DATE                                      19.02.10

DISTANCE                             5.2 miles

WEATHER                             Grey and cold

START / FINNISH                Car park at Cawfields


Small walk at Cawfields @ Hadrian’s Wall

Copied from my walking log book

07:30 on the 18.02.10 Cold, wet, freezing & grey

Not the best start as I pushed my nose against the bedroom window peering between the curtains , never mind today I will redo a small section of Hadrian’s Wall and because it’s such a grey cold day there should be no one around and I haven’t been in that area for some time.

After a couple of exciting  skids on black ice something that I would rather not do again I finally managed to crawl into the car park at Cawfields feeling be haps I shouldn’t have driven the bmw along these small icy roads  but no harm done other than my nerves . car parked up in one of the free disabled spots (great save on parking money) gear on and off I went, in the warmer months this car park get full so I would advise an early start if you want to get parked up. I don’t think I could have picked a more grey cold day even if I had tried but at least the ground would be frozen solid, there is a fare amount of stone steps in this section of Hadrian’s wall and when its wet a lot of mud is trodden onto the stone making it extremely slippery in places, and as any amputee will tell you we have enough problems just walking up and down these steps without the added fun of slippery mud.

My plan was to walk the wall to Steel Crags then retrace my steps till I could return on the “low level path” back to the car. If there was a low level path anyway I would find it or I wouldn’t either way I was going to have a good days walking. The weather was freezing cold something I prefer as I tend to sweat a lot and it didn’t look like there was any chance of rain so all things where good.

As per normal a few photos of the route: enjoy

Taken at the disused Quarry, as you can see by the ice on the pond it’s still pretty cold.


Taken from the footpath which run along the pond


Part of the old working face.


Up on the wall looking down and back.


Looking forwards it’s still grey and dull; this section is known as Cawfields Crags.


Looking back.

Frosty tree at Thorny Doors (who thinks of these names.)

Looking back & down.

Still grey & misty and starting to get a bit cooler as I get a little bit height.

I think this is turret 41.

No 41.

Heading up Caw Gap.

Looking back.

The views .

Bit of snow/ice still lying around.

Frosty tree.

Lodhams Slack.

Trig point on Windshield Crags.

Looking towards the car park at Steel Rigg & Crag Lough.

On my way back one last look on the off chance that I can get a better photo.

At Bogle Hole about to cut down to the low level return path.

On low level path looking back & up.

Thorny Doors from low level.

Look back.

Back at the quarry.

Day after thoughts.

This would have been so much better if the weather was a bit brighter still there is always another day but I still enjoyed it.

I didn’t see a single person out today unlike in the warmer months when its chock a block full of touristy types, there is a lot of history that comes with the wall and on a day like today its very easy to go back in time as you walk along, its almost as if the wall is sharing it bloody past with you, or could it be just a dull grey day making it seem that way.

Arty leg: no problems today, I think walking in the freezing cold helps.

I think that I will come back to this place again sometime.