full of sheep.


The Carey burn from the bridge.


Day after thoughts.

Once again I had no after effects from the walk , pre haps I’m not as unfit as what I think I am , my left leg (real leg) was scratched to bits but nothing to get excited about and it was my own fault as I knew about the gauze bushes in the valley. I think its time that I upped the distance and the amount of ups and downs a bit for my next walk still 7.04 miles with 1564 ft. of ups and down is nothing to be ashamed about at this stage of my recovery (if that’s the right word)

Bob had a great day , slept all the way back home but kicked into life once we got home and spent the next hour or so chasing Flynn and Munchy about , I think that he is ready to go a bit further as well. Naturally I will have to get permission off Yvonne first before I up the pup’s distances.

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